Handle Material

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Handle Material, Shieldon


Tougher and more durable than steel, titanium handles and scales provide knives with excellent grips without adding weight to the knife project.

– Lighter material than most steels

– High corrosion resistance

– Hard surface less likely to take damage

Handle Material, Shieldon


A low-density metal, aluminum adds a layer of durability to the knife while giving a comfortable grip that makes long-term use hassle-free.

– Superior tensile strength

– Anti-magnetic

– Can be anodized for color variation

Handle Material, Shieldon


A composite made from fiberglass, G-10 has comparable toughness to carbon fiber at a fraction of the cost.

– Solid, comfortable grip

– lightweight material

– Non-porous

Handle Material, Shieldon


Revered for its extreme toughness and affordability, glass-filled nylon (GRN) handles are best for all-around knife use and are easy to form into your desired shape.

– Nearly indestructible material

– Requires minimal maintenance

– Affordable

Handle Material, Shieldon


A combination of pressing cloth and resin, Micarta handles lends itself well to customization while offering a better grip and a softer feel on the hand.

– Easy to form and customize

– Impressive grip

– Soft and comfortable feel

Handle Material, Shieldon

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