A Business Required Custom Packaging and Logo Engravement

Part 1 – Project Overview

Lead Time

The whole project took 6 months to finish. One month was spent on pre-ordering and planning, one month on getting samples and judging them, three months on making the products, and one month on the packaging and FOB delivery.


After researching and determining which products would suit them, the customer requested samples and placed an order.


They want to align with the peak buying season in their country. Shipping times and clearance through customs also help to clarify these points.

How the project came

Our client is a global trading company that regularly purchases camping equipment and supplies.

They ordered logo samples, packing services, and shipping services, as well as two different types of army knives and one type of portable EDC tool (one of the best sellers in 2022).

Together, they had a crew that helped with everything from packaging to tracking numbers throughout the buying process.

Because this was the customer’s first purchase from Shieldon, they double-checked everything before placing an order.

Throughout the process, we showed that we were skilled and knowledgeable enough to help with the purchase.

Our service as a whole was well appreciated by the client.

Products purchased

Item No.1: HF-GHK4

Segmentation: Multi-army knives

Quantity: 1500

Customization: Logo & package

Item No.2: HF-GH-A08AL

Segmentation: Multi-army knives

Quantity: 1500

Customization: Logo, accessory & package

Item No. 3: JQ-0308

Segmentation: Portable EDC

Quantity: 300

Customization: Logo and package


Part 2 – Reasons why the customers chose us

Quality – Tools and Recommendations

The client first contacted Shieldon via the online quotation.

The customer has stated a request for caliber-equipped blades and equipment. They provided pictures for us to use as a guide.

In response to these specific requests, we suggested a few other ODM models we had in stock.

Shieldon has been offering knives and tools for more than 20 years now, and they have a huge selection of products because of it.

There may be a trillion knives and tools in the world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of them that are identical and suit the market.

Shieldon has done an excellent job, both from a product and service standpoint.

Packing and transportation

Since the client has its own shipping agency, we didn’t have to organize the shipment. However, we did provide shipping markings and matching trademarks, which the shipping agent used.

In order to ensure that each carton is transported without accident, we place markings on the outside of each one and assign a serial number to each of them.

We are a one-stop business that takes care of everything from manufacturing to delivering your product.

Shieldon is a vast group in which all of the professional colleagues are cooperating with one another.

We’re knife enthusiasts.


Part 3 – Story of Manufacturing Process

After a month of deliberation, the buyer opted for our HF-GH-A08AL as his first army knife.

We provided them with physical photos, and they inquired about whether or not we had a packaging sample and whether or not we could give a logo engraving service.

Sometimes the initial conversation takes a lot of time since the client passed through a number of buyers before getting to us, so we went through the feedback again.

Finally, the client expressed interest in this army knife, after which they planned to create a logo in the appropriate size and send it to us.

They requested the large sample box size because they were planning to create a graphic image.

We also included other suggestions, such as silicon gel and a set of instructions. The silicon gel was accepted, but the consumer didn’t need any kind of manual.

Knife blade, scissors, bottle opener, can opener, flat screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, wood saw, corkscrew, and carabiner are just some of the nine tools included with this Swiss Army Knife.

We provided the buyer with these details, but they were content to have the box design remain as is. They wanted a minimal number of words on the box.

Since a Kraft box can retain moisture for a significant amount of time, we advised using a silicon gel inside and coating the outside with another material.

The client liked our recommendation and decided to go with it.

Kraft packaging would be manufactured from 157g art paper with a film covering.

Therefore, the goods within are safeguarded from the elements no regardless of the conditions outside.

Clearly, the blades are kept dry and safe from moisture by a layer of silicon gel and a PP bag. In a nutshell, the Shieldon team genuinely values the quality of its products.

An issue happened during the logo engraving process. The client requested a 2-box arrangement before the graphic.

We attempted to enlarge the client’s logo to accommodate the bigger product size, but they declined, stating that the letter “R” in his emblem could not be altered since it was the trademark of his business.

