Are Butterfly Knives Illegal? Unveiling the Blade’s Legal Entanglements

Wondering about the legality of butterfly knives? In several countries, like the United States, the balisong, or butterfly knife, has been banned because it can be easily concealed and potentially used for criminal purposes. In some areas, it’s linked to knife-related crimes. Let’s dive into the intricate legal aspects of owning, carrying, and using these […]

State-by-State Guide to OTF Automatic Knife Laws and Restrictions

Navigating Washington knife law requires a clear understanding of what is legal to carry, own, and use within state lines. Under Washington law, it is legal to possess most types of knives including folding knives, pocket knives, and other utilitarian blades; however, spring blade knives, also known as switchblades, are prohibited.   Overview of knife […]

Gentleman Style | Appreciation of William Henry’s Works ——William Henry B30 OUTBACK

William Henry B30 OUTBACK, aerospace-grade titanium handle inlaid with desert ironwood handle, hand-forged Nichols Torrent Damascus steel blade, button and push button inlaid with spinel gemstones, total length 17.8 cm, limited to 250 pieces worldwide, certificate, box, U disk, leather case. About William Henry In the world, there is only one jewelry/knife brand that is […]

Talking about winter maintenance of knife handles – antlers, wood, mammoth teeth

During the heating season in the north, the room temperature of some friends’ homes has exceeded 20 degrees Celsius. This temperature is a test for wood, antlers, and mammoth ivory crafts, and there is a risk of warping and cracking. For handcrafted art knives, the handles of many works are also made of these materials, […]

Winkler leads the way: 6 outdoor professional knife tests

A good work knife is priceless. From gardening to tree felling, these 6 blades excel in the great outdoors. Severe work knives will be fixed blades. Strength is not sacrificed, and while many folding knives are extremely tough, their mechanisms and moving parts can wear down or become damaged through overuse.   Modern folding knives […]

Micarta: a universal handle material

Micarta is one of the many materials used for knife handles. Micarta has been used for over a century and is still very popular. Micarta is not a new material, in fact, it has been used for over 100 years. Unlike natural materials, Micarta offers properties not found in other materials. We’ll have a look […]

Cutler Verona Laurent – Winning in a Man’s World

Verona Laurent became one of the most accomplished MS Smith in the world as she battled prejudice in her native Belgium.   Verona Laurent   I’m from Texas where cutlers probably wear boots and cowboy hats instead of suits. In many parts of the world, it is widely believed that knife makers are male.   […]

Opening and Locking – How a Folding Knife Operates

I doubt many would consider the folding knife to be one of the greatest developments in the history of edged tools. Over the years, manufacturers have devised many methods of opening and securing blades, some fairly simple, others quite unique and complex.   Assuming you’re buying a knife that you can use, rather than one […]

The Best Wood Choices for Knife Handles: 9 Woods You Should Know

Whenever people talk about knives, they are often talking about the blade itself. Not many people think about another important part of a knife: the handle. This is a mistake! When it comes to knife handles, that’s where the style and variety come in. Different colors, shapes and designs – they all exist above the […]