1.What are the materials of custom project?
2.What is the quality of custom project?

Please refer to Quality.

3.What is the usual procedure for a whole project?

Please refer to OEM Service.

4.What is the usual lead time for a whole project?

Normally, an OEM/custom order takes 6 to 7 months while an ODM order takes 4 to 5 months from sample delivery to cargo shipping, but we keep pushing your order forward and sending videos/photos for notifying progress rate.

5.If I only have a hand draft or a 2D drawing, can you also make it life?

We help draw a 3D STP file before prototyping according to a 2D draft or idea for free, after which we do prototyping with actual fees.

6.How can I reduce the cost for future mass production if the quantity is large?

We recommend to make molds, also known as tooling, if you expect to create both high quantity and quality of product. Molding fees charge for one-time before mass production and these mold sets can be privately used for a long period.

7.Can I engrave logo(s) for a certain item as a gift?

We offer custom logo(s) laser on some product in stock with extra time and fees.

8.What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

It depends on materials. Welcome to ask for more information.

9.Do you have a catalog?

Yes. There is a catalog for OEM/ODM reference. Please check the product webpage.

*The products shown on the webpage and catalog are for showing the capability of manufacturing. Welcome to leave an inquiry if interested in a specific item or a custom service.

10.Do you offer shipment service?

We help ship goods and customs clearance in most of countries globally. If you have your owned shipping agent, we help deliver goods to your agent.

11.Force majeure clause

If either of the contracting parties be prevented from executing the contract by such events of Force Majeure as war, serious flood ,fire, typhoon and earthquake, or other events agreed upon been both parties ,the term for the execution of the contract shall be extend for a period equivalent to the effect of such events.


Connecting With Us

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