Impressive Upgrade by Shieldon Helping a Client from South Africa

Part 1 – Project Overview

Lead time

One month was spent on sending out samples, two months were spent on the first production run, two months were spent on the second run, and the last month was spent packaging and shipping FOB.

We provided FOB service, which essentially included transporting the customer’s packaged products to the port so that they could be sent using their own shipping agency.

As the client had no internal graphic design team, we provided assistance in building and producing their packaging.

To ensure a high-end aesthetic, we proposed inserting a Foam tray into the Kraft box and wrapping the knife in a PP bag.

Even though the foam trayer was an added expense, Shieldon,OEM factory,did its utmost to keep the customer’s overall cost of 10,000 knives as low as possible.


How the project came

The client was a big dealer from South America. They were drawn to this particular kind of folding knife.

The model was available in three sizes: small, medium, and big.

Customers settled on the medium and big sizes, ordering 4,000 and 6,000 of each.

Nevertheless, the model had to be modified halfway through manufacturing at the request of the buyer.

To accommodate the order, we shifted our production schedule.

Package printing and FOB shipment were additional necessities for this client. This project’s execution was exciting, high-stakes, and ultimately successful.


Products purchased

Item No.1: SS-0801M

Segmentation: Folding knives

Quantity: 4000

Customization: Adjustment and package

Item No.1: SS-0801L

Segmentation: Folding knives

Quantity: 6000

Customization: Adjustment and package


Part 2 – Reasons why the customer chose us


As you can see from the picture, we gave the customer three choices for the design of the packaging.

We didn’t know much about how the business worked in the buyer’s country, so all we could do was give them a few different options. The first one is just a box made of Kraft. The second one is a Kraft box with black EVA foam inside. The third is just a white box that was later colored.

The client opted for the intermediate option, which was also the priciest. The customer thought it made the package look better as a gift box, which fit with how he ran his business.

While we cannot provide any price information, we guarantee that every client will get the highest quality service that we are able to provide.


Shipping services

With shipping from China to South America being comparatively rare, the customer used their own designated agent who would take a predefined route.

Our job was to support this process by confirming essential details such as weight and size of goods before shipment.

The client requested that 2000 pieces be shipped via air while the rest were sent at sea – thus we followed these instructions precisely.

Invoices (CI) and packing lists (PL) were typically only sent after full payment had been received.


Part 3 – Story of Manufacturing Process

Initially, the SS-0801 model was selected because it was comparable to a product that had already been successful for the client.

We recommended he replace his missing knife with a timeless

Sizes range from small (S) through medium (M) to large (L). We provided him with the details, and he settled on an M and an L after considering his options.

We were able to make further modifications to the knife to better suit the client’s needs, and it was otherwise identical to what the customer had previously sold.

The task of engraving a logo into the blade was simple. Adding a second clip to the knife’s grip was a challenge because of how quickly it had to be done.

As the original model of the device, we’ve set a benchmark with our design that eliminates any need for clips.

When a customer suddenly requested we design them a custom knife with an added clip, we reacted quickly and soon presented them with our prototype.

We crafted the clip from stainless steel that perfectly complemented the handle for optimal comfort during usage. Fortunately, our customers were delighted with this innovation!

As we are about to begin mass production, the client wants to make a modification.

As seen in the photos, the client needs to extend the handle and add a nail mark to the blade. This took some time to make since it was a whole new project.

We mentioned to the consumer that the pricing and delivery time had changed so drastically that they needed to be adjusted.

After days of back-and-forth, we finally reached an agreement that the machine should remake the handle. Machine action is also required to form nail marks on the blade.

Finally, the client chose to increase the purchase price and prolong the period for this new adjustment by one month.

Unfortunately, since a substantial number of the knives were created for shorter lead times, our shop had to restructure team members and product lines to recreate them.

We discussed this with our clients, and some of the originals have already been completed and cannot be modified.

If this is necessary, we must create a new purchase invoice for the acquisition of new items.

After some deliberation and compromise, the buyer chose to purchase the model produced by the original manufacturer and wait one month for the new model to be modified.

After a thorough 30-day examination, the new model was developed.

We conducted an assessment between the previous and current models to demonstrate our commitment to accommodating any customer changes or requests.

Our hard work did not go unrewarded as we received immense gratitude from the customer – they even promised additional purchases in the near future!

This is the first model that the client has selected, and it is also the most traditional model that we have offered for a long time. Consumers were at first drawn to this model.