They considered the logo and packaging graphic design to be their artwork and refused to modify anything, even though the size does not physically match the product size.

Discussions went on for a while as people waited for responses, and we went through several versions of the logo printout to nail down its style.

Finally, one of our plans won the client’s approval.

This is the other popular portable EDC tool the client requested that year (2022).

Our facility produced around 2,000 units each month of this particular product.

But even though it was a top seller, the consumer wanted a unique twist. For this product, they developed a unique logo and box.

This is the second army knife that the purchaser selected. They want a trademarked logo.

Per the request, we engraved the company logo on the blade rather than the handle (it was mosaiced since we couldn’t reveal the design to any of our clients).

These 3 prototypes were scheduled to be sent to the client for final approval when the logo work was completed.

We made sure to properly pack the knives according to the confirmed guidelines.

While we won’t go so far as to claim that silicon gel is 100% effective in keeping moisture out of its intended use, it does provide some assurance that the product won’t get too damp.

After receiving the customer’s design vector, we spent another week prototyping multiple packaging boxes based on the die-line.

The crimson of the box was so vibrant that the final product was a bit of an eye-sore. For the red packaging, we used 157g of art paper that was film-coated.

It was aesthetically pleasing and constantly reflected. We anticipated high demand for the items in the target market’s country.

Shieldon’s capacity to produce metal goods in addition to printed goods was also shown.

Once the sample boxes were created, we tested them out by packing the things that had been purchased and discovered that they meet the size requirements.

We also took photos and sent them to the clients. The customer is happy with our service and assistance but requests that we expedite the shipping of additional samples.

We have been doing all in our power to relieve any and all concerns that the customers may have in the interest of increasing the likelihood that they will place an order with Shieldon.

We are aware of the challenges that arise when doing business across international borders.

We are concerned when we transfer money, and we are also worried that things may be destroyed when they arrive. Therefore, patience and caution are required while engaging in international trading.

Shieldon has been in the international commerce sector for 20 years and more, so we know firsthand the concerns that our clients have.

We have strict standards for quality control and shipping packaging so that we can send the item out and avoid any problems.

Part 4 – Shipment and Summary

This was a sample of the packaging we displayed for the customers.


In order to reassure our clients that their purchase or project is receiving our full attention, we plan to double-check all details and document our progress along the way.

We carefully packaged a number of samples and shipped them off to the client by fast express for verification.

After carefully inspecting the samples, they thanked us for our efforts two weeks after receiving them. Our high standards of quality and service clearly impressed them.

They double-checked our bank account details to make sure the international wire transfer went well by asking for them twice.

The client has a genuine background in international business.

After three months of meticulous production, the items were finally ready for shipment. We made sure the order was accurate and complete by checking the shipping information twice.

Next, we gave the shipping agency our shipping markings so they could send out the packages. Draft CI and PL were supplied to the client before the order was finalized and sent together with the signed invoice when payment against the B/L was received.

After a month, the clients photographed the items and confirmed receipt.

The whole procedure was both efficient and smooth sailing. They estimated that it would be a few months before the next order was placed.

When working with a foreign order for the first time, Shieldon normally forms new professional collaborations.

We promote developing lasting relationships with our customers. Better communication is the key to an efficient and professional business partnership.

Therefore, the best way to ensure continued positive relationships with clients is to connect with them more often.

Instead of just advertisements, include more material that consumers care about and content that customers value.

In order to improve connections with clients, delve deeply into their lives, and develop friendships with them, we must learn to utilize tools. Only talking about money or only talking about sentiments will harm feelings and hinder revenue.

If we can become as close to our clients as if they were family, they will be understanding and helpful if we run into any problems, and they won’t be so quick to abandon the partnership if things don’t go well.

In addition, interacting with these clients will improve your communication, make them more reasonable, and ultimately increase your transaction rates and your business’s turnover.

So should you need a professional original equipment manufacturer, look no further than Shieldon!

Contact us today to know more!

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