Top 20 Cleverly Designed EDC Multifunctional Tools

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Multifunctional tools, better known as multi-tools, are some of the best possessions you can ever have. They are like a walking toolbox that has all kinds of tools you are most likely to use when outdoors. Multifunctional tools come in varying designs and shapes, and as much as they may serve similar functions, each has a unique way of operation that makes it suitable for certain tasks.

If you have ever considered getting a multifunctional EDC but can’t narrow it down to the one that fits your needs among the many brands that exist, then you are in the right place. This is a detailed look at the top 20 EDC multi-functional tools that every knife enthusiast should have.

1.   Shieldon Plastic Handle Army Knife

DSC 4652, Shieldon

Just as the name implies, this multi-functional tool from Shieldon comes with a plastic handle which drastically reduces the overall weight, making it easy to carry around. When you think about how heavy these tools can get, this is a huge advantage for people who love moving around. It can be used for just about anything you can think of, from opening bottles, as a corkscrew, as a small knife, among many other things. If you want convenience, this is what you should go for.

2.   Shieldon Aluminum Army Knife

DSC 3805, Shieldon

In terms of design, there’s nothing that comes close to this amazing army knife. It is constructed using aluminum and comes with a steel handle. The handle itself is balck and most of the other parts are made using anodized aluminum. It consists of a knife blade, a saw, a can opener, a nail file, a screwdriver by Phillips, a pair of scissors, among many other ordinary tools you’d find in a multitool. At 83 grams, this knife is portable enough to be carried around in the pocket at all times.

3.   Shieldon Multi-Plier Tool

DSC 1130, Shieldon

The Shieldon Multi-Plier tool is designed for adversity. It has a solid construction, with anodized aluminum making up most of the handle. The color is silver, and it has a clean polish that gives it a very refined look for those that love appearances. It even comes with a sheath made of nylon for those that want to keep their tools safe at all times. It has over 14 multiple tools that include a wire cutter, can opener, keyring, nail file, among many others.

4.   Gerber Shard Multi-Tool

Resource Gerberamericas 22 01769, Shieldon

This is a TSA compliant multi-tool that is keychain-sized and comes with about 7 functions. It is coated with titanium nitride and this gives it a very clean look and a shiny appearance. It has no frills and you don’t need to open or close, you simply use it as it comes and some of the functions you can use it for include opening a bottle. Stripping wires, among many other small roles.

5.   Leatherman Skeletool CX Multi-Tool

830849  94033.1620079144, Shieldon

This is another stylish multi-tool that combines 7 different tools that are designed for different functions. It has a very cool design that many knife enthusiasts would love. It is mostly made of stainless steel and can be operated using one hand, all thanks to a carabiner that’s been built into the handle. The bit-driver that makes up part of the tool is replaceable.

6.   Victorinox Pioneer X Alox Multi-Tool

S L640, Shieldon

Victorinox is one of the oldest brands of multi-tools and this amazing EDC tool is built for people who want a reliable army knife that will see them through any situation. It has a total of 9 functions and it is made using alox scales and Sandvik stainless steel. The knife is made in Switzerland by the same company behind the famous Swiss Army knife.

7.   BigIDesign TPT Slide Multi-Tool

Big Idea Design Tpt Slide Pocket Tool, Shieldon

This is a unique looking multi-tool that comes with 14 functions and weighs about 2.39 oz.  It is highly versatile and is created using high-quality materials that combine titanium and stainless steel. It can be used both for outdoors and indoor activities. Among the tools you will find a scraper edge, a flathead screwdriver, a blade, a bid driver, a universal wrench, among many other tools.

8.   SOG PopGrip Multi-Tool

SOG Multi Tool Black 01A Top, Shieldon

The SOG PopGrip Multi-Tool is not your everyday carry multi-tool. It is a small EDC that is designed to fit even behind your phone. It is very small and looking at it; it is hard to imagine that it houses 5 different tools. You can fit it under your fingertips but don’t let that skull size deceive you, it is just as capable as any other multi-tool on this list.

9.   EverRatchet Clip Multi-Tool

15ddd368c84a95, Shieldon

This is another small multi-tool that has a cool 12 functions, although a single look may concinee you that it is nothing more than a small pin. It is made entirely of titanium and it contains a bottle opener, a screwdriver, a file, 7 wrenches or different sizes, all tools that can come in handy when you are in a fix. The most amazing part is that it weighs about 0.56 oz and can fit in the palm of your hand.

10.   CRKT Pry Cutter Multi-Tool

Httpsimages.salsify.comimageuploads Goqzcoff C Padw 1840h 824fl Clip.png8w3csio0unmohnfcxlhdf, Shieldon

CRKT is a well known brand and among the many products they make, the CRKT Pry Cutter Multi-Tool is among the best. It is small enough to fit inside your hand and at 1 oz only, you will barely feel carrying this on your person. Despite its diminutive size, this tool has 7 functions and is made using stainless steel

11.   Havalon Evolve

0008957 Havalon Evolve, Shieldon

Havalon Evolve is a solid offering that is equipped with some of the hardy tools you would need if you are an adventurous person. One particular tool that stands out above the rest is the pliers which can be used for all kinds of outdoor repairs, a great tool for drivers who love doing long distances.

12.   Irwin 5WR Vise-Grip

341676 7685 XL, Shieldon

This is a reliable multi-tool pliers that’s connected to a number of other tools that can be used for several mechanical roles both outdoors and indoors. It is constructed using hardy materials that will have you using this tool for many years to come without needing any replacements or repairs.

13   The James Brand Ellis Knife

The James Brand Ellis Knife, Shieldon

This is one of the simplest multi-tools on this list that is designed using Sandvik steel. It houses other tools like a scarper, a bottle opener, a knife blade, a screwdriver, among many others. At the same time, it comes with a lockback mechanism, something that most multifunctional tools lack. This locking mechanism adds more safety as it holds everything in place, even when you apply pressure.

14.   Swiss+Tech Key Ring

The Swiss+Tech Key Ring has a unique design. It is very rugged and you may confuse it for a block of metal when closed. It houses over 18 functions, more than most of the other tools on this list. On top of all this, it comes with a keychain slot that allows you to keep it nearby for emergency situations. Some of the tools you can find in this amazing contraption include screwdrivers, a scraper, little pliers, among many others.

15.   RoverTac 12-in-1 MultiTool

1573748569 Rovertac 1573748535, Shieldon

The RoverTac 12-in-1 is a solid buy if you are looking for a multi-tool that will last you for many years to come. It has everything you need, a combination of style and reliability, just the attributes you need when dealing with challenging situations like camping and hunting. Despite packing so many tools, it is not that heavy and you can carry it around without feeling it.

It is hard to break, all thanks to a solid construction that combines several metallic components that ensure each tool does not dull no matter how hard you push it. The matte black outer coat is especially breathtaking to look at, another big plus and a selling point for people who love walking around with good looking tools.

16.   Spyderco Wrench

T01 M, Shieldon

This is a very stylish multitool that comes with several tools including a balde, pliers, scissors, screw drivers, among many other things. It is constructed using high quality materials that gives it the longevity it needs to handle all manners of activities. It is highly adaptable and can come in very handy in outdoor situations. It may be a little expensive but you get quality and reliability in return.

It even comes with extra bits for the screwdriver, making it the perfect tool for any handyman who loves handling their own repairs when the situation demands it. The design is also attractive and it has a good ergonomic feel to it even when you hold it in the palm of your hands.

17.   Stanley 84-519K

The Stanley multi-tool is very solid and is constructed using high-quality steel and is a combination of several tools that range from regular blades, nail files, bottle openers, pliers, among other small tools. It can be used for all jobs, both outdoors and indoors. It would be a good fit for people who spend a lot of time in the wild camping and hunting. It would also be good for people who drive long distances as it is a very good tool to have with you for all the little repairs on the car that require precise tools.

18.   WOKit Carabiner Multi-Tool

Daoki Carabiner Multi Tool, Shieldon

WOKit Carabiner Multi-Tool is not your ordinary EDC multi-tool. It comes with all kinds of tools that you can use for bigger tasks like fastening a bed or a bicycle. The tool has several functions with the most common one being a spanner that can be adjusted to fit any kind of bolt. This is an ideal multi-tool for vehicle owners and long-distance cyclists who may have to deal with a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Other beneficial tools found within this are the bottle opener, a nile fail, a blade, among other tools.

19.   SOG PowerLock

SOG PowerLock Multi Tool, Shieldon

This is an all-black multi-tool with a matte touch and a combination of several tools that can come in handy when outdoors and indoors. You will find very reliable pliers at the forefront, then a couple of blades, a saw, a bottle opener, among many others. It is constructed using 420 steel, which is one of the hardest ones around, with a fine coat of black oxide finish for an aesthetic look. This means you will have this tool for a very long time without having to worry about rusting or anything coming apart. At about $50, this multifunctional tool is a good bargain compared to other similarly priced ones as it has more features.

20.   Leatherman Wingman

Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool, Shieldon

This is another great tool from Leatherman that will ease all your troubles. It is supremely designed with a cool silver finish that covers a solid steel exoskeleton. It comes with a cool 14 functions that range from grooming scissors, a bottle opener, a nail file, a pair of pliers, several blades, a screwdriver, among other things. It is also very cheap but that doesn’t take away the quality of the construction.

It is the type of EDC multitool that you carry with you into the wild with confidence knowing very well that you have something to fall back to in any form of emergency. It is lightweight and can fit in the hand when closed, the type of concealed EDC you need to have with you if you visit a country that is strict on knives.


Multi-tools are here to stay and as much as they may appear rugged, they are a very good tool to have with you as a backup when going out. They are the jack-of-all-trades in the knife world and some of the cheapest one-stop. There are countless other brands out there that are just as capable, and you should take your time to check them out before making the final decision. For more information on this, make sure you visit our website and have any questions you have answered by our team of experts.


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