Customers must modify the model to acquire unique knives since the nation has unique legislation regarding import limitations on knives.

We don’t want to expedite the manufacturing process and send out products without any quality assurance.

Our number one goal is 100% client satisfaction with our products and services.

The model was instructed to stop when it was almost finished, and a replacement was brought in.

We explained that it couldn’t be replaced in a hurry. Every task requires time.

After lengthy email conversations covering the models, prices, and delivery windows, the customer made a decision to first acquire all of their initial versions purchased before obtaining upgraded ones.

Hence, the traditional versions are likewise prepared for shipping.

We performed a comparison for the client and informed him of the differences between the traditional and upgraded versions.

Class models have a sandblasted surface, while the newer models have a sanded/satin finish.

The original version is 68.5g while the newer one is 86.5g. In addition to this, we also see that the two models have distinct profiles.

The new version is based on the original, trusted design, but with enhancements made at the customer’s request.

Our customers are delighted by our latest products, and we have already demonstrated that there is potential for unique designs in the countries where these knives will be sold.

To meet consumer demand, this new model has been tailored to match local standards.

The buyer was excited to see the revised model, so we packaged two components in a package box he specified and sent them to him.

We weren’t sure how the knife regulation worked in his country, therefore we weren’t sure whether the package would make it. The knife package would likely be seized by customs. We double-checked with the client and then finally sent it.

After waiting a month, the client finally got their package and gave the upgraded knife a thorough once-over.

However, he assured me that the “NEW MODEL” would sell well in his industry, so he planned to begin purchasing them right away.

For the time being, we were relieved to learn that our efforts up to that point had not been in vain.


Part 4 – Shipment and Summary

After two months of hard work, our production is nearly complete with both classic and updated models ready to be packaged.

We designed the packaging box according to customer preferences so that it looks like a gift; we even placed the logo on each knife and its accompanying package.

With everything in place, all that remains is for us to present this product perfectly!

For a few months, we worked hard to fulfill the order since the client continued to make last-minute modifications.

Nonetheless, as shown by the invoice, Shieldon has the competence and expertise to engage in worldwide commerce and business.

We are well-versed in international trade regulations and compliance: Invoice details include dimensions, quantities, packaging methods, timestamps, and identification stamps.

With the customer’s specific demand for 24 middleboxes in one outer carton, we had to be meticulous and diligent to ensure each box would fit snugly.

After carefully measuring every single item, our attention to detail enabled us to provide top-notch service for our customers.

There are ten knives total in the center compartment. We photographed the knives and presented them to the client, assuring him that they would be carefully packed and delivered to the shipping agency in two weeks.

The client then requested that the representative get in touch with us about the services and trademark.

We marked the box with the words “NEW MODEL” to make it simpler for the buyer to identify which models belonged to which category.

We couldn’t predict what would happen throughout the whole shipping process, so we took extra precautions to pack the knives and boxes securely.

“Made in China” was printed clearly on each box, as it is a legal requirement for all exports from China.

Despite our efforts to explain this necessity to them, some customers still refused us the ability to do so.

We continued trying multiple times with these customers in order make sure they understood why it had to be done.

The traditional model was packaged with 10 components in the middlebox.

The outside of the box was unremarkable, but the interior was lavishly decorated. The classic design didn’t call for a lot of extras.

Since its debut in 2009, this timeless model has consistently boosted our sales and client base. That finally got us another order at the start of the year 2022.

The items were all securely packaged and prepared for shipment. Trademarks were clearly marked on the outside of the packaging.

We were taken aback when the client abruptly requested alterations to our model and even more shocked by their demand that we entirely cease production.

After that, we had several discussions with the client over the costs, the timeliness, and the products themselves. Thankfully, the client agreed to restart production, and the remainder could be completed.

We already know that the legislation and the market for particular products vary widely from country to country. While traveling internationally, it’s important to keep in mind that what’s popular in one place may not be in another.

Conversely, maintaining strong communication bridges can help prevent misapprehensions and strengthen bonds.

No matter how long we’re able to stay connected or how frequently a client conducts business with Shieldon, we’ll always be global partners.

At Shieldon, we understand the complexities of international trade and are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products.

We take pride in delivering top-notch service that always meets or surpasses customer expectations.

Our attention to detail ensures that no matter what product you need, it will be expertly packaged for secure shipment.

With a team of experts dedicated to helping you succeed when engaging in global commerce, partnering with us is sure to bring success!

Contact us today if you’re looking for an experienced partner who can help make your business dreams come true!

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