Custom your own knife! Explain in detail the types and characteristics of the materials used for the handle (grip)!

10 Recommended Folding Knives! Introducing a compact and easy-to-use knife!

10 Recommended Sheath Knives! We will explain the features in detail and introduce them!

8 cool knives! Introducing knives that can be used from practical use to appreciation!

Use Damascus steel for your own knife! Introducing the features and charms of Damascus steel!

14 recommended all-purpose knives! A comparative commentary on popular knives that are multifunctional and convenient!

How to custom the sheath required for your own knife! I will explain in detail from the necessary tools!

8 Recommended Swiss Army Knives! Information on how to use the multi-tool and the gun sword method!

What is the ultimate “custom knife” of your own knife? Introducing its history and charm!

The types of knives are open to the public! 13 recommended knives for EDC!

An introductory guide to how to sharpen a knife! Tips and care methods for sharpening that change depending on the material!

What Are Your Favorite Affordable EDC Items?

Custom Your Knife With an Experienced Knife Maker.

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