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Versatile tool knife Leave it to the three families!

Tool knife

The tool knife’s most significant feature is that it can be used for multiple purposes with just one tool knife. It is roughly classified into army knife type and multiplier type, centering on the three brands to be introduced.

Models equipped with an innovative mechanism are available.

Leatherman_Upper Free

Free is a new series in which all tools can be operated with one hand and fixed with a lock mechanism. The classic Wave Plus is a model equipped with a replaceable wire cutter. The style is a small model with a carabiner that uses scissors as the primary tool. You can choose the best one according to your application.

Above ● 21 functions ● Overall length (when stored) = 108mm ● Weight = 244g

Medium ● 17 functions ● Overall length (when stored) = 100mm ● Weight = 241g

Bottom ● 6 functions ● Overall length (when stored) = 75mm ● Weight = 41g

High Mount TEL03

The multi-tool made by Tim Leatherman in the wake of a car breakdown while traveling has been a big hit all over the world. Since then, he has continued to introduce innovative models that meet the needs of his time.


Easy to grip the handle

Victorinox _Upper Ranger Grip

The Ranger series features an innovative design, such as the main blade with a thumb hole that can be handled with one hand. Among them, the “78” uses a dual-component handle to achieve a stable grip. Evolution is a model made with consideration for usability, which is useful if only one is used.

Above ● 12 functions ● Overall length (when stored) = 130mm ● Weight = 172g

Bottom ● 13 functions ● Overall length (when stored) = 85mm ● Weight = 57g

Inquiries Victorinox Japan

Karl Elsner

Karl Elsner was founded in Switzerland in 1884 and has become a global brand with a series of masterpieces such as Soldier knives and officer knives. We are still producing many high-quality models.

Of many masterpiece knives

A versatile tool for inheriting genes

Gerber_Center Drive Plus

Gerber / Center Drive Plus

Gerber_Dime Micro Tool

The Center-Drive Plus is equipped with a driver bit that is easier to operate because the bit is in the center of the handle, a new X channel system that allows the pliers to be smoothly inserted and removed, and a set of plus bits is included. Dime Micro Tool is a stylish small multi-tool. Available in three colors: red, green, and black.

Left ● 14 functions ● Overall length (when stored) = 170mm ● Weight = 279.5g

Right ● 12 functions ● Overall length (when stored) = 105mm ● Weight = 67g

Q Troopers TEL 03 (3901) 2271

Q Troopers TEL 03

It is equipped with a new X-channel system that allows pliers to be taken in and out smoothly. The action is smooth and easy to use.


The Center-Drive Plus comes with a versatile bid set and a leather sheath suitable for carrying outdoors.


Use knives and scissors with the handle closed. Follow the orthodox style of multi-tool with pliers.

the Armo Hyde series

Many masterpieces such as the Armo Hyde series in the photograph have been highly evaluated. Currently, he works on modern knives while inheriting the glorious history. (Shooting = Hiro Soga)

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