OEM 20 In 1 Army Knife Plastic Handle HF-K5017P

Item NO.: HF-K5017P

Item segment: Army knives

Main body material: 2Cr13

Handle material: Plastic

Closed length: 90mm/3.54”

Opened length: 152mm/5.98”

Total thickness: 29mm/1.14”

Blade length: 47mm/1.85”

Weight: 176g/6.21 oz

Handle color: Wine red

ODM Regular MOQ: 2000

Functions: 20 in 1
– Sharp knife
– Phillips screwdriver
– Can opener
– Bottle opener
– Flat screwdriver
– Magnifying glass
– Fish scaler
– Hook remover
– Scissors
– Pliers
– Leather punch
– Mini Screwdriver
– Corkscrew
– Small screwdriver
– Needle
– Key ring
– Small knife
– Metal file
– Nail file
– Saw

5 popular recommended rankings for Swiss Army knives

Victorinox Swiss Card Light T

The latest card-type swiss army knife with high portability.

The Swiss Army Knife is the latest model of Victorinox, which is the same size as a credit card and packed with 13 tools necessary for daily activities. It can be carried in a wallet, so it is smart at any time. Play a role in.


Tools include letter openers, scissors, tweezers, rulers, ballpoint pens, screwdrivers, loupes, and other functions that you will need in your daily life. Recommended for people.


Uses: daily living

Number of tools: 13

“I have several multi-tools including other companies, but this is my first time to use a card type. I’m grateful that it has all the features I want. The light is a faint light, but with or without it, it’s a difference in cloud mud.”


Victorinox Swiss Champ

Optimal model for tool applications with 33 functions in the highest class.

The Victorinox Swiss Champ is a model equipped with 33 tools, which is one of the best among many army knives, and it is a versatile tool that can be used for camping, outdoor activities, DIY work, and disaster prevention supplies.


The weight is a little heavier and the overall size is thicker in proportion to the number of tools, so it is not very suitable for everyday carrying, and to handle each tool properly You need to get used to it. This model is recommended for those who often use tools such as DIY work.


Applications: Tool Function

Number of tools: 33

“Since I’m in front of my desk almost all day, I need props for scissors, knives, and a little work, but it’s useful because I can do most of the work with this one.”


Victorinox Glass breaker

An army knife that is ideal for disaster prevention and you want to keep in your car or home.

As the name implies, the Victorinox glass breaker is an army knife with specialized functions for disaster prevention and rescue that is also suitable for emergency evacuation, and is equipped with 15 tools for professionals that are also favored by fire brigades and rescue units. I am.


The yellow phosphorescent material makes it easy to work even in the dark, each tool can be easily taken out even with gloves, and the size is also solidly made suitable for heavy work, in case of emergency This model is recommended for disaster prevention purposes, which is always kept in the car or at home.


Uses: disaster prevention function

Number of tools: 15

“In case of emergency, I carry it in my car!”

“As a test, when I cut the mountain climbing rope, it broke with a sack.”

“It is sharp, so please handle it with care.”


Victorinox Classic SD

Reasonable and compact multi-tool that is ideal for carrying around.

The Victorinox Classic SD is a reasonably compact and highly portable model with a minimum of seven tools required for daily use. It is a small army that can be attached to a key chain, kept in a bag, or carried around at all times. Great for knives.


It has the minimum necessary functions such as a small knife, scissors, file, bottle opener, and screwdriver, but it is a carefully selected tool that can reach the itch and has a good reputation for its high durability. If you are looking for a compact swiss army knife that you can carry around every day and use anytime, anywhere, please give it a try.


Uses: daily living

Number of tools: 7

“This classic has a minimal configuration of mini-knife, scissors, and a file (with a screwdriver and tweezers), but its compact body has high potential and is a versatile tool that comes in handy.”


Victorinox Huntman Light

A swiss army knife that can be used in multiple ways from outdoors to disaster prevention

It is an army knife equipped with 21 tools that are ideal for carrying outdoors and traveling, but it is also suitable for disaster prevention and in an emergency carry-out bag. It weighs just under 100 g and is about 9 cm compact and functional. It is a model with a white LED light of the Huntman series, which is popular for its good balance of numbers.


It is recommended to store it at home as an emergency at normal times, but take it out for use during camping or outdoors. Knives, scissors, can openers, bottle openers, saws, etc. that are necessary for survival in the event of a disaster even in camping It has a moderate number of tools, solid quality and durable semi-permanent quality.


Uses: camping / outdoor

Number of tools: 21


What you need to know to handle a swiss army knife

In order to carry an army knife, you need to be aware of the laws and regulations such as the Firearm and Sword Law and the Anti-nuisance Ordinance, and you need to be careful when you bring it on an airplane.


Does the swiss army knife violate the gun sword method?

In Japan, there is a condition that “a knife with a blade length of 6 cm or more must not be carried without a justifiable reason” according to the gun sword method. Most Swiss Army knives have a blade length of 6 cm or less, but we recommend that you check them just in case.


In addition, under the Minor Crimes Act and the Anti-nuisance Ordinance, in public places and vehicles, carry objects such as cutlery that are used to harm the body of others without a justifiable reason in a way that makes the public feel uneasy. It says that you should not carry it, so be careful when you carry it, and do not carry it unless you have a clear purpose for use.


What do you bring on board?

Due to the danger of terrorism and hijacking, it is prohibited to bring the Swiss Army knife into the airplane, so if you put it in a bag etc., it may be collected by baggage inspection and may not be returned as it is, so it may not be returned as it is. Please be careful not to bring it in.


If you need to fly for camping or mountain climbing and want to use the Swiss Army knife at the destination, some airlines can check it in as baggage, so first check the terms of use on the website of the airline you are using. Please check carefully.


Take care of your daily routine to use it safely for a long time

Since the swiss army knife is used for various purposes, it may break down due to rust or corrosion, which may reduce sharpness or hinder the loading and unloading of tools, unless the dirt is removed with a cleaner and the water is thoroughly dried after use. It will cause the problem.


The blade will hurt as you use knives and saws, so use a whetstone to sharpen the blade on a regular basis, and if it is still difficult to cut, ask the manufacturer to repair it. For models that use batteries such as LEDs, you can prevent the case where the battery runs out in the unlikely event that the battery level is checked regularly.




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