Golf divot tool

The term “Golf Divot Tool” refers to a practical piece of equipment that was developed specifically for use by golfers. The major use of this product is to fill up divots and ball marks on putting greens. The golf divot tool typically consists of two prongs or tines that are able to be placed into the region that has been damaged. Golfers may return the putting surface to its original condition of being consistent and smooth by carefully moving the grass in the area. This very simple but absolutely necessary piece of equipment makes the game of golf more fun and fair for all players while also protecting the quality of the greens.


Golf Divot Tool

A golf divot tool is a golfer’s go-to instrument for repairing the damage caused to the putting green when a golf ball lands with force, creating a depression or ball mark. These tools typically consist of two prongs or tines. The science behind their effectiveness lies in the delicate process of divot repair. When a divot tool’s prongs are inserted around the edges of the mark and gently pushed toward the center, the displaced grass is lifted and restored to its original position. This action aids in accelerating the healing process of the turf, as it helps the grass blades grow back together, ultimately restoring the smooth and even surface of the green. Properly repairing divots not only ensures a more aesthetically pleasing green but also promotes healthier grass and maintains the integrity of the golf course.

Shieldon Can Produce Golf Divot Tool

Material Selection:

Shieldon can customize the material of your golf divot tool to match your preferences. Options include lightweight aluminum for portability, durable stainless steel for longevity, or even exotic materials like titanium for a unique touch.

Prong Style:

Customize the prong style of your divot tool. Whether you prefer two or three prongs, a combination of fork and blade for versatile use, or a specific shape that suits your putting green needs, Shieldon can provide the right design.

Ball Marker Integration:

Shieldon can integrate a ball marker into your divot tool. This feature ensures that you have a convenient marker readily available when you need to mark your ball's position on the green.


Customize your divot tool with personalization, whether it's engraving your name or initials, adding a unique design, or incorporating your golf club's logo, making it a distinctive and meaningful accessory for your golf game.

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Golf Divot Tool For Golfers

Benefits of Using Golf Divot Tools Business

Golf divot tools offer several distinct advantages that enhance the golfing experience. Firstly, they are instrumental in maintaining the pristine condition of putting greens. By swiftly repairing divots or ball marks, golfers ensure a smoother, more consistent surface for putting, contributing to a fairer and more enjoyable game for all. Moreover, these tools promote the overall health of the turf by aiding in the grass’s swift recovery. This not only enhances the aesthetics of the course but also reduces the need for costly green maintenance. Golf divot tools are also incredibly portable, fitting conveniently in a golfer’s pocket or bag for quick and easy access. They’re durable and built to withstand repeated use, ensuring they remain effective over countless rounds. Ultimately, these unassuming tools play a crucial role in preserving the integrity and appeal of golf courses while enhancing the golfer’s experience.

How Traders and Distributors Look for Golf Divot Tools?

Picking the multifunctional golf divot tools for requirements requires taking into account a number of important aspects, including:

Design and Material: Consider the divot tool’s design and material. Traditional versions have a two-pronged design, however some current models include extra features such as ball markers or groove cleaners. Consider materials such as long-lasting stainless steel or lightweight aluminum for long-term performance.

Size and portability: Golf divot tools are available in a variety of sizes. Source a size that will fit comfortably in your pocket or golf bag, making it easy to reach on the course without adding bulk.

Personalization and other features: Some divot tools may be personalized with initials or logos, making them popular presents or tournament prizes. Furthermore, features such as magnetic ball markers or other tools may provide adaptability to your divot repair routine, improving your golfing experience.

Shieldon - Reliable Manufacturer of Golf Divot Tool

Shieldon is a well-known company that makes OEM/ODM golf divot tools. Shieldon’s divot tools are made with a devotion to quality and accuracy, and they excel in both form and function. These gadgets are intended to assist players in easily repairing divots and maintaining the perfect state of the greens, guaranteeing an excellent putting experience. Shieldon’s divot tools are not only sturdy but also stylish and personalized, making them suitable for both retailing and gifting. Shieldon is an investment in a tool that preserves the integrity of the golf course while adding ease and a touch of elegance to your golfing experience of distribution.

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Connecting With Us

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project. Send us your enquiry and your budget and we will get back to you within 24 hours.