Is a Pocket Folding Knife an Everyday Carry Tool?

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A pocket knife is a versatile cutting tool that may be used for a variety of tasks. If you find most knife jobs to be tedious, be assured that a decent knife is important for completing them. After going over the things we’ll go over below, you’ll be able to simply narrow down your search to knives that look excellent and go in with the rest of your gear.


Although some individuals may argue that the popularity of pocket folding knives has waned over time, there are still numerous useful applications for this technology in today’s environment. Here are a few compelling reasons to customize your pocket knife as an everyday carry tool.


The Role of a Pocket Folding Knife

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A pocket knife used to be considered a necessary item only for males who carried it with them everywhere they went. They wouldn’t be able to leave without money, keys, and most crucially, a decent knife. But that is no longer the case. Nowadays, everyone requires a pocket folding knife in case of emergency. I’m sure you have once or twice been in a scenario where you wished you had a knife on hand. Let us look at some of the situations where a folding knife can be useful.


  • Trimming and making holes. Many people take a long time to notice that their formerly overly tight trouser is now loose. You may have lost weight and require an additional hole to guarantee that your waste is properly fitted. In this case, a pocket folding knife will be helpful. Cutting objects is something we can’t perform without the use of a tool. Having a knife in your pocket at all times helps you to respond quickly, simply, and one-handedly to nearly any cutting operation, large or small.


  • Opening. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to cut open a present box or an employment letter or even open a canned object but all you had was your hand? You know very well that if you try to open such with your bare hand, you risk damaging your nails or getting a finger cut. In this circumstance, having a pocket folding knife will come in handy. In taped boxes and sealed envelopes, this knife will give a good clean cut.


  • Cutting. A pair of scissors or wire cutters may be safer when cutting cables, twines, or ropes, but a pocket knife offers a considerably wider range of skills. A pocket folding knife is a single piece of equipment that may be carried and used with one hand. If you need to cut your fruit into pieces while at work, a knife like this would suffice.


  • Protection. You never know when or where something will find you. Although pocket knives aren’t intended to be used as weapons, they may be sufficient to slow down or fend off an attacker if you find yourself in a tight situation. Carrying a pocket folding knife is a modest reminder that you’re prepared for anything that comes your way, even if you don’t need it as a tool. If robbers have their wrists bound but you can reach your knife in your pocket, you might be able to save yourself.


  • Camping. If you’ve ever gone camping, you know how important a camping knife is as a tool. It’s must-have survival equipment for preparing meals, such as cutting meat and any other food that may be accessible. Your small folding knife will also come in handy when pitching a tent or chopping wood kindling for a campfire. A pocket folding knife can be used to cut the bandage used to tie the wound. Camping also entails several activities that may include the use of a knife to set up the game plan.

How to Choose The Best Pocket Folding Knife for your Application

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Selecting the ideal knife will depend on a variety of things, but it will largely depend on your particular preferences. Everyone wants one that fits well in their hand and isn’t too heavy to take around on a daily basis. We will look at a few factors to keep in mind when choosing an ideal pocket folding knife.


Blade shape. In most cases, a simple blade will do most routine tasks. When selecting your ideal knife, you should examine the blade shape. You can choose from a variety of blade kinds on the market. Drop point, clip point, spear point, and standard are the most prevalent varieties. In most circumstances, the blade type and firm you choose should be dictated by your intended end-use. Tanto and drop point blades, for example, are great if you want a knife that can puncture as well as cut.


Blade steel. A decent pocket folding knife should be made of high-quality steel that keeps sharp and does not break. The best steel for pocket knife blades comes from the categories of high carbon steel, stainless steel, and tool steel. The performance parameters you require from your pocket knife blade will determine which steel from these categories is ideal. Although stainless steel blades are more forgiving, they can still rust if not properly cared for.


The knife handle. The handle of a decent pocket folding knife should be large enough to fit your entire palm. It should also be ergonomically designed for ease of use. Make sure you get a chance to handle the knife before deciding to buy it. Knife handles can be made of a variety of materials, including metal, textured plastic, wood, and composite material.


Locking Mechanism. Depending on what you’re planning to use it for, each folding pocket knife has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Knives with a strong lock mechanism are safer to use during difficult cutting jobs. You should find a knife that best suits you based on your lock knife model or manufacturer. Unfortunately, carrying a pocket knife with a lock is not permitted in all places. Check your local knife regulations to see if there are any limits on pocket knives, as this may limit your selections.

The Best Pocket Folding Knives and their Application

Here are the top pocket folding knives that meet all of the above criteria and their application.

OEM Folding Pocket Knife 3Cr13 Blade

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OEM folding pocket knife 3Cr13 Blade can be used both outdoors, such as when camping, and indoors when handling normal daily issues. 3Cr13 is martensitic stainless steel that can be machined well. It polishes well, is corrosion-resistant, and has good strength and wear resistance.


