Tool steel D2, pocket knife recommended

There are many materials for pocket knife blades. For specific ones, you can go to Common materials for pocket knife blades. There is a detailed introduction to which materials are commonly used.

Today, the knives and blades we want to recommend are all D2 tool steel. So let us first understand what the tool steel D2 is.

Basic Information

D2 The high carbon and high chromium cold work die steel widely used globally is a ledeburite steel with high hardenability, hardenability and high wear resistance; good high-temperature oxidation resistance, rust resistance after quenching and polishing Good capacity, small heat treatment deformation.

chemical composition

C: 1.50%; Cr: 12.00%; N: 0.3%; Mn: 0.6%; Mo: 1.00%; Ni: 0.30%; p: 0.03%; Si: 0.60%; S: 0.03%;

V: 1.00%; HRC: 60%;


Annealing ≤255HB, indentation diameter ≥3.8mm;

Quenching ≥59HRC

Heat treatment specification

Quenching, 820±15℃ preheating, 1000±6℃ (salt bath) or 1010±6℃ (furnace control atmosphere) heating,

Keep heat for 10-20min, air cooling, tempering at 200±6℃.

Material characteristics

D2 steel is a high wear-resistant micro-deformation cold work die steel, which belongs to wind-hardened tool steel. The mass fraction of carbon in this steel is as high as 1.5%, and the mass fraction of chromium is as high as 11.5%. After heat treatment, the hardness can reach 60HRC, but the flexibility, toughness and rust resistance are relatively weak, and the surface of the steel is difficult to be mirror polished. With the development of cold stamping products toward high precision, high efficiency, and multiple varieties, mold steels must have better wear resistance and toughness. Compared with Cr12MoV steel, the chemical composition of this steel is increased with Mo and V, which changes the casting structure of the steel and improves the morphology of cabochonite. The strength and toughness, and wear resistance are better than those of Cr12MoV steel, which enhances the use of molds.  Since this steel’s yield point and plastic deformation resistance are higher than those of Cr12MoV steel, its forging performance and thermoplastic formability are slightly worse than those of Cr12MoV steel.

Scope of use

Suitable for tool steels with complex and possible deformations, various cold stamping dies with high wear resistance and long life, hard cutting blades, rolling thread plates; cold extrusion forming, drawing dies, stainless steel sheets and high hardness materials. Modular

typical application

1) It is used for the deep drawing die of the rear cover of the refrigerator compressor; the quenching hardness is 56~58HRC.

2) To improve the service life of D2 cold work die flat steel rolling material, the method of adding rare earth is adopted, the wear resistance and impact toughness of the steel is vastly improved to achieve the purpose of improving the service life of the round die flat steel rolling material.

3) Because the content of V and Mo in D2 steel is higher than that of Cr12MoV steel, it has better overall performance, while traditional Cr12MoV steel will gradually be replaced.

4) The rolling wheel and off-stage adjusting plate cold punching die made of D2 steel can increase the service life by 5 to 6 times compared with Cr12MoV steel.


Seeing this, I believe everyone has a general understanding of D2. It is indeed very suitable for making pocket knife blades. Here is a recommended pocket knife manufacturer: Shieldon. There are quite a few cool pocket knives that use D2. Recommend a few models to everyone.

Tool steel D2, pocket knife recommended, Shieldon

Tool steel D2, pocket knife recommended, Shieldon
Tool steel D2, pocket knife recommended, Shieldon
Tool steel D2, pocket knife recommended, Shieldon

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