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We are your professional manufacturer of custom-made EDC knives, multi-functional tools, and pragmatic outdoor gear aimed at delivering a seamless purchasing experience.

Shieldon Product Offerings

Shieldon Knives Gaitubao 400x300 Gaitubao 340x300, Shieldon

Sleek and compact, our pocket knives are guaranteed to keep their sharp cutting edges for long periods.
Custom Knives And Tools Gaitubao 500x313 Gaitubao 340x300 Pnu904janrzdxq4x6r9mvicbcpjfa4gct3glxvqt2w, Shieldon

Sleek and compact, our pocket knives are guaranteed to keep their sharp cutting edges for long periods.
Multi Tools Pn8h7ckwgbccnekucef3gexjtsftoet2d0os671ghk, Shieldon

Sleek and compact, our pocket knives are guaranteed to keep their sharp cutting edges for long periods.
More EDC Tools Pnv3lnmfqbw7mu3p0weavjiokc8jotgax5x4behtbs, Shieldon

Sleek and compact, our pocket knives are guaranteed to keep their sharp cutting edges for long periods.

Everyday carry

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Knife Making in Shieldon Factory:

Knife Quality Means Life.

Technical Proficiency

With over 23 years of experience under our belts, we deeply understand the changing market trends and adapt to advancements in manufacturing techniques.

Our 27,000 m² production facility houses the latest equipment in the market, allowing us to create exceptional knives, multi-tools, and more that exceed international standards.

P01 S04 1, Shieldon
P01 S04 2, Shieldon

Full Processes Control

From careful material selection to detailed product inspection, our professional quality control team takes no quarter in ensuring our products go beyond your expectations.

A list of quality guidelines is adhered to, including appearance inspections and sharpness tests, with a 99% pass rate, resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.

Reach For Endless

Customization Options

Shieldon is a master in manufacturing custom everyday carry pocket knives, fixed blade knives, multi-tools and more, with our outstanding OBM and OEM capabilities that brings the client’s ideas and themes at the forefront of each project. We take your design and material preferences and utilize our expertise to bring these concepts to reality, showcasing your brand in each product.



Locking mechanism




We Make Each Shieldon Knife For a Perfect EDC Usage.

Devoting to personal style and comfortable life, Shieldon invites global knife partners to present a variety of EDC knives and gears, promoting a knife culture of modern civilization. Shieldon makes knives and tools for daily carry with popular elements and also partners knife distributors/dealers together to carry forward craftsmanship and EDC culture.

We Make Your Knife Idea Into Even Better Reality

Shieldon acts as not only an EDC pocket knife manufacturer, but also a consultant to better service our clients. Our experienced tech team is able to offer suggestions on your design and make it more trendy in the market. Getting the right solution from the very beginning just help to save your time and money.

Listen to Our Clients’ Voices

We’ve been working with Shieldon for a long time, and we have been satisfied customers ever since. We started with a small order of folding knives for our shop, and we saw the great work they give on each knife we received. Our customers see that too, and would always get new ones that we have in stock. Since partnering with Shieldon, the business has improved by 40%, and we now supply to more customers through our online store.
I’ve worked with several suppliers in China before, and I have not been taken care of like how Shieldon has taken care of my business. They respond to my emails quickly, with all the information that I need. They also deliver on time, all the time, and never missed a deadline. I am so happy with their service, that I recommended a few of my friends to bring their business to them, and they see the difference. Thanks, Shieldon!
As a starting business owner, I appreciate the value they give to my business. Not only do I save time with their prompt delivery, but they also help me save money with their amazing bulk pricing. The designs they provide are great and perfectly fit my clientele’s demands. I’m currently working with Shieldon on developing a new knife for my store, and the sample came in just a few days. I am a truly satisfied customer and will keep my business with Shieldon.

Get sharp-edge knives and business from Shieldon.

Connecting With Us

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project. Send us your enquiry and your budget and we will get back to you within 24 hours.