This knife is ideal for production that requires strong wear resistance, heavy loads, and the use of plastic molds in corrosive environments. The 3Cr13 material is easier to work with and produces superior surface quality. It has a comfy handle and a working whistle. The handle is manufactured using rubber which gives it a structure that fits snugly in the hand when grabbed.


It’s comfy to use, long-lasting, and generally simple to hold. This foldable pocket knife is ideal for individuals who want to carry it in a small package. It’s an excellent idea to utilize the knife for EDC. As previously said, having an easy-to-use knife can make outdoor activities more fun. If you’re looking for a good EDC knife, this one is a good choice.

OEM Folding Pocket Knife 2Cr13 Blade

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This is an army knife. 2Cr13 is martensitic stainless steel with excellent hardness, magnetism, and weldability. 2Cr13 has a carbon content of 0.02% and a chromium content of 13%. Austenitic stainless steel electrodes for welding and Q235, such as A302 and A307, do not require preheating. The handle of this knife is made of wood, which provides a nice grip. It is light in weight, making it easy to transport without strain. It weighs 121.5 grams (4.29 ounces).


This knife has a flat blade grind and a Lockback lock mechanism. In this mechanism, the knife has a “spine” on a spring. When the knife is opened, the spine locks into a notch on the back of the blade. To close the knife, press down on the exposed part of the spine to raise the part of the spine that comes into touch with the blade. The knife opens with a nail mark approach, which is ideal for when you don’t mind using both hands.


Kershaw Leek Pocket Folding Knife

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The Leek is one of Kershaw’s most popular knife series. The blade is a versatile, slim, and modified drop-point with excellent slicing qualities. It’s made with high-performance blade steels that sharpen to a razor’s edge. This three-inch blade is ideal for most tasks, and the narrow tip makes piercing and detail work a breeze. SpeedSafe Assisted Opening on the Kershaw Leek provides for easy blade deployment with a simple pull back on the ambidextrous flipper.


The anodized aluminum handle of this knife is scratch and fade-resistant. The color is also permanently bonded to it. It makes use of one of the world’s best knife steels while keeping the productivity benefit of fine-bankability. Kershaw’s bead-blasted finish adds to the aesthetic appeal of a knife. Its end-use is also enhanced by it. The high-tech finish is achieved by pressing a fine media mixture onto the blade’s steel. This guarantees a matte, non-reflective finish.

The Gerber FlatIron Pocket Folding Knife

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The Gerber Gear Flatiron everyday carry knife is designed to fulfill the needs of the modern world. When not in use, this dependable blade design is simple to store and operate with one hand. With a cleaver blade and a folding design, this pocket folder knife is built for practicality.


The FlatIron pocket folder has a textured aluminum grip, a 3.6-inch blade, and, most significantly, a strong frame lock. The knife’s reverse curve keeps knuckles away from the cutting surface, allowing for precise cutting and chopping.


A dark blue micarta handle and a D2 blade are featured on this variant. While cutting or chopping, ergonomic contouring and a large finger choil provide a comfortable and solid hold. The Gerber Flatron features a stylish cleaver blade with an extended thumb hole for one-handed operation. It also has a firm blade lockup thanks to the durable frame lock system with an over-travel stop. Its sturdy stainless steel pocket clip makes it carry daily.

Buck The 55 Pocket Folding Knife

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Buck’s 55 Knife is essentially a scaled-down version of the renowned 110 Folding Hunter traditional gentleman’s blade. This pocket folding knife’s tiny shape makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. The nail nick opening on the 55 is done manually. The name comes from the notch on the upper part of the front of the blade, into which the fingernail hooks to open the knife. The notch is pushed into the material during the production process.


The nail nick on this pocket folding knife extends as a long groove parallel to the back of the blade. Because of its unobtrusive appearance, this opening mechanism preserves the knife’s exquisite design without detracting from it. There’s also a lovely Crelicam real ivory wood inlay. The spine has a strong lock-back mechanism that prevents it from closing on you while you’re using it. You’ll always be ready to face life’s difficulties with its easy-to-maintain 2.375″ 420HC clip point blade.


Adding a folding pocket knife to your EDC is a critical decision that should not be taken lightly. Having a foldable pocket knife means always having a cutting tool on hand. This type of knife isn’t just for hunters, campers, or soldiers. It may not seem crucial to own one until you need to cut something and don’t have a sharp tool on hand.


To avoid future complications, you must understand your use cases and the legality of the knife before purchasing one. To assist those of you who are new to EDC knives, we have discussed all that above. Please contact us or visit our website if you require any other information.

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