OEM Product 14 In 1 Multi Plier YX-9540P

Item NO.: YX-9540P

Item segment: Multi-pliers

Main body material: 2Cr13

Handle material: Anodized aluminum

Closed length: 104mm/4.09”

Opened length: 161mm/6.34”

Total thickness: 17mm/0.67”

Blade length: 74mm/2.91”

Weight: 240g/8.47 oz

Handle color: Silver

Main body finish: Polishing

Handle finish: Anodized aluminum

Locking blade: Yes

Sheath: Nylon

ODM Regular MOQ: 2000

Functions: 14 in 1
– Needle nose pliers
– Regular pliers
– Wire cutter
– Knife cutter
– Can opener
– Bottle opener
– Large flat screwdriver
– Wood saw
– Phillips screwdriver
– Key ring
– Retail package opener
– Belt clip
– Seat belt cutter
– Nail file

Multi-tool is the strongest outdoor survival tool!

A multi-tool useful for outdoor activities such as camping and fishing, and for disaster prevention. It’s difficult to choose from many types, including key chains, carabiner types, and power tools. Therefore, this time we will introduce how to select multi-tools and recommended products in a ranking format. Please refer to it.

A multi-tool that can be used widely from home to the outdoors. It is packed with various functions such as knives, screwdrivers, nail clippers, and scissors, but it is difficult to understand what is installed in each product because it has many functions.


Actually, when choosing a multi-tool, it is easier to narrow down the functions by “purpose of use”. With a wide variety of Swiss Army knives, pliers tools, card types, etc., you will surely find the product that suits the situation you want to use.


Therefore, this time we will introduce how to select multi-tools and recommended product rankings. The ranking was created based on type, brand, and functionality. If you are unsure about purchasing, please refer to it.


How to choose a multi-tool

A multi-tool that is very useful in various scenes. Here, we will introduce how to select such a multi-tool, focusing on the functionality and types that you want to suppress.


Select with the main tool that suits your purpose

Multi-tool has various functions. This function varies depending on the product, so it will be important to select the main tool that suits your purpose.


Convenient for fishing and mountaineering! “Swiss Army knife” with a main knife

A multi-tool that mainly uses knives is a type called “Swiss Army knife”. Since the knife is the main, it is very useful in the scene of cutting things. It is also possible to cut ingredients, so you can also cut vegetables and fish.


Besides, you can also cut ropes and vegetation outdoors and sharpen pencils! Swiss Army knives may come with small knives and other tools in addition to the main knife.


Also for setting up tents! “Pliers tool” perfect for camping and traveling\

“Pliers tool” is a multi-tool that mainly uses tools such as pliers. It is a set of tools including a screwdriver, etc., and also has tools such as hammers and nippers. Great for outdoor and survival scenes such as tent tensioning and machine repairs during camping.


It has a different function from the Swiss Army knife tool, so it is safe to carry it with the Swiss Army knife. In the article below, we will introduce in detail the outdoor knives that are very active in camping. Matching please see.


“Card type multi-tool” Compact and convenient to carry

A card-type multi-tool is a thin, small shape with various tools. The included tools vary depending on the product, but various functions such as a bottle opener, a ruler, and a hex wrench are attractive. It’s a knifeless tool, so you can always carry it with you.


Choose by the function you need

Multi-tool comes with various functions, but it is also important to check and select the function that suits your purpose. Here, we will introduce the useful functions of the multi-tool.


“Carabiner with key chain” is convenient for portability

Multi-tools used outdoors and for survival are used when going out, so their portability is also important. Such highly portable products include carabiner-shaped products and products with key chains. It can be hung on a backpack or pouch, or attached to a belt loop.


Also, if you are looking for a multi-tool with excellent portability, you can choose a small product assuming that you can put it in your clothes pocket!


accident prevention! “Lock function” suitable for carrying in your pocket

It is also necessary to confirm that multi-tools that carry sharp blades can be used safely. For example, if a knife pops out in your pocket, you could be seriously injured. In such a case, the type with a lock function is recommended!


The multi-tool with a lock function is safe to prevent accidents because the knife blade remains stored unless the lock is released. Just in case, choose a product with excellent safety.



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