Outdoor Edge Knives: Where and How Are They Made?

If you are a knife enthusiast, then you know the difference between an outdoor and an indoor knife. When it comes to design and functionality, these two categories of knives are like night and day. But each of them is designed for a specific function that the other may not be very good at handling. Our primary focus today is on outdoor knives, a brand that has been involved in the manufacture of outdoor knives for years and continues to produce new and innovative products every day. If you have always wanted to grab one for yourself, then you are in the right place.

What are Outdoor Edge Knives?

Outdoor Edge is a company that specializes in making outdoor knives of all designs and shapes. The company was established in 1986 by David Bloch, whose passion for knives had led him to start his own company that would help him bring to life what he thought an outdoor knife should be.

This started out as a small venture before it blew up and became one of the leading knife brands in the world. The company has a very impressive knife catalog that includes products that have even won awards over the years and continues to perform well in the market against competition from new upstarts that are going after a slice of the market.

The Outdoor Edge collection features all kinds of outdoor knives, from hunting knives, fishing knives, utility knives, everyday carry, tactical knives, among many others. At the same time, the company stocks up on knife accessories and maintenance tools to help buyers get everything they need under one roof.

How They are Made

Outdoor Edge Knives: Where and How Are They Made?, Shieldon

The process involved in the manufacturing of an Outdoor Edge knife is not any different from the standard forging processes used in other knives. The following is a brief outline of what happens from start to finish.

  • Forming the Blade: The first part of the manufacturing process starts with a piece of metal called a blank. This is a thick sheet of any kind of metal that forms the basis for the blade part of the knife. Here is where the punching and cutting process also begins through the use of a machine that cuts out the desired shape of the blade.
  • Hardening: This is the part where the blade is hardened to add strength and resilience to the mix. It is a very important process that makes use of heat treatment to ensure that brittleness is eliminated to give the blade a longer shelf-life. The heat treatment usually involves temperatures that can reach as high as 870 degrees Celsius.
  • Polishing: This is the section where the blade is polished and sharpened to give it that complete blade looks that people are familiar with. This can be done by a particular machine or by hand, and it involves the stripping away of thin layers until a shiny blade with a clean sharpened edge remains. Any excess metal is removed through the grinders that slice off any excessive parts to leave the needed weight.
  • Honing: In this section, the sharpened edge is further refined to give it a more reliable build that ensures it stays for much longer without any need for another round of sharpening. This is a process that has to be done by hand by a team of qualified experts who will get the angle right. On average, the angle should be between 17 and 30 degrees, and the joining has to be done using the right oils and stones. The blade has to be handled with care once this process is over, as it would make the blade extremely sharp.
  • Assembly: This is the section where the rest of the knife is fitted over the blade. From the handle, the securing fits and the sheath, in the case of a fixed blade. This is also the part where all engravings are added to the blade. This can range from the official Outdoor Edge brand to anything that the customer may want if they have placed a customized order.
  • Quality Control: Every knife that passes through the assembly line is subjected to a quality control test to make sure that every single component works as designed and no harm comes to the user due to a construction mistake. Some of the tests conducted range from the blade being subjected to high pressures, heavy loads being exerted at different points of the blade, among many others. Any blade that fails to pass the test is cast aside to be melted down for another batch.

The Future of Outdoor Edge Knives

Outdoor Edge Knives: Where and How Are They Made?, Shieldon

Outdoor Edge is a brand that continues to grow every year, and the future does look bright, judging from the number of innovative knives that the company comes up with every year. Thanks to investment in research, development, and technology, the company has ensured it remains ahead of the pack at all times, a very important attribute that is necessary for the highly competitive knife market. The demand for Outdoor Edge knives has always been high, and that is expected to continue on into the future.


There are many great outdoor knives makers in the industry, and finding the one that suits your needs can be a little challenging since all of them promise heaven, yet that is never reflected in their products. If you are on the hunt for a proper outdoor knife and would like to know what to keep in mind before making that final decision, check out our website (Shieldon – knife manufacturer) and go through the vast informational resources beforehand.


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