Recommended multi-tools! Carabiner type and knifeless

[Pliers type] 8 recommended multi-tools

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife Sheepsfoot D2 Blade Black G10 Handle 9050G

Recommended Multi Tools 01, Shieldon

Equipped with 19 types of functions that are convenient in outdoor scenes.

It is a high-spec multi-tool designed for the harsh environment of survival. Equipped with 19 types of tools that are useful in outdoor scenes such as fire starters, saws, and hammers. It also comes with a sharpener so you can clean your knife.


Leatherman Multi-tool SKELETOOL RX Skeltool RX

Recommended Multi Tools 02, Shieldon

Easy-to-use middle size! Equipped with highly practical tools.

A middle-sized multi-tool that is neither too big nor too small. It is made of 154CM stainless steel and is lightweight, weighing only 142g, making it easy to handle. Functions include 2 types of tool pliers, 2 types of wire cutters, a wave blade knife, a large bit driver, and a carabiner that also serves as a bottle opener. You can carry it by putting it in the attached nylon case and attaching it to the belt, or attaching it to the bag with a carabiner.


Leatherman Multi-tool RAPTOR RED

Recommended Multi Tools 03, Shieldon

Equipped with sharp scissors that can cut thick cloth.

It is a multi-tool developed based on the voices of rescue workers. Based on medical scissors, seat belt cutters, ring cutters, window glass breakers, oxygen bomb wrenches, rulers, etc. are installed. The scissors have a sharp sharpness, and even thick cloth can be cut firmly. You can put it in a special holster case and attach it to a belt or bag to carry it.


Leatherman STYLE PS

Recommended Multi Tools 04, Shieldon

Knifeless type that is safe to put in a bag.

A multi-tool with an integrated carabiner. It features a compact size with a total length of about 7.5 cm. As it is a knifeless type, it can be safely carried even when attached to a backpack or belt. It comes with small pliers and standard pliers, and it is attractive that you can use them properly according to the purpose. Tweezers are built in the handle part, which is suitable for detailed work.


Victorinox Knife Swiss Tool Spirit X

Recommended Multi Tools 05, Shieldon

With a luxurious leather case.

It is a multifunctional multi-tool. It has 24 built-in tools such as pliers, multiple screwdrivers, wire cutters, and wire benders. The knife is equipped with a lock function, so it can be used safely. It features a stylish design unified with stainless steel. Comes with a luxurious leather storage case.


Gerber DIME

Recommended Multi Tools 06, Shieldon

With an opener function, recommended for everyday use.

It is a mini-size multi-tool. The storage size is about 7 cm, so it is attractive to carry around easily. With a key ring, you can prevent it from being lost or misplaced. The pliers and scissors are equipped with spring action, which makes them attractive for smooth loading and unloading. It has a bottle opener and a package opener function, so you can use it for everyday use.



Recommended Multi Tools 07, Shieldon

Pliers type that is easy to hang on a backpack.

A fashionable pliers type multi-tool. It features a unique asymmetrical design. With a carabiner clip, it can be hung on a backpack, making it easy to carry around for mountaineering and camping. In addition to the knife, the screwdriver is also equipped with an inner lock, so it is easy to apply force during work and it can be used safely.


Amazon Basic Multi-Tool with Nylon Case

Recommended Multi Tools 08, Shieldon

Easy to use with an easy-to-grip handle.

An easy-to-grip multi-tool. It features a handle design with a high fit. Combined with stainless steel and aluminum frames, it has excellent durability. With a nylon case, it is attractive that it can be safely stored when not in use. Pliers, knives, can openers and other practical functions are available. Recommended if you are looking for a multi-tool that you can easily use.


[Keychain type] 6 recommended multi-tools

Shieldon Drop Point D2 Blade Black G10 Handle 7070G

Recommended Multi Tools 09, Shieldon

Compact and lightweight multi-tool that is easy to carry.

It is a multi-tool of the small and lightweight pocket tool series. The compact body is equipped with everyday tools such as a box wrench, bottle opener, flat-blade screwdriver, and box opener. You can carry it in your pocket or bag, or attach it to a key chain or carabiner and carry it with your key.


Leatherman Multi-tool bracelet METRIC THREAD

Recommended Multi Tools 10, Shieldon

Multi-tool that also has fashionability.

A fashionable bracelet type multi-tool. It is equipped with 29 functions such as 3 types of flat-blade screwdrivers, 1 type of Phillips screwdriver, 4 types of hexagonal screwdrivers, 3 types of square screwdrivers, 4 types of Torx screwdrivers, cutting hooks, SIM card picks, window glass splitting, and bottle openers. The size can be adjusted according to the thickness of the arm.


Tsukada Key-type convenient tool Key-Quest 6 functions

Recommended Multi Tools 11, Shieldon

Convenient for everyday use and hard to get caught in clothing.

It is a multi-tool made in Japan. It uses traditional techniques used to make cutlery and is characterized by high quality. “Barrel treatment” that rounds burrs and edges generated during manufacturing is applied, and it is possible to reduce catching on clothing. It has 6 functions such as carton opener and thread trimmer. Recommended if you are looking for a multi-tool that is easy to use daily.


Leatherman Multi-tool carabiner

Recommended Multi Tools 13, Shieldon

Carabiner type that can be used as a bottle opener or a hexagon wrench.

A multi-tool with a carabiner design. It is attractive that it can be easily attached with one hand using a hook. It can be attached to a belt loop or bag like an accessory. Please note that it cannot be used as a carabiner for mountaineering or climbing. With bottle opener and hex wrench bit driver features, it’s recommended if you’re looking for a simple multi-tool.


Toyomitsu Multi-tool carabiner

Recommended Multi Tools 12, Shieldon

With a driver recommended for bicycle maintenance.

A highly durable multi-tool. Adopting a rust-resistant stainless steel material, it is attractive that it can be easily used outdoors. Eleven types of functions are stored in a compact form of about 8 x 12 cm, achieving both portability and practicality. With a spoke driver, it is recommended for bicycle maintenance. Since it has a full range of wrench functions from 5.5 to 12 mm, it can be used with a variety of hexagon bolts.


Victorinox Knife Swiss Card Light T

Recommended Multi Tools 14, Shieldon

Thin and easy-to-carry multi-tool.

It is a card-type multi-tool. The feature is that it can be stored neatly in a wallet like a credit card. With a sophisticated design, it is suitable for gifts. It has a built-in pressure ballpoint pen, letter opener, loupe, etc., and is recommended for business trips and travel. With an LED light, it can be used in situations where you want a light, such as in a disaster or emergency.


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