What is Victorinox, which is popular for multi-tools?

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Victorinox is a Swiss manufacturer of multi-tools. There are various models such as Huntman for mountaineering and travel, and Fisherman for fishing. In this article, we will introduce how to select Victorinox, which is also convenient for disaster prevention and recommended products in a ranking format.

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Victorinox is a Swiss manufacturer of multi-tools. The multi-tool was created by Karl Elsener in 1897. By delivering the Soldier Knife to the Swiss Army, its quality has been recognized worldwide.


You may have seen a red body and logo that house multi-tools with various functions such as folding knives. However, there are too many functions and you may feel uneasy about how to use them.


In fact, you can choose the type and number of tools that Victorinox is equipped with. Therefore, this time we will introduce how to choose Victorinox and recommended products in a ranking format. It was created based on the function, a number of tools, and design, so please refer to it.


Explain how to use and questions

Let’s explain questions that could not be touched on how to choose, such as how to use and care for multi-tools.


How to take out the multi-tool

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Each Victorinox multi-tool is neatly stored, isn’t it? However, it may be too neat to take out the tool because it is too hard. There are individual differences in strength, and it may be difficult for women and those with weak nails to take it out.


In such a case, pinch a thin and hard object with your fingers and hook it on a tool to remove it. Then you can take it out without damaging your nails or fingers. In that case, 1-yen coins will be easy to use. Frequent maintenance is also a key to smooth removal.


How to maintain and care

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After purchasing Victorinox, it is recommended that you clean it regularly. After using a knife etc., wash off the dirt with running water. Residual salt, acid, or detergent stains can cause stains and rust.


The plastic handle can be washed in the dishwasher. After cleaning, take it out as soon as possible and let it dry thoroughly. Hot water or steam will condense and cause the gaps to corrode.


If you are worried about violating the Firearm and Sword Law, remove the knife or use knifeless

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Is it a violation of the Firearms and Swords Act if I have a Victorinox tool knife? According to the Firearms and Swords Possession Control Law (Firearms and Swords Law), it is not possible to carry a knife with a blade length of 5.5 cm or more for business or for no good reason.


However, it is not a violation of the Firearms and Swords Act when Victorinox is used for legitimate reasons such as outdoors or daily work. It is a violation if it is determined that there is a possibility of harming the life or body of another person without a justifiable reason. Be careful when handling blades.


There are many types of Victorinox that can be used by removing the knife. If you are worried about violating the Firearms and Swords Act or the Minor Crimes Act, you should remove the knife and carry it with you. The knifeless type is also recommended.


Can’t it be used if there are too many functions?

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Victorinox’s multi-tools are very versatile, aren’t they? If it’s simple, you’ll have the opportunity to use all its features. However, if it is too versatile, it can be touted.


It’s fine to keep it at home or in the office, but it can be too heavy to carry. Make sure to select the appropriate number of functions according to your application.


Watches and briefcases are also popular

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Victorinox is also gaining popularity for watches and briefcases. We sell multi-tools that are useful in a wide range of life scenes, such as cutlery, travel gear, and fragrances. We manufacture many innovative and high-quality products and are used all over the world.


Let’s meet Victorinox that you can use habitually by referring to the reviews

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We’ve shown you how to choose Victorinox, but you may still be wondering which one to choose. In such a case, one method is to refer to reviews and reviews such as those on the product purchase page. The voice of the person who actually uses it is very helpful.


Please refer to the reviews when choosing from the purpose, appearance, model, etc. Meet your own Victorinox that you can use for a long time.


Enjoy camping and mountaineering with an outdoor knife

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If you buy a Victorinox swiss army knife, choose an outdoor knife as well. Outdoor knives are knives that are useful in outdoor activities such as camping and mountain climbing. It can be used in various scenes such as cooking and chopping wood.


Victorinox also comes with knives, but outdoor knives are large and easy to use. It is recommended to select based on ease of use, cost performance, and design. Enjoy the outdoors with Victorinox and outdoor knives.


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