Brand Story

A Success Story of Shieldon -

How The Brand Began

Every business started with just an idea, followed by a lot of hard work to turn that idea into a reality. For Shieldon, we all started with a passion for knives.


The Shieldon Knives EDC is designed for pocket knife enthusiasts who appreciate high-quality knife workmanship and stylish fashion. 


The knife brand has a combination of creative technological innovation between metals, a carefully produced fashion edition, and attentive craftsmanship.


Through the brand story, let’s take an insight into how Shieldon started and what drives us to be one of the best in the knife industry and fashion icon in the pocket.

Brand Story, Shieldon

Knifemaking's Golden Age

Brand Story, Shieldon

The 9049 Empoleon is the first everyday carry (EDC) knife to model the Shieldon brand. The debut of this knife, both literally and conceptually, mimics the mobility of current outdoor activities and symbolizes the beginning of a new era in the crafting of fashionable EDC knives.


Over 40 different models manufactured under the brand name now proudly look toward the future while remaining true to the long legacy of producing high-quality knives.


Each component of the “Fashion EDC knife” is manufactured using mechanical technology and then assembled by hand to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Shieldon was successful because of its cutting-edge innovation, stylish creativity and structural inventiveness, and a new design that is portable yet complex. 

Shieldon's Material Innovation

Since the very beginning of the company, we has been dedicated to getting material qualities from the manufacturing of hand-made knives alone. 


This commitment began when the company was first founded.


Over the years, Shieldon professionals have collected ideas from the conceptualizations of designers, with the goal of making a prevalent EDC knife that is not only spectacular but also high-end and welcoming to the general public.


The brand has a number of advancements in the application of the usage and design of new craftsmanship. These inventions have substantially expanded the bounds of knife-making competence and endemism.

Brand Story, Shieldon

"We intended to build a totally original EDC fashion that would break the trend of fashion folding knives, and we also wanted to constantly cling to one principle: do whatever it takes to obtain results."

-Shieldon Knives

Brand Story, Shieldon

Launching the first pocket knife had the intention of establishing a milestone for the brand.


It also served to completely convey the numerous ideas of 21’s current knife-making philosophy, which in turn served as an inspiration for the development of a large number of knife types over the subsequent years.


In a short period of time, the words “futuristic”, “dashing” and “modish” became popular among the public and the media as Shieldon attempted to understand the widespread appeal that Empoleon embodied.

Nearly everyone soon grasped the concept that underpinned this EDC knife brand: that it constituted a total change from hand-made knives in general. 


This was true for enthusiastic knife collectors as well as professional outdoor fanciers.


However, at the same time, it was a break from the tradition of mass-produced knives, and it showed a profound appreciation for both traditional handicrafts and modern industry.


Shieldon Knives is the embodiment of our enthusiasm for cutting-edge metal technology, particularly fashionable EDC knives.

Brand Story, Shieldon

What Makes Shieldon a Standout Knife Manufacturer?

Brand Story, Shieldon

Shieldon Knives is picturesque because it remove unnecessary and redundant elements.


In order to attain efficiency, reliability, and precision for the brand, each screw, pivot bearing, and lockbar must serve the specific role that is intended for them.


This idea is not conveyed aesthetically but also in each component and at each step of the manufacturing process.

Even the little pocket clips, which are quite apparent on the outer handle and generally noticeable outside the pockets, are the experimental result of months of testing. The testing took place both inside the structure and outside the pockets.


In order to be formed, each pocket clip must first be stamped, then subjected to heat treatment, and finally given a surface finish.


The idea behind Shieldon Empoleon and the materials that inspired it is directly connected to the process of designing and developing wristwatches, eyeglasses, and pens.

Brand Story, Shieldon

The source of inspiration continues to be the cornerstone of Shieldon's process and the basis for the brand's philosophy - a comprehensive approach to creating trendy knives.

A Technological Breakthrough and Aesthetic Knives

Brand Story, Shieldon

Shieldon knives have technological advances that make them different from other knives. They are made in a way that keeps the handcrafted nature of each blade, but also standardizes production.


This requires both universal and customized components for each design in the Shieldon assembly process. By defining a style in terms of its constituent parts, the professional team can identify which component it is.


After studying the solutions for forces in the industrial sector and on the EDC knife track, we have made some changes to improve EDC performance. We make the detent stiffer, the pivot more smooth, and the lockbar more compact.

A pocket knife's design mixes up the needs of the user with those of the knife's aesthetics, its mechanics, and its ergonomics.

-Shieldon Knives

This has always been the driving concept behind the distinctively overall profile that Shieldon makes knives.

No matter how thin or light a knife is, it should feel good in the hand and not get in the way of the user’s cutting.

Brand Story, Shieldon
Brand Story, Shieldon

The one-of-a-kind ergonomic design has established a standard for the company’s visual identity.


Styles like the sleek Shieldon Tortank, the bold Shieldon Boa, the funky Shieldon Bulbasaur, or the classically shaped Shieldon Charkos all authentically represent the character of the brand, making it simple to identify them as the work of Shieldon even from a distance.

20 Years of Professional Material Allocation Research

Several of Shieldon’s earliest (non-saleable) designs were inspired by laboratory research into material mixtures.


Through rigorous research and development, hard labor, and unyielding determination, we ultimately distinguished itself and successfully transformed the notion of an EDC knife.


In reality, several crafts like wristwatches, spectacles, and pens have swiftly adapted to the material shift in the present day. However, the knife business has been comfortable sticking to century-old processes and traditional workmanship.

Brand Story, Shieldon

In Shieldon, each part was selected based on its audacious advantages and increased performance for EDC knife technology.

Brand Story, Shieldon

Materials such as G10 and Micarta are the foundation for outdoor item usage, while also opening up the endless possibilities of the popular EDC movement of the twenty-first century.


We entered the EDC knife-making business as it was inspired by the R&D of wristwatches, eyeglasses, and pen materials, mostly including titanium alloy, carbon fiber, G10, aluminum alloy, Micarta, high-carbon stainless steel, crucible steel, and molding steel.

By conducting laboratory research on metallic materials, Our specialists can determine which are best suited for contemporary technical purposes.


This then enables the team to create trendy knives like the Shieldon Bazoucan and Shieldon Bulbasaur–featuring a bird pattern and mirror-finished 14C28N blade respectively. The latter even became a popular choice at the time due to its eye-catching watermelon coloring.

Brand Story, Shieldon

Shieldon's Vision

Brand Story, Shieldon

We envision providing the best up-to-the-minute EDC experience to every customer. It is constantly striving to improve the quality of our products and to develop new concepts that will change the way people think about knives.

Our goal is to create knives that are not only functional but also beautiful. We want our customers to be able to rely on the knives in any cutting situation, and even to be proud carrying.

-Shieldon Knives


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