OEM Army Knife Aluminum Stainless Steel Handle HF-GHK4

Item NO.: HF-GHK4

Item segment: Army knives

Main body material: 2Cr13

Handle material: Aluminum + stainless steel

Closed length: 83mm/3.27”

Total thickness: 22mm/0.87”

Blade length: 53mm/2.09”

Weight: 83g/2.93 oz

Handle color: Black

Handle finish: Anodized aluminum

ODM Regular MOQ: 2000

Functions: 9 in 1
– Knife blade
– Saw
– Scissor
– Bottle opener
– Can opener
– Nail file
– Phillips screwdriver
– Flat screwdriver(3mm)
– Key ring

Army knife that is very active in mountaineering and camping

The swiss army knife is also popular for outdoor activities such as camping and mountain climbing, and as a disaster prevention goods, but there are some points you want to know before purchasing, such as the relationship with the gun sword method and how to care for it. Therefore, this time we will introduce popular models such as Victorinox, which represents the Swiss Army knife, in the ranking, and also introduce how to choose according to the usage and precautions for handling.

About 135 years ago, the Swiss Army knife was manufactured as a multi-purpose knife that was supposed to be used by the Swiss army for everyday purposes other than combat. As a result, it has come to be widely and commonly used as a convenient tool for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and camping.


In addition to knives, Swiss Army knives have convenient tools such as bottle openers, can openers, scissors, and saws all in one body. Army knives that can be used in a variety of situations are now on sale, from compact ones suitable for daily use and daily use.


Therefore, this time, we will introduce how to choose according to how to use the army knife and the ranking of popular products, and also introduce the precautions for handling the army knife, so if you are thinking about purchasing from now on, please refer to it. please look.


Difference between survival knife and swiss army knife

Survival knives and army knives are easily confused with the same military, but (the image is a survival knife) Army knives are multipurpose knives that combine useful functions other than combat, such as plugging, can openers, and scissors. As the name implies, a knife is a knife that specializes in surviving without other equipment.


Specifically, it has a function to attach a hard metal to the handle of the knife and break the hammer and glass, and the back of the knife has a jagged edge that cuts the metal and wire, making it easy to use even in battle. It has become.


How to choose a swiss army knife

Nowadays, a wide variety of models of Swiss Army knives are sold according to various usage scenes, so how to use it, how many tools are needed, and the characteristics of popular manufacturers are suppressed. The recommended choice is to choose the most suitable Swiss Army knife for you.


Choose from how to use a swiss army knife

With the Swiss Army knife, the tools installed will change depending on how you use it, such as camping, outdoor activities, tools, disaster prevention, and daily use. First of all, let’s think about the intended use and what kind of tools are convenient and comfortable.


For “camping / outdoor” with a wide range of functions

For camping and outdoor models, swiss army knives with a wide range of tools such as knives, bottle openers, can openers, scissors, and small saws are useful for cooking and eating and drinking outside.


If you’re looking to use a swiss army knife for more serious survival, a more specialized model with a larger knife saw, a fire starter for igniting items like flint, and a rescue whistle is appropriate. is.


For “tool function” that you want to use for DIY work and maintenance work

For engineers who want to use it for DIY work or maintenance purposes such as precision equipment, the army knife with various tool functions such as screwdrivers, pliers, nippers, rulers and ballpoint pens is convenient.


Many of the swiss army knives with abundant tool functions have more than 20 tools, and although the size and weight increase, one can handle a wide range of situations, so it is safe to have a tool box. There is a feeling.


For “daily life” that is compact and has excellent portability

If you want to carry tools that are convenient to carry in your daily life with good portability, there are not too many tools such as scissors, bottle openers, files, tweezers, toothpicks, etc., and they are compact and lightweight. The model you are using is appropriate. Card-sized items that can be attached to key chains or placed in wallets are popular.


For “disaster prevention function” suitable for emergency situations

Suitable disaster prevention applications to keep in an emergency carry-out bag in case of a disaster include the minimum necessary tools for daily life, such as small knives, drivers, bottle openers, and especially Models that use LED light functions and phosphorescent materials are popular for disaster prevention, assuming unexpected dark cases such as nighttime and power outages.



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