CPM-S35VN steel, a popular option for knives and tools, is the pinnacle of modern metallurgy. This powder metallurgy stainless steel is renowned for its outstanding properties. CPM-S35VN’s sophisticated composition provides exceptional hardness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, making it a popular option among discriminating knife enthusiasts and professionals. Its fine-grain structure assures a long-lasting sharp edge, and its resistance to corrosion and discoloration increases blade lifespan. Shieldon is committed to supplying you with the highest quality products, and CPM-S35VN is no exception. Whether you’re a professional chef, a tradesman, or an outdoor enthusiast, our quality dedication guarantees that your knives and equipment exceed the highest standards, giving great performance and dependability. Choose Shieldon for CPM-S35VN steel quality and take your cutting experience to a whole new level.



CPM-S35VN is a highly regarded steel, beloved by knife and tool enthusiasts for its excellent properties. The superior metallurgical composition of this high-performance steel gives it a reputation for exceptional hardness. Its fine-grain construction assures long-lasting sharpness, making it perfect for precise work and extensive usage. CPM-S35VN also has excellent corrosion resistance, so your knives and tools will not rust or discolor. Because of its exceptional combination of properties, CPM-S35VN is the material of choice for cutting tools and blades for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Shieldon excels in providing excellent CPM-S35VN steel for your knife needs, underscoring our dedication to delivering premium materials. Whether you’re a professional chef, a knife enthusiast, or an outdoor adventurer, our commitment to quality ensures that your knives stand out in terms of performance and durability.

Shieldon Provides Excellent CPM-S35VN Steel for your Knives

Premium Steel and Handle Material:

Crafted with precision, CPM-S35VN knives by Shieldon feature top-notch steel and handles, ensuring durability and ergonomic excellence.

Collaboration with Global Knife Designers:

We team up with renowned knife designers worldwide to enhance CPM-S35VN knives, blending cutting-edge design with exceptional performance.

Attention to Detail:

Every CPM-S35VN knife undergoes meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring sharpness and ergonomic perfection in every detail.

Global Presence:

Active in exhibitions globally, Shieldon stays in tune with market trends to consistently deliver CPM-S35VN knives that meet evolving preferences.

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What are the Advantages of CPM-S35VN Steel?

The advantages of CPM-S35VN steel are indisputable, rendering it a top choice for knife and tool enthusiasts. This high-performance steel showcases an extraordinary blend of characteristics, including exceptional hardness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Its advanced composition results in a fine-grain structure that maintains a sharp edge, ensuring longevity and precision in cutting tasks. CPM-S35VN steel’s resistance to rust and staining enhances the durability of blades, making it a preferred material for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you’re a professional chef, a craftsman, or an outdoor enthusiast, the exceptional qualities of CPM-S35VN steel guarantee that your knives and tools perform with excellence and reliability.

How Knife Businessowners or Enthusiasts Choose CPM-S35VN Steel Knives?

When it comes to selecting the perfect knife, both knife enthusiasts and business owners turn to CPM-S35VN steel for its exceptional qualities. Here’s how they choose CPM-S35VN steel knives:

Unparalleled Performance: CPM-S35VN steel knives are favored for their exceptional hardness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, ensuring a superior cutting experience with longevity and precision.

Precision Craftsmanship: Enthusiasts and business owners appreciate CPM-S35VN steel knives for their fine-grain structure, guaranteeing a keen edge that endures, making them ideal for intricate tasks and professional use.

Versatile and Durable: CPM-S35VN steel knives are chosen for their remarkable corrosion resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from the kitchen to demanding professional settings, where performance, durability, and reliability are of paramount importance.

Shieldon - Quality CPM-S35VN Steel Material for Knives

Shieldon takes pride in offering high-quality CPM-S35VN steel material for knives, reaffirming our commitment to excellence in the world of cutlery and tool craftsmanship. With a strong focus on delivering top-tier materials, we ensure that CPM-S35VN steel, celebrated for its outstanding characteristics, meets the highest standards. Whether you’re a knife enthusiast, a professional chef, or a business owner seeking precision and reliability, our dedication to quality guarantees that your knives will excel in terms of performance and durability. Trust Shieldon to elevate your craft with the unmatched performance and versatility of CPM-S35VN steel, setting you on a path towards excellence in every cutting endeavor.

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We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project. Send us your enquiry and your budget and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Connecting With Us

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project. Send us your enquiry and your budget and we will get back to you within 24 hours.