Benefits of Having a Custom Knife Made

Benefits of Having a Custom Knife Made, Shieldon

A custom knife is the perfect outdoor knife. It is made to your exact specifications, so it fits you perfectly and feels like an extension of your arm. It is also incredibly strong and durable, able to withstand even the harshest conditions.

There is a constant demand for high-end hunting and camping knives, thus many skilled knifemakers all over the globe produce a broad variety of blades.

Shieldon is one of the rare manufacturers to emerge and gradually alter an entire industry with their superior quality and novel designs of knives.

Our discussion here will center on the quality and features of Shieldon knives, which have made them so popular among knife lovers in a very short amount of time.

If you’ve been searching for a better hunting knife, you’ve come to the right place.

Quick Overview of the History

Shieldon, founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of the DKS firm, is a knifemaker based in Guangdong that has been producing knives and other multitools for daily and outdoor usage all over the globe.

Several awards have been bestowed upon the business over the years, demonstrating that they understood exactly what they needed to accomplish from the start in order to carve out their own place in a very competitive field.

Shieldon continues to manufacture innovative goods and is progressively intruding into new sectors, winning over legions of devoted clients along the way by using the newest production technology and the brightest minds in the business.

The firm has access to high-quality raw materials, which is reflected in the high quality of their goods, which are not only efficient but also quite economical when all aspects are considered.

Those searching for personalized solutions should just contact us, and make their request, and they will have their dream knives in their hands in no time.

Incredible Features of Customized Shieldon Knives

Benefits of Having a Custom Knife Made, Shieldon

Shieldon makes knives for hunting and camping, as well as multi-tools. In a competitive industry, it can be hard to come up with new products all the time.

However, Shieldon is able to do this because of its great features.

Some of these features include:


Benefits of Having a Custom Knife Made, Shieldon

The blade edge determines how sharp or dull the knife’s cutting point is. Inasmuch as each knife has its own distinctive edge, this section of the blade is what makes each knife instantly recognizable.

Look at the edge finish, also called the knife grind, and you’ll know what you’ll be using it for. The following are the grinds available on Shieldon knives.

Hollow Grinds

These blades have a shallow grind that starts near the edge. When skinning, edges like this are ideal because they can penetrate the skin without tearing the flesh.

Full Flat Grinds

These knives are good for EDC knives and in the kitchen. They have a linear slope from the edge to the spine, meaning that they are easier to control and safer to use.

Saber Grind

Saber grind knives have an edge that begins halfway down the blade, making them very tough. This is why the military and the tactical knife industry choose blades with saber grinds.

Chisel Grinds

A chisel grind produces a knife blade with a single entirely flat edge, making it perfect for slicing and dicing tasks.

Blade Length

Benefits of Having a Custom Knife Made, Shieldon

The length of the knife’s blade greatly affects both its practicality and its compactness while not in use. Many pocket knives have short blades because a longer one would take up too much space when folded back into the grip.

On the other hand, the length of a fixed knife blade may be whatever the user desires. The cutting ability and durability of Shieldon knives are both influenced by their length.

There are two distinct categories of Shieldon knives, distinguished by the length of their blades.

Long Blades

Long blade knives have longer blades and are more sturdy fundamentally.

The added weight makes it simpler to exert pressure, making them considerably more convenient to use. They perform demanding tasks, such as the cutting of hard materials.

Short Blades

Short blades are one of the most popular Shieldon knives because they are more compact and easier to use. Most of them are foldable, so they take up little space when not in use. They weigh quite little and can be easily cleaned.

Blade Types

Benefits of Having a Custom Knife Made, Shieldon

The blades of knives may be found in a number of different configurations, each optimized for a particular kind of cutting task.

There are several different kinds of blades available for Shieldon, and they all serve different purposes.

Here are some of the most notable categories of blades.

Straight Blades

Straight blades are designed for tasks that require a lot of force on a small area. They are perfect for tasks like cutting through small woods and ropes when you’re camping or hunting.

Trailing Point Blades

Trailing point blades have curved tip that gives them more surface area than most other blades. They are the best knives for slicing and making long cuts.

Sporting Blades

Sporting blades have a concave spine and are popular in sheepsfoot blades. Woodcarving and basic electrical skills are their highlight strengths.

Spear Point Blades

A spear point blade is one that has a tip that is symmetrical to the rest of the blade and has double edges on each side.

People often refer to them as daggers, and they custom excellent daggers as well as tactical and defense knives.

Blade Materials

Benefits of Having a Custom Knife Made, Shieldon

As was previously established, Shieldon is careful about the raw materials it employs while crafting its swords.

The quality of the goods that are manufactured utilizing such materials is directly proportional to the quality of the raw materials used.

The majority of the blades that are crafted by Shieldon are constructed using steel as the primary component, and the raw materials that are used in the production of these blades include the following.

M390 Steel

M390 steel is a relatively new kind of steel that has quickly become one of the most preferred steels for creating knives. Having excellent edge durability and micro-clean characteristics, it may be polished to a mirror finish.

D-2 Steel

Semi-stainless D-2 Steel has a little sharper edge than regular stainless steel. Its remarkable resistance to corrosion is what makes the knives so long-lasting.

VG-10 Steel

VG-10 steel is infused with vanadium, which makes it more durable and resistant to corrosion. Vanadium is used in Shieldon knives because of its durability and resistance to corrosion.

AUS-8 Steel

The Japanese steel known as AUS-8 is prized by bladesmiths for its durability, hardness, and resistance to corrosion. Shieldon utilizes this steel in the production of some of its most luxurious and sought-after items.

AUS-6 Steel

AUS-6 steel, like other types of Japanese steel, has excellent durability and hardness and is widely utilized in the knifemaking industry.

Handle Materials

Benefits of Having a Custom Knife Made, Shieldon

The knife’s handle is just as crucial as any other component. This section will tell you how well you’ll be able to handle the knife in the specified conditions.

Shieldon knows how important the knife handle is, thus the team offers several variations.

Titanium Handles

Titanium is the metal of choice for the majority of high-end knife handles. Their low weight and high grip popularity are two of their most prized qualities.

Aluminum Handles

Aluminum is the most cost-effective and commonly accessible material for knife handles. In addition to being inexpensive, they may be anodized to take on a variety of hues.

The sole disadvantage is that they freeze too rapidly in cold areas, making them difficult to handle.


G-10 is hardy steel that is perfect for creating long-lasting grips.

These handles serve several purposes and don’t slide from the hand in any weather, making them perfect for use in colder locations.

Opening and Locking Mechanisms

Benefits of Having a Custom Knife Made, Shieldon

The longevity of a knife is inextricably tied to the quality of its opening and closing mechanism.

Shieldon knives may be either conventional folders or the more convenient and user-friendly Flipper kind that opens on the blade’s opposite side.

You may also get knives with Thumb studs, which can be opened with a single thumb, and knives with Hole openings, which are activated by inserting a finger into a hole in the spine of the blade.

The knife is closed with the help of the liner lock, which employs a piece of metal sprung into the handle to ensure the blade is locked in place.

The frame lock, compression lock, axis lock, collar lock, and button lock are further options.


Shieldon has established itself as an industrial powerhouse, and it cannot be disregarded at this point. Comparatively low-priced compared to other popular brands, their knives are also of exceptional quality.

For those who are interested in purchasing a hunting and camping knife but don’t know where to begin looking, Shieldon is a great resource for pocket knives.


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