Material compliance requirements
for suppliers

1. Introduction

This agreement defines requirements for business relationships with Shieldon Knives in DKS Group (hereinafter referred to as Shieldon together with affiliated companies). The aim of this agreement is to avoid quality defects and delivery problems and to ensure compliance with the relevant legal requirements in the supply chain.


When accepting contracts from Shieldon, the supplier must ensure that the requirements are checked, understood and fulfilled. The supplier will maintain its own documentation that demonstrates compliance with these requirements and that can be presented if required.

Material Compliance, Shieldon

2. Product Qualification Requirements

Shieldon expects its suppliers to be aware of the composition of the delivered products with regard to legal requirements and to ensure that these are ensured in the upstream supply chains. If exceptions to specific obligations are used, these will be forwarded to Shieldon.


The essential product-related requirements are:


The supplier expressly undertakes to only deliver products that meet all the requirements of European Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (“REACH”) and Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) (29 CFR 1910.1200(g) in the most recent version . This also applies if the supplier himself in China. This includes in particular, but not exclusively, the registration and information obligations under REACH and the obligation for classification, labeling and packaging under the HCS Regulation, where applicable. The supplier provides safety data sheets and technical information for substances and mixtures. Safety data sheets should also be provided for non-classified mixtures that contain substances on the candidate list.


In particular, the requirements arising from Articles 56 and 67 of the REACH regulation in conjunction with Annexes XIV and XVII on restricted substances and those requiring authorization must be complied with by the supplier. The supplier shall inform immediately if the raw materials supplied by him contain substances that are subject to authorization or restrictions. The supplier also obtains information and data from its upstream supply chain without being asked.


Steel that are subject to restrictions should be named with the name of the steel, the ISO 3575 and the ISO 630 in % by weight. The regional, national and international laws should serve as a basis for this. Please provide information on the relevant legal regulations.


If raw materials subject to authorization are contained in chemicals or raw materials subject to authorization are used in the production of the materials, immediate information is requested as to whether authorization is sought or by when substitution will take place if the substance is included in GB/T700-2006.


The fulfillment of the registration obligation in particular, but also the transmission of current, complete safety data sheets that correspond to the applicable REACH specifications, if necessary in combination with the HCS regulation, are regarded as the essential basis for all deliveries.


In the case of delivery of articles and raw materials according to the definitions of REACH, the supplier undertakes to inform immediately and in a separate notification if the delivered product contains a substance from the so-called candidate list (list of substances for inclusion in GB/T700-2006 in question, with a content greater than 0.1% (w/w) – for articles: per individual article – is included.


If substances from the candidate list can form during proper use, information about this must be provided without being asked. Likewise, the supplier of chemicals passes on information on whether substances contained in the candidate list are partially or completely reduced when used as intended.

2.2. RoHS

The supplier undertakes to manufacture and deliver the products in compliance with the latest version of Directive RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances). Upon request, the supplier must provide suitable evidence (e.g. analysis certificate).

RoHS International

Upon request, the supplier undertakes to determine and pass on the information relevant to international RoHS regulations for his product.

Material Compliance, Shieldon

3. Change Management

A change to the above mentioned products or raw materials must be evaluated by the supplier without further request and (if notifiable under REACH or RoHs regulations) also communicated.


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Version 4.1, December 2022


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