OEM Folding Pocket Knife 3Cr13 Blade Anodized aluminum Handle XW-1023

Item NO.: XW-1023

Item segment: Folding knives

Blade material: 3Cr13

Handle material: Anodized aluminum

Blade HRC: 50-52

Blade thickness: 2mm/0.079”

Blade length: 85mm/3.35”

Handle thickness: 22mm/0.866”

Total length: 194mm/7.64”

Weight: 144g/5.08 oz

Handle color: Camo

Pocket clip: Tip-up

Lock mechanism: Liner lock

Open way: Thumb stud

Blade grind: Flat

ODM Regular MOQ: 1200


Item NO.: XW-1023

Item segment: Folding knives

Blade material: 3Cr13

Handle material: Anodized aluminum

Blade HRC: 50-52

Blade thickness: 2mm/0.079”

Blade length: 85mm/3.35”

Handle thickness: 22mm/0.866”

Total length: 194mm/7.64”

Weight: 144g/5.08 oz

Handle color: Camo

Pocket clip: Tip-up

Lock mechanism: Liner lock

Open way: Thumb stud

Blade grind: Flat

ODM Regular MOQ: 1200



3Cr13: It is martensitic stainless steel with good machining performance. After heat treatment (quenching and tempering), it has excellent corrosion resistance, polishing performance, high strength and wear resistance, and is suitable for manufacturing to withstand high loads, high wear resistance and Plastic molds under the action of corrosive media. After quenching and tempering, the 3Cr13 material with a hardness below HRC30 has better workability and is easy to achieve better surface quality.

Aluminum: A low-density metal, aluminum adds a layer of durability to the knife while giving a comfortable grip that makes long-term use hassle-free.

– Superior tensile strength

– Anti-magnetic

– Can be anodized for color variation

How to care for EDC knives (before using the camp)

The EDC knife is an important companion who spends the same time in the same place with the camper. EDC knives are always used in harsh conditions, and maintenance is essential before and after use in order to keep up with them for a long time. Here are three typical ways to care for your knife.

Care 1: Sharpening

To put it simply, sharpening is the sharpening of a blade with a whetstone. The Japanese style of sharpening is to moisten a special whetstone with water and slide it by pulling the blade. The Western style is called oil stone, and it is oiled and slid while pushing the blade to sharpen it.

Care 2: Touch up

Touch-up is a measure to deal with problems that occur on the spot, such as poor sharpness, when using a knife. By sharpening your teeth with a stick dedicated to touch-up, the sharpness will be restored immediately. However, this is just an emergency measure, so be sure to sharpen it thoroughly after returning home.

Care 3: Check the number of possessions

Cleaning is not a direct maintenance of the knife, but you need to know what kind of knife you have and where you have it. If you neglect the management, it may lead to an accident, so be sure to understand it.

Recommended care for EDC knives (after using the camp)

Care 1: Cleaning

If you take it home with an EDC knife and store it, oil / salt / dirt may cause rust and corrosion. Especially when used for cooking / cooking, it is important to thoroughly remove such stains and wash them away. If it is very dirty, wash it off gently with a neutral detergent.

Care 2: Wipe and dry

After cleaning, wipe off the moisture. Moisture also causes rust. Wipe it off with a dry towel and let it dry a little before putting it in the case. Shade is recommended when drying. In warm places, leather or wooden handles may swell or hurt, so be careful.

Care 3: Apply rust preventive oil

After returning home, wash the EDC knife again. If it is very dirty, wash it off gently with a mild detergent. After washing, wipe off the moisture and dry in the shade. When it dries, apply cleaning oil evenly before storage and wrap it in newspaper for storage.

Recommended storage method for EDC knives

Storage method 1: Newsprint wrap

After using the camp for cleaning 3 (applying rust preventive oil), wrap it in newspaper and store it in a cool place in the shade. The newspaper absorbs the excess fat that has fallen from the blade, and it also absorbs the moisture. Also, newspapers are useless, so you can change them to new ones and wrap them up after a while.

Storage method 2: Vacuum packing

The procedure up to storage method 1 is the same, but the difference is that you put it in a vacuum pack instead of wrapping it in newspaper at the end. By doing this, you will not come into contact with moisture in the air, and the blade is protected by the applied oil, so you can expect more rust prevention effect.

Storage method 3

It is the same as the storage method 2, and the procedure up to the storage method 1 is the same, and the thing that wraps the blade is wrapped. By doing this, the rust preventive oil and the blade will adhere to each other by the wrap. It is also an alternative if you don’t have a vacuum pack. It’s a good idea to wait with newspaper for the parts other than the blade (handles, etc.).

Recommended storage location for EDC knives

Storage location 1: Cool shade

If you store the EDC knife in a hot place, germs that could not be removed will grow. If the handle is made of leather or wood, it will corrode and lose its strength, and new bacteria and mold will grow from there. Please keep it in a cool place out of the sun.

Storage location 2: A place with low humidity

Moisture such as moisture causes rust on the blade. Also, the applied oil will be easily removed by the water. As for the handle, leather and wood swell with moisture, which not only makes it difficult to use, but also corrodes and causes fungal growth. Store in a cool, dry place.

Storage location 3: Out of reach of children

It is very dangerous for a child who cannot recognize the danger of a knife to pick up an EDC knife. It’s very dangerous and scary just to imagine. Make sure to store it in a high place that is absolutely out of the reach of children, or in a locked place.

Precautions when using EDC knives!

Attention 1: Have a sense of danger

It is important to be aware that knives are dangerous and scary. If you make a mistake, it turns into a dangerous weapon that kills people. If used correctly, it can be very convenient. However, a knife is a tool, and it is also dangerous, dangerous, and scary. Always have this awareness.

Note 2: Make the place of use bright

When using an EDC knife, try to use it in a bright place as much as possible. In a dark place, if you do not know the direction of the blade, the direction of force, and the surrounding environment, you will not be able to use the knife while imagining an emergency. Work in a good environment without overconfidence in your skills as you are an advanced person.

Note 3: Limit the use to the original purpose only

It is necessary to fully understand the specifications, materials and uses of your EDC knife, and to fully understand what kind of camping use it is specialized for. Recognize them and decide which EDC knife to use at each camp.



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