01 Steel Plate Stamping

Manufacturing, Shieldon

Our knife projects begin their life from a long bar of steel that we carefully select for the project. Placed in a high-powered stamping machine, the blade form is then stamped out from the steel bar by our artisans, capturing the general form of the knife according to the desired dimensions.

Working with a 16T punch drill press, holes are strategically punched on the stamped blades to where they will be needed upon assembly. Typically, hole sizes for knife projects range from 4mm to 6mm in diameter, perfect for rivets and nails to be inserted later on in the production stage.

02 Hole Punching

Manufacturing, Shieldon

03 Straightening & Heat Treating

Manufacturing, Shieldon
With the help of a straightening machine, the knife blades undergo a straightening process to ensure there will be no deformities or warping before heat treatment. Then the blades are subjected to heat treatment, placing them into a heated kiln or oven to reach a certain temperature, retaining the heat, then quenched for cooling. The process makes the blades retain their form and making them durable for regular use.

Detail-Oriented Processing

Once the blade has been heat-treated, we then deal with the details on the blade surface with the help of our skilled workers combining sophisticated manufacturing equipment.

Manufacturing, Shieldon


All the rough edges of the blades are removed using high-powered grinders after this process, making sure safe use.

Manufacturing, Shieldon

Water Milling

For knives requiring more detailed edges, our water milling tool brings them out perfectly.

Manufacturing, Shieldon


Using various polishing tools, the blade is subjected to polishing, revealing its stunning glow.

05 Surface Finishing

After achieving the perfect form and polish on our knives, we then treat the knife surface with a treating process to give them a definitive finish.

Finishing options for blades include titanium plating, sanding, mirror polishing, sandblasting, thermal transfer, and non-stick paint spraying. We can also add your logo or branding to the knives using laser printing, stencil printing, etching, silk printing, and pad printing.

A critical step in the production of custom knives, our artisans hold the blades against the grinding wheel at a precise angle to form the bevels.

The step is repeated on both sides, making sure that the angles on both sides match perfectly. The precision beveling seen on our knives is a testament to our adherence to excellence.

06 Blade Beveling

Manufacturing, Shieldon

Cleaning and Packaging

Once the blade is properly beveled and finished, the knife is thoroughly cleaned¸ checking that no residue or marks are retained on the knife. Afterward, the knives are packaged accordingly based on your packaging preferences and prepared for shipping.

Manufacturing, Shieldon

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