FAQ For Customized Businesses (OEM)

1. What does OEM and ODM mean in your manufacturing process?
  • OEM refers to manufacturing products as per your exact designs and specifications, while ODM allows you to customize and rebrand our existing product designs.
2. Can I customize materials and components for my products?
  • Yes, you can select from a wide range of materials and components for both the blade and handle, including stainless steel, carbon fiber, and more.
3. What is the minimum order quantity for custom orders?
  • The MOQ is determined based on the specific product and customization level; please contact us for details regarding your project.
4. How do I start an OEM/ODM project with you?
  • Begin by sending us your project requirements or designs. Our team will review and work closely with you to refine the product and provide a prototype.
5. Can I have my logo and branding on the products?
  • Absolutely, we offer various branding options, including laser engraving, etching, and printing.
6. What is the lead time for custom projects?
  • Custom project lead times vary based on complexity and order size, generally ranging from 45 to 100 days.
7. Do you offer design services for custom products?
  • Yes, our design team can assist in developing your product from concept to final design, including 3D modeling by CAD software.
8. How do you ensure the quality of customized products?
  • We follow strict quality control processes, including material inspection, in-process checks, and final inspections. We will inform you by email with photos.
9. Are there any design restrictions for customizing products?
  • Some restrictions may apply based on technical feasibility, safety, and legal standards. Our team can guide you through what’s possible.
10. Can I request a prototype before mass production?
  • Yes, we provide prototypes for approval before starting mass production to ensure your expectations are met.
11. What are the payment terms for custom orders?
  • Typically, we require a 50% deposit to start production and the balance before shipment, but terms can be negotiated.
12. How do you handle intellectual property protection for custom designs?
  • We respect and protect our clients’ intellectual property and can sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) to ensure confidentiality.
13. Can you produce tools that meet specific certifications or standards?
  • Yes, we can manufacture products to meet various certifications like ISO9001, CE, and others upon request.
14. Is there a warranty for OEM/ODM products?
  • Our products come with a warranty against manufacturing defects. Specific terms can be discussed during the negotiation phase.
15. What kind of packaging options do you offer?
  • We provide a range of packaging options, from simple bulk packaging to customized retail packaging.
16. Do you offer packaging design for customization orders?
  • Yes, we have a graphic design team to provide you with packaging and printing services under certain conditions.
17. How are shipping costs calculated for large custom orders?
  • Shipping costs depend on the order size, weight, term, and destination. We can provide a quote based on your specific requirements. Frequent terms used are EXW, FOB, CIF, and DDP.
18. Can we make modifications to our design after production has started?
  • Modifications may be possible in the early stages but can affect lead times and costs. It’s best to finalize designs before production.
19. Do you support sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing practices?
  • Yes, we are committed to sustainable practices, including the use of eco-friendly materials and production processes.
20. How can we ensure ongoing communication and updates during the production process?
  • We assign a dedicated project manager to each OEM/ODM client to ensure clear and continuous communication throughout the project.

FAQ For Business Purchasers (OBM)

1. How can I view your product catalog?
  • Our complete product range is available online. Registered business users can access detailed catalogs and pricing.
2. What are your standard payment terms for bulk orders?
  • Our standard term is a 50% deposit and the balance before shipment, but we’re open to discussing other arrangements.
3. Can I order samples before placing a bulk order?
  • Yes, we encourage ordering samples to assess quality. Sample costs can be credited towards your bulk order.
4. What is the average lead time for bulk orders?
  • Lead times vary by product and quantity, generally ranging from 45 to 90 days.
5. Do you offer exclusivity agreements for certain markets?
  • We’re open to discussing exclusivity based on the market potential and order commitment levels.
6. Can you handle custom requests for existing products?
  • Yes, we can accommodate custom requests such as color changes, material changes, packaging, or branding for our existing product range.
7. What shipping options are available for bulk orders?
  • We offer various shipping options, including EXW, FOB, CIF, and DDP, depending on your preference.
8. How do you ensure product quality?
  • We adhere to strict quality control standards with inspections at multiple stages of the production process. And we will inform you by email with photos if you need.
9. What happens if I receive defective products in my order?
  • Please report any defects immediately. We will assess the issue and offer replacements or compensation according to our warranty policy.
10. Can I visit your factory?
  • We welcome visits to our factory. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.
11. Are there discounts for large volume orders?
  • Certainly. We offer volume discounts. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.
12. Do you offer product warranty?
  • Our products come with a standard warranty against manufacturing defects, with specifics discussed during the purchase process.
13. Can you assist with product compliance for my region?
  • Yes, we can ensure products meet specific regional standards and assist with obtaining necessary certifications.
14. What is your policy on returns and exchanges?
  • We have a clear policy for returns and exchanges, primarily focusing on defects or order errors, with specifics detailed in our terms and conditions.
15. How current is your product range with market trends?
  • We constantly update our product range to keep pace with market trends and customer feedback.
16. Do you participate in trade shows?
  • Yes, we participate in major industry trade shows. Details and schedules are available on our website.
17. How can I become a distributor for your products?
  • Please contact us with your company profile and proposal. We’re always looking for partners to expand our global distribution network.
18. What support do you offer for marketing and sales?
  • We provide marketing materials, product training, and sales support to help our distributors succeed.
19. Can we request exclusive designs to be developed?
  • Yes, we can work together on exclusive product designs under certain agreement terms.
20. How do we get updated on new product launches and updates?
  • Updated information is available on our website or through direct contact with our team.

Connecting With Us

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