Fuller open way is a notable classification within the product category of knives and multi-tools, defined by its distinctive design and versatile functionality. The fuller, often referred to as a “blood groove,” is a long, narrow, and shallow groove or channel that is precisely machined or forged into the blade’s surface. Contrary to its name, it does not actually hold blood but serves a variety of practical purposes. One of the key advantages of a fuller is its ability to reduce the overall weight of the blade without compromising structural integrity. Additionally, it can enhance blade stiffness and balance. Shieldon has been instrumental in providing fuller open way solutions to clients. Our OEM/ODM mastery in crafting precision tools ensures that clients receive superior products with fullers that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, enhancing both the usability and market appeal of their knives and multi-tools.



Fuller open way is a remarkable feature commonly incorporated into knives and multi-tools, notable for its distinctive design and multifunctional attributes. This feature, often referred to as a “blood groove,” is a carefully machined or forged channel running along the blade’s surface. Despite its name, it does not serve the purpose of holding blood but offers several practical advantages. Most notably, the fuller contributes to weight reduction in the blade without compromising its structural integrity, resulting in a lighter and more maneuverable tool. Furthermore, it enhances blade stiffness and can improve the overall balance of the knife. From a scientific perspective, fullers exemplify the principles of engineering efficiency, showcasing how a seemingly ornamental groove can significantly impact the knife’s performance, making it more agile and versatile for a wide range of tasks.


Shieldon, a trusted name in precision tool craftsmanship, provides an array of Fuller open way options tailored to meet the specific needs of EDC (Everyday Carry) knives. With Shieldon’s expertise, clients can expect top-notch solutions that enhance the performance and aesthetics of their knives. Here’s what Shieldon offers.

Shieldon Can Offer Fuller Open Way Option for EDC Knives

Customized Designs:

Shieldon empowers clients to choose from a variety of Fuller designs, ensuring that the chosen option aligns seamlessly with their knife's intended use and visual aesthetics.

Materials and Durability:

Shieldon's commitment to quality control guarantees that Fullers are crafted from materials known for durability and longevity, ensuring that knives remain reliable over time.

Balanced Functionality:

The Fullers provided by Shieldon are engineered for optimal blade balance, contributing to a knife's overall agility and performance.

Enhanced Visual Appeal:

Beyond functionality, Shieldon's Fullers can add an element of sophistication to EDC knives, enhancing their visual appeal and making them stand out.

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What are the Advantages of Fuller Open Way for Knives?

Fuller open ways on knives are popular because they have many benefits that make them useful. First, it cuts down on the blade’s weight by a large amount without affecting its structural stability. This makes the knife lighter and easier to use. This lighter weight makes it easier to use, which is especially helpful for everyday carry (EDC) knives that need to be small and light. Secondly, fullers can make blades stiffer, which can help you cut with more control and accuracy. They’re also nice to look at because they let you make elaborate designs and patterns that make the knife look better. Last but not least, fullers make the knife more balanced, which makes it feel good in your hand. Overall, wider open way systems have many benefits, such as lighter weight, better blade control, better looks, and better balance. These benefits make them a good choice for both knife fans and professionals.

How Businesses Select Fuller Open Way for OEM/ODM Knife Creation?

Businesses evaluating the best Fuller open way option for OEM/ODM knife creation take several key factors into account:

Intended Use: Businesses consider the primary purpose of the knife. For example, a knife designed for heavy-duty tasks may require a fuller design that optimizes weight distribution for enhanced chopping power, while a tactical or EDC knife may prioritize balance and agility.

Aesthetics: The visual appeal of the fuller design plays a significant role. Businesses often look for fullers that not only enhance functionality but also add a touch of sophistication or uniqueness to the knife’s appearance.

Material Selection: The choice of materials for the fuller is crucial. Businesses assess options for durability, weight, and overall performance, ensuring that the chosen material aligns with the knife’s intended use.

Shieldon - OEM/ODM Manufacturer of Fuller Open Way for Knife Development

Shieldon is an established manufacturer  offering fuller open-way options, committed to improving the usefulness and aesthetics of knives for a wide range of applications. Shieldon provides a variety of customized Fuller designs that suit to the particular demands and tastes of customers, based on years of precise tool crafting. Shieldon assures that the materials used in Fuller open methods fulfill the highest quality and durability requirements, resulting in knives that are dependable and long-lasting. Their precise engineering and customization choices allow customers to maximize both usefulness and aesthetic appeal, distinguishing their knives in terms of performance and style. Shieldon, as a dependable OEM/ODM knife development manufacturer, enables customers to produce blades that excel in every area, from usability to market appeal.

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We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project. Send us your enquiry and your budget and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Connecting With Us

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project. Send us your enquiry and your budget and we will get back to you within 24 hours.