Essential Guide to EDC K-Sheath: The Must-Have Hunting Knife for Every Man’s Belt

Lead time

The production time for a fixed-blade knife is shorter compared to a folding knife. Generally, fixed-blade knives take 20% less time to make because they don’t require complex assembly. For this specific fixed-blade knife, it took 4 months to complete, including the making of the K-sheath.

The K-sheath is also a notable feature of this order. Now, how do we ensure a perfect match between the knife and the K-sheath? Stay tuned to find out!


How the project came

This OEM project originated from a longstanding brand that has entrusted Shieldon with its OEM needs for two years. This particular project involved crafting a fixed-blade knife with a K-sheath.

The customer had no specific design or feature requests for the K-sheath, so Shieldon took the initiative in creating one. The customer expressed relief in working with Shieldon for their knife manufacturing needs, as it spared them the burden of excessive thinking and worry.

Shieldon took care of everything on behalf of the customer, which is why this brand has maintained a successful partnership with Shieldon for two years. Our professionalism and expertise come with a sense of responsibility. However, we may decline orders that exceed our capabilities or modern production standards.

Once we accept an order, we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to delivering the best possible outcome. With over 20 years of experience as an OEM knife and tool manufacturer, Shieldon understands your customers and the market.

We have established relationships with reliable suppliers for our raw materials to ensure smooth production.


Reasons why customers choose us

We supplied a structural image

Similar to other projects, providing structural and rendering images is the initial step in offering complimentary previews to customers once a confidential contract is signed. This essential process ensures a mutual understanding of the item’s appearance, size, and color.

We provide a quote after confirming the data, as it accurately reflects the associated costs. It is important to note that we are unable to provide pricing without any information from the customer, as doing so would make us accountable for the overall expenses.

We supplied suggestions of K-sheath choice

As previously mentioned, Shieldon created the K-sheath for the OEM. However, we still need to present some examples to the customer and request their guidance for the manufacturing process.

Once the customer has provided us with their direction based on the examples shown, we will be able to draw and produce the K-sheath accordingly. This is a testament to Shieldon’s comprehensive one-stop service!

We supplied suggestions for steel choice

The customer opted for CPM-S35VN as the steel for their OEM hunting knife. With a plethora of steel options available in the market, choosing the best one can be quite a challenge.

If you find yourself uncertain, rest assured that you can rely on Shieldon. Allow us to guide you through the decision-making process and provide you with expert advice.


Story of the Manufacturing Journey

1) The customer, with their understanding of Solidworks, provided a simple sketch of the knife, which allowed Shieldon to delve into the intricacies of its structure.

Drawing upon the customer’s STP file, we meticulously crafted rendering and structural images, ensuring an accurate representation of their vision. Our attention to detail and commitment to capturing their design precisely are what set us apart in delivering exceptional results.

2) The displayed rendered images showcase a sleek black G10 handle scale fixed blade knife with fullers on both sides, highlighting its modern and minimalist aesthetic.

The construction of the K-sheath proved to be the major challenge in this project, demanding innovative techniques and meticulous attention to detail. In our commitment to a thorough and methodical creation process, we chose to start by building a physical prototype.

This allowed us to refine and perfect the design before delving into the intricate development of the K-sheath. This approach ensured that every aspect of the knife and its accompanying sheath was meticulously crafted, resulting in an exceptional and functional tool that truly embodies our dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

3) The customer, initially uncertain about the K-sheath, approached us without a specific idea in mind. To address this, we went above and beyond by presenting a range of examples, including the innovative tek-lok belt clip. The customer was delighted by this particular design and enthusiastically approved it, paving the way for further progress in our collaboration.

4) The development of the fixed-blade knife prototype took approximately 30 days. During this time, our highly skilled craftsmen meticulously handcrafted each component with precision and attention to detail.

The simplicity of the design allowed for minimal adjustments, ensuring a smooth and efficient production process. Once the customer expressed their utmost satisfaction with the knife’s profile, we eagerly proceeded to commence mass production, ready to deliver exceptional quality that meets the demands of our valued customers.

5) During the production phase, the primary emphasis was placed on achieving impeccable fit and finish. While the prototype mainly focused on evaluating ergonomics and features, meticulous attention was given to the surface details of the final product.

This meticulous approach aimed to ensure that every aspect of the product’s appearance was perfected, resulting in a truly refined and visually appealing result.

6) The image highlights a small yet crucial detail – the flat T8 screw we selected for the customer’s OEM knife. This minor component may go unnoticed by many, but we understand its importance. We inform our customers about every detail, no matter how minute, to ensure clarity and display our commitment to precision.

7) We then move to the production stage where the full tang blades are initially crafted. Despite their unfinished state, they must be handled with care. We intentionally designed a skeletonized hole in the handle area to reduce the overall weight without compromising the blade’s durability.

This additional step, though not explicitly asked for by the customer, enhances the product’s usability, underscoring our dedication to exceeding client expectations.

8) A video demonstration supplements photographs to provide the customer with a complete understanding of the product’s progress. Seeing his near-complete knife, the customer started planning sales and marketing strategies within his local community.

9) After an additional month, we completed the OEM hunting knife with a K-sheath. Comparing the physical product with the initial rendering, we note a unique feature: a small square on the blade next to the handle scale, designed to accommodate the customer’s QR code.

This innovative idea adds a unique touch to the hunting knife. Post-production, the product passed our standard quality checks and was carefully packaged for shipment via UPS.


Shipment and summary

1) We offer comprehensive support for your knife production, from start to finish. Whether you need guidance on selecting the right steel or assistance with design elements like the sheath or packaging box, we’re here to help.

Throughout the production process, we’ll keep you informed with regular updates, including photos and videos. If you’re new to international transactions, no worries – we take care of shipping, customs clearance, and all the necessary paperwork.

Once your payment is complete, simply wait for your products to arrive. Our goal is to make the OEM order process as hassle-free as possible, so you can focus on your core business.

2) This concludes the story of our hunting knives project. We aim for it to become one of the best sellers this year. If you’re interested in an OEM or custom project, feel free to reach out to Shieldon Knives. For more updates and engaging content on Shieldon EDC knives and tools, you can find us on various social media platforms, including our official website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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