Think about solo camp equipment

Introduction to Hugo Jills’s solo camp

Hugo Jills, born April 5, 1977. He is a director of Be Nature Co., Ltd. Despite having a family, he is an officer of a quaint nature company who loves solo camps, solo mountaineering, solo trips, etc. He has a wide range of work, planning, coordinating, and managing projects and a training instructor, a nature interpreter, and a maker of field creation. Book “Nature Education.”

“Bushcraft Reader: Basic Skills and Know-how to Enjoy Nature” and many more. He is active in many media, mainly for outdoor activities and early childhood education, such as serialization in magazines, TV, and radio.

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

In solo camp, as long as you follow the etiquette, you can decide how to spend time, what to eat, what tools to use, and how to enjoy it, and enjoy it as you like. It’s the most freestyle solo camp in the camp, but I often worry about my neighbors because I’m free to do anything. “What should I do as a solo camper?” “What should I have as a solo camper?” This time, I would like to unravel the solo camp from the perspective of equipment.

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

Solo camp is a free camp that anyone can enjoy anytime, anywhere!

Introduction of Hasebe style solo camp equipment

This is a basic set that looks at clothes and food when I go camping solo. By adding and subtracting items from here, I enjoy solo camp in various fields such as rivers, mountains, forests, and overseas. I can’t stop talking about it, but this time I’ll introduce it as an equipment list!

1: Backpack

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

Necessary equipment for packing all tools and moving freely. And the fit and toughness that allows you to carry it on your back as far as you can go is the highest priority. The capacity is 80 liters. There are individual differences in the power, weight, and fit you can carry on your back, so please choose well.


2: Tent

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

A type with a simple tent and a small house shape. I like the freestyle that you can set up using poles and trekking stock, and you can set it up even if you hang it with a rope. I’m using it primarily as a preparation for a particular adventure.


3: Tyvek sheet

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

A special paper made of Tyvek, a durable and waterproof material. The size is cut from the tent’s groundsheet to 120 cm x 230 cm, which is convenient for sleeping.


4: Tarp

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

The size is a square of about 3m x 3m, and I prefer to use the ones with many tension ropes. The living room of the solo camp is under the tarp. It’s my secret base where you can set it up in various ways.


5: Matt

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

A type that allows air to enter by half when the valve is opened. Rather than the fluffy mat that emphasizes perfect sleeping comfort, I choose and use a compact and exquisitely balanced mat that can be taken to unexplored regions and mountains.


6: Sleeping bag

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

The critical thing in solo camp is to have bedding that allows you to get a good night’s sleep even if you stay up late and sleep for a short time. When I say “this for the time being,” I often choose one that contains high-performance synthetic fibers that are compact.


7: Sleeping bag sheets

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

My body is sticky because I don’t take a bath. After all, it’s troublesome. Silk sheets are helpful when it’s a little chilly or hot, and you don’t need a sleeping bag. I wouldn’t have a good night’s sleep without it.


8: Bonfire

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

Nowadays, a bonfire is indispensable for a bonfire. I’ve used various types, but I like the ones that can hold ample firewood firmly and are thin, and can be stored on the back of a backpack. Gaze at the bonfire and have a drink with snacks baked on the bonfire!


9: Tarpaulin

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

It can also be used as an emergency sheet and is used primarily by laying it in a tent. Since it has a heat-insulating effect, it prevents cold air from the ground, and if it is wrapped as it is, it also increases the heat retention of the sleeping bag.


10: Water bottle

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

With a capacity of 1 liter, it has many uses, such as for drinking and plastic tanks during camping. The reason why I don’t make it a compact type is that I sometimes put hot water in it and use it as a hot water bottle, or I can’t say it in a loud voice, but I sometimes put in pants, socks, hot water, and soap and shake it to make it a washing machine. ..


11: Cutlery

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

Cutlery is an essential edible weapon used for cooking and eating. I mainly use spoons and forks. I also want chopsticks, but I often fold them when packing, so when I want to use them, I usually cut off the branches around them.


12: Stove & gas

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

I like bonfires, but I’m not particular about spending all my time cooking and warming up with just bonfires. I want to use the stove in the mountains, in good or bad weather, at the campsite.


13: Cooker

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

There are many types of cookers, including round, square, shallow, deep, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, and silicon. Among the various combinations, the one I use is around; deep Nikoichi set made of titanium. It can be used as both a mountain and a camp. When it is bonfire only, it is changed to an aluminum type that can be hung.


14: What if set

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

I always keep it in my bag wherever I go. Personal first aid, knives, parachute cords, head rides, lighters, carabiners, batteries, and more. It is packed with valuable goods to use in the field and the minimum of things that can be used in trouble.


15: Soft cooler

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

I want to put delicious meat, fish, and cold beer in my stomach, even in the field! There is also a complicated type, but when not in use, it folds up to make it compact, and sometimes a high-performance soft type that can be used instead of a cushion is good.


16: Heat and cold bottle

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

At home, it’s like a water heater or a pot, and it’s heavy! Large! Some people may not have it, but life in the field will be significantly improved without it. It also helps save fuel and time.


17: Chair

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

It always sticks to the side of the backpack except in a severe field. My favorite is the so-called “sitting chair type,” and I like its lightness and compactness.


18: Large waterproof staff bag

Think about solo camp equipment, Shieldon

The size is quite large, 80 liters. I don’t like zack covers, so I put them in my backpack and put the equipment in it. It can also be used for depositing luggage during travel and for storing water in the worst case.

Even in auto camp, I repack this equipment from my backpack into a large tote bag and throw it into the luggage space to leave, and sometimes I change tