Accessory Material

In need of any other material to custom your knife?

Accessory Material, Shieldon


There are a few bearing systems for option, each of which has its pros and cons but surely fits for personal customization.

– Washer: stable and low friction coefficient to pivot

– Stainless Steel Ball: high cost-performance ratio to knife

– (Caged) Ceramic Ball: hard, difficult to wear out or rust

– Multi Ceramic Ball: more greased to single ceramic ball 

Accessory Material, Shieldon


A pocket clip demonstrates a knife style. It also helps a knife to hold firmly in the pocket. There usually are “Tip-up” and “Tip-down” two preferences.

– Regular: enable a knife to show a little out of pocket

– Deep carry: keep a knife hiding in the pocket

– Milled: indicate a special feature onside the pocket

– Wire: simple, light and low-profile to a knife

Accessory Material, Shieldon


Although sharpness is important, different grinding influences different cutting performance. 4 popular grinds are explained below:

– Full Flat: great for whittling and daily use

– Hollow: making for getting razor sharp edge

– Convex: durable for hard use in fixed blade

– Chisel: popular on most tactical knives usage 

Accessory Material, Shieldon


Harewares in a single knife or tool is indispensable for assembly. If a custom tool is desired, personal components are offered to production.

– Thumb stud: put in a blade that opened by thumb or other fingers

– Pivot: opts for separated or integrated, D-shape or epoxy inside.

– Standoff: use in backspacer or interval between two scales.

– Other handle hardwares: there are various sizes and finish of screw.

Accessory Material, Shieldon

Functional Part

A multi-functional tool has 10 or more functions in 1 item, bringing a user a convenient or urgent usage. Components include but not limits to:

– Blade; Can opener; Bottle opener; Screwdriver; Magnifying glass; Fish scaler; Hook remover; Scissors; Pliers; Leather punch; Corkscrew; Needle; Key ring; File; Saw; Wrench; Socket extension rod; Hex key…… and so on

Accessory Material, Shieldon

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