18 Recommended Outdoor Knives

18 Recommended Outdoor Knives

Check the steel material, blade length, weight, and handle material of the blade!

Here are some recommended outdoor knives.


MOSSY OAK “Sheath knife natural wood handle total length 275mm”

Outdoor Knives 01, Shieldon

Blade steel material: Stainless steel

Blade length: 145mm

Weight: 300g

Handle material: Natural wood material

Country of origin: –      –


The weight balance that makes it easy to apply force

An outdoor knife with a full-tank structure is made by sandwiching a blade. The blade is made of stainless steel and is resistant to rust. In addition, the natural wood handle and special case create a sense of luxury.


With a neutral weight balance, it is easy to grip, and it will be easy to handle with force. In addition to outdoor scenes, it will be convenient because it can be used for DIY.


MOSSY OAK “Sheath knife natural wood handle total length 225mm”

Outdoor Knives 02, Shieldon

Blade steel material: Stainless steel

Blade length: 100mm

Weight: 240g

Handle material: Natural wood material

Country of origin: –      –


Non-slip grip shape

A robust full tongue type knife with a natural wood grip that gives a warm impression. The back of the blade has a curved shape, which is a feature that acts as a non-slip during work.


The special storage case has a clip to prevent accidental knives from slipping off. Also, since it can be attached to a belt, it is easy to carry and will be easy to use in outdoor scenes.


“DURATEC folding knife G10 handle”

Outdoor Knives 03, Shieldon

Blade Steel: 7Cr17 Stainless Steel

Blade length: about 90mm

Weight: 98g

Handle material: G10

Country of origin: –      –


Durable and compact outdoor knife.

A folding knife that is a foldable type. Since the clip is attached to the grip part, it can be quickly inserted into a trouser pocket or the like.


Compact and easy to carry, it is perfect for outdoor scenes where you want to reduce your luggage as much as possible. The 7Cr17 stainless steel used for the blade is strong and has excellent corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.


“Sheath knife with leather (KDJ)”

Outdoor Knives 04, Shieldon

Blade Steel: 3CR13 Stainless Steel

Blade length: 145mm

Weight: 305g

Handle material: Natural wood material

Country of origin: –


Both functionality and design.

A sheath knife that is widely used in survival and fishing. Natural wood is used for the grip material, which makes it easy to grip.


Knives are excellent in sharpness and ease of sharpening and will satisfy both beginners and advanced outdoor enthusiasts. The leather knife is fashionable and suitable for those who want to stick to the design.


“VERTEX 20 Toku Tool with Knife Case”

Outdoor Knives 05, Shieldon

Blade steel material: Stainless steel

Blade length: about 53mm

Weight about: 155g

Handle material: ABS resin

Country of origin:  –


Multi-functional outdoor knife.

In addition to knives, a total of 20 types of tools such as can openers, nail files, chisels, and swords are packed tightly into one. It also comes with a special cloth case, so it will be easy to carry.


The blade is made of stainless steel and is rust-resistant, making it easy to clean. Since it is multifunctional, it is easy to use not only in outdoor scenes but also in the event of a disaster.


Morakniv “Companion Heavy Duty Black Stainless”

Outdoor Knives 06, Shieldon

Blade steel material: Stainless steel

Blade length: about 104mm

Weight: 104g (weight of knife only)

Handle material: rubber

Country of origin: Sweden


“Overwhelming cost performance!”

“It is a knife with a scandi blade (one of the shapes), and its rubber handle has a habit-free feel that makes it user-friendly.”

“With a plastic sheath, even beginners can use it with confidence without worrying about falling through. Stainless steel is used for the blade, which also makes it easy to sharpen.”

“Looking at the price range alone, it seems to be for beginners, but even advanced users can use it roughly, and it is also recommended as a second knife or sub knife.”

“As long as the rubber grip does not get oily, it goes well with gloves and can be said to be an all-round knife.”


OPINEL “Opinel Stainless No.7”

Outdoor Knives 07, Shieldon

Blade steel material: Stainless steel

Blade length: about 80mm

Weight about: 36g

Handle material: beech

Country of origin: France


“A classic camping knife that is easy to use.”

“Opinel”, a long-established French manufacturer and a standard knife, is a stationery knife in Japan.”

“Stationery knives are simply knives that children use for crafting and sharpeners. However, its ease of use is fully demonstrated even outdoors.”

“It is very easy to use, such as compact size, a thin blade, and a ring that can be firmly fixed. You can’t use it wildly, but you’re good at cooking and cutting ropes.”

“The price range is also very leased bubble, so if you put it in a backpack, it will be a useful knife.”


Helle “Helle Temagami ST”

Outdoor Knives 08, Shieldon

Blade Steel Triple Laminate: Stainless Steel

Blade length: 110mm

Weight: 155g

Handle material: Curly birch (birch tree)

Country of origin: Norway


“Hand-friendly handle and triple-laminated toughness.”

“A knife made of triple laminated stainless steel and finished with a wood handle. A well-balanced knife with a deep leather sheath similar to that found on Pucco knives.”

“Triple-laminated stainless steel has a three-layer structure, and because it is made by sandwiching highly tough stainless steel with sticky stainless steel, it is easy to sharpen and can be used roughly.”

“It is designed to satisfy a wide range of people from beginners to advanced players.”


uniflame “Jagged Blade Camp Knife (No.661840)”

Outdoor Knives 09, Shieldon

Blade steel material: Stainless steel

Blade length: 95mm

Weight: 38g

Handle material: ABS resin

Country of Origin: Japan


You can use a serrated blade and a straight blade with this one!

The point is that it has both a serrated blade that firmly chews things and a straight blade that is perfect for peeling vegetables. You don’t have to carry many knives because you can use them properly depending on the object.


Can be folded up to 120 mm when stored. Its compact size and two blades make it a perfect item for outdoor activities with bulky luggage.


MAC “Fishing Knife (BNS-60)”

Outdoor Knives 10, Shieldon

Blade steel material: Molybdenum steel

Blade length: 160mm

Weight: 115g

Handle material: laminated plywood

Country of Origin: Japan


Try the outstanding sharpness by hand by craftsmen!

More than half of the various processes are done manually by craftsmen. The easy-to-use design created from ergonomics and the sharpness created by craftsmanship have been well received around the world.


With an ultra-thin blade and a unique blade edge, you can beautifully handle delicate vegetable slices for freshly caught fish. Not limited to the outdoors, it may be good to use it at home.



Outdoor Knives 11, Shieldon

Blade Steel: SPT Carbon Steel

Blade length: about 95mm

Weight: 120g

Handle material: Curly birch (birch tree)

Country of origin: Finland


“Puccio knife recommended for bush crafters.”

“The traditional Nordic knife, the birthplace of bushcraft (a means of living in the natural environment), which has gained popularity in recent years, is the Pucco knife (*).”

“Tool steel is used for the Scandinavian blade with straightforward characteristics so that the blade naturally follows the object, achieving both the tenacity of the material and the ease of sharpening. It’s perfect for wearing outdoor knife work.”

“The handle material is also made of birch bump material, so it has a beautiful finish. If you are looking for a knife that can be used for a long time, this knife is recommended.”

“Although it is relatively inexpensive, it is well made and there are variations in size development, so even people with small hands can easily use it.”

“(*) Traditional Finnish hunting knife”


G ・ SAKAI “Sabi Knife 2 (Sabaki 3 inch)”

Outdoor Knives 12, Shieldon

Blade steel: H-1

Blade length: 92mm

Weight: 89g

Handle material: FRN (glass fiber reinforced nylon)

Country of Origin: Japan


Uses rust-resistant steel! Perfect for the sea or camping.

The blade is made of H-1 steel, which is strong against rust! Its strength does not change even if it is soaked in saltwater for 100 days. With a tough blade, there is no sharpness. Perfect for outdoor activities where toughness is required.


18-8 stainless steel, which is resistant to rust, is also used for the threads. It will be a big success in a wide range of scenes such as camping and the sea as well as fishing.


Bark River “Bravo 1 A2 Black Canvas Micarta”

Outdoor Knives 13, Shieldon

Blade steel: A2 steel

Blade length: 107mm

Weight: 209g

Handle Material: Black Campus Micarta Barspin

Country of origin: USA


“Heavy-duty A2 steel clam blade.”

“All Bravo Series have a Japanese sword-like blade shape called a Yamaguchi blade. The feature is that the blades are well separated and the blades are long-lasting.”

“It’s difficult to sharpen, but it’s a knife that can be used roughly like an ax. Of course, it doesn’t give destructive power by weight like an ax, but it can be used quite roughly.”

“The reason is the lack of weight due to the blade of about 4 mm and the neutral balance. Since the center balance of the knife comes near the index finger of the grip, it means that the balance is almost in the center of the grip and the blade.”

“This balance is said to be a knife that does not get tired easily. This is recommended for improving your skills.”


KA-BAR “Outdoor Knife His Becker Companion BK2”

Outdoor Knives 14, Shieldon

Blade steel: 1095 Cro-Van

Blade length: about 123mm

Weight: about 418g

Handle material: Ultra Mid

Country of origin: USA


“Full tongue knife that can be used hard.”

“It should be noted that the handle material Ultra Mid, which has excellent impact resistance, is used. This handle has color variations and can be arranged as you like.”

“There is also a sling hole through which strings can be passed, which also prevents it from falling out of the hand. It uses a steel material with a high chromium content that has straightforward blade characteristics, is easy to handle, and maintains sharpness.”

“An all-rounder knife that handles everything from hunting to camping with a drop point that gently falls toward the tip of the blade.”

“The blade is powder-coated, and even carbon steel is rust-resistant. This knife is recommended for wild people.”


Hitoshi “Land Sword (No.810)”

Outdoor Knives 15, Shieldon

Blade steel: stainless steel

Blade length: 170mm

Weight Knife: 190g, including sheath: 280g

Handle material: Elastomer resin

Country of Origin: Japan


A sharp wave blade that can cut branches and ropes.

The entire blade is hardened. It features a sturdy and sharp sharpness. Since the blade length is a little long at 170 mm, it can be used for all kinds of outdoor work such as cooking, cutting plant roots and branches.


The grip has a shape that makes it easy to apply force in both the vertical and horizontal directions. If you use a gut hook, the rope will also break. If you often cut hard objects such as trees and vines, why not consider it?


Spyderco “Lady Bug 3 Salt”

Outdoor Knives 16, Shieldon

Blade steel: H-1

Blade length: 49mm

Weight: 20g

Handle material: Zytel

Country of origin: –


Spyderco products featuring “Samhole”!

The point is a hole called a “thumbhole” that allows you to easily open and close the blade with one hand. The handle has multiple dents to prevent slipping. You no longer have to use both hands and pull out the blade slowly and carefully.


Since the blade part uses H-1 steel material that is hard to rust, it is also useful in waterside scenes such as fishing. It’s easy to use because it can be stored compactly up to the size of a lighter, and it’s a perfect item for a sub knife.


Morakniv “Eldris Standard”

Outdoor Knives 17, Shieldon

Blade steel material: Stainless steel

Blade length: 59mm

Weight: 80g

Handle material: TPE rubber, polypropylene

Country of origin: Sweden


“Mora knife” is easy for women to handle.

The easy-to-grip handle made of rubber is perfect for beginners and women. Since the blade length is about the thumb, it can be used without resistance. If you hang it from your neck, you can quickly take it out when you need it.


It is also attractive to have a wide variety of colors. If you choose your favorite color, you will be more attached to it. If you’re a little scared to have a long blade, why not start with this item?



Outdoor Knives 18, Shieldon

Blade steel: –

Blade length: –

Weight: 86g

Handle material: ALOX (aluminum)

Country of origin: Switzerland


9 ways to use! Multi-functional multi-tool!

Equipped with nine useful functions such as a saw, a punch, and two types of flat-blade screwdrivers. One can play 9 roles, so it’s a little profitable …!


The lightweight outdoor gear, which weighs only about 90g, is not a burden to carry. It will be a reassuring ally in the outdoors where various scenes are expected. It seems to be useful at home.


“Don’t ask for a versatile knife!”

“It is important that the outdoor knife can be used as an extension of the hand. It is no exaggeration to say that there is no one-size-fits-all knife.”

“Advanced players do not have a knife that can do anything, but has the skills to use it. To master it, it is recommended to choose a knife that has the grip, size, and balance that suits your hand.”

“Not all can be done with the main knife alone, so each knife has its specialties, like a cook’s knife. Only by acquiring the technique to use them properly and the maintenance technique to maintain a knife that always cuts will you be able to master the knife.”

“Even if it is cheap, getting used to it is the fastest way to improve. That is the biggest point in choosing a good knife.”


Let’s enjoy outdoor play with an outdoor knife

An outdoor knife that can be used in any outdoor scene. The key to choosing an easy-to-use product is whether or not it fits in your hand.


Also, if you are a beginner, it will be easier to use one with a blade length of about 10 cm. There are various grip materials such as rubber and natural wood, so please refer to the selection method introduced this time, check the information on recommended products, select the item that suits your purpose, and enjoy a more comfortable outdoor living.


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