N690 steel, which is a highly regarded knife material, is the best blade that can be made. Professionals and knife fans alike highly recommend this fine stainless steel because it has unique qualities that make it a great choice. Because its ingredients were carefully chosen, N690 steel is very hard, doesn’t rust, and doesn’t wear down easily. This makes it perfect for a wide range of cutting tasks. Due to its fine-grain structure, it has a sharp edge that lasts a long time. This makes it the best choice for cutting complex things and for long-lasting use. Shieldon is committed to offering only the best products, and N690 steel is no different. No matter if you’re a professional cook or a collector, our constant dedication to quality means that your N690 steel knives will always meet the highest standards and make precise, reliable cuts. When you want the best N690 steel, choose Shieldon. It will take your cutting to a whole new level.



N690 steel is celebrated for its remarkable characteristics, positioning it as a top choice for knife enthusiasts and professionals. This high-quality stainless steel boasts a meticulously crafted composition, resulting in exceptional hardness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. The fine-grain structure of N690 steel ensures a sharp and enduring edge, making it ideal for precision cutting tasks. Its impressive resistance to rust and staining enhances the longevity of blades, making it a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor cutting needs. With these outstanding attributes, N690 steel stands as a preferred material for those who demand superior performance, durability, and reliability in their knives.


Shieldon is your premier source for N690 steel, meeting all your knife and multi-tool requirements with a focus on quality and precision in cutlery craftsmanship.

Shieldon Offers N690 Steel for Your Knife and Multi-Tools Requirements

Quality Steel and Premium Handles:

Shieldon caters to knife enthusiasts with knives featuring top-notch N690 steel and expertly crafted handles, ensuring a perfect blend of durability and comfort for everyday use.

EDC Designer Collaborations:

Collaborating with EDC designers, Shieldon ensures that each knife with N690 steel not only follows the latest trends in design but also embodies a thoughtful composition tailored to meet the specific needs of users.

Wide Availability through Distributors and E-commerce:

Shieldon's knives, boasting N690 steel, are readily accessible through an extensive network of distributors and E-commerce platforms, making high-quality craftsmanship easily obtainable for enthusiasts.

Social Media Promotion and Influencer Collaborations:

Shieldon actively promotes its knives with N690 steel, partnering with influencers to reach a wider audience. This engagement not only boosts brand visibility but also fosters valuable connections with the knife community, incorporating feedback into the refinement of each product.

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What are the Advantages of N690 Steel?

N690 steel has many benefits that make it a popular choice among people who like knives and multi-tools. This high-quality stainless steel is famous for having amazing properties, such as being very hard, resistant to rust, and resistant to wear. The carefully chosen ingredients in N690 steel create a fine-grain structure that keeps a sharp edge over time. This makes it perfect for precise cutting jobs and long-lasting use. Because it doesn’t rust or stain, blades and other tools made from it last longer, making it a good choice for many uses. Whether you’re a skilled cook, an outdoor explorer, or a collector, N690 steel guarantees that your knives and multi-tools will perform, be reliable, and last a lifetime that nothing else can.

How Knife Enthusiasts Choose N690 steel knives for Knife and Multi-Tool Development?

When it comes to selecting the perfect knife and multi-tool, knife enthusiasts turn to N690 steel for its exceptional qualities. Here’s how they choose N690 steel knives for knife and multi-tool development:

Superior Performance: Knife enthusiasts prioritize N690 steel knives for their remarkable hardness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, ensuring top-tier performance and longevity in various cutting tasks.

Precision Craftsmanship: The fine-grain structure of N690 steel guarantees a keen and enduring edge, making it the ideal choice for intricate cutting tasks and professional use.

Versatile and Reliable: Knife enthusiasts select N690 steel knives for their impressive corrosion resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from kitchen tasks to outdoor adventures, where performance, durability, and reliability are paramount.

Shieldon Brand - Professional Company Offering N690 Steel for Knife Development

Shieldon, a professional and renowned company, stands as your trusted source for N690 steel, dedicated to fulfilling your knife and multi-tool development needs with a strong emphasis on quality and precision. With a rich history of providing top-tier materials, Shieldon ensures that N690 steel, celebrated for its exceptional characteristics, meets the highest standards. Whether you’re a knife enthusiast, a professional chef, or a business owner seeking precision and reliability, our commitment to quality guarantees that your knives and multi-tools, featuring N690 steel, will excel in performance, making every cutting task a breeze. Choose Shieldon for excellence in N690 steel, and elevate your knife and multi-tool development to a whole new level.

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We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project. Send us your enquiry and your budget and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Connecting With Us

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project. Send us your enquiry and your budget and we will get back to you within 24 hours.