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Made from third generation powder metal technology, the M390 blade steel is specifically developed to have increased resistance to corrosion and damage from wear and tear.

– Superior corrosion resistance

– Achieve mirror-like polish

– Great edge retention capabilities

M390, Shieldon


Often referred to as “semi-stainless” steel due to its lower chromium content, D2 steels are characterized by showing little distortion after hardening and adequate durability.

– Holds its edge longer and better

– Easy to form and shape

– Provides good resistance to corrosion

D2, Shieldon


Originating from Japan, the VG-10 steel has slightly more chromium and vanadium than other steels, giving it greater durability and resistance to corrosion.

– Proven to have extremely sharp edges

– Improved corrosion resistance

– Has greater toughness than most steel types

VG 10, Shieldon


Popular steel among knife makers, the AUS-8 Stainless steel sports high durability due to its chromium and nickel contents and increased wear resistance.

– Easy to use and form

– Greater resistance to rust and corrosion

– Retains sharpness better than most steels

GRN, Shieldon


Considered as a softer steel compared to most steel types, the AUS-6 steel compound contains little carbon but lends itself well to sharpening

– Easy to sharpen

– Adequate corrosion resistance

– Tough and retains shape

AUS 6, Shieldon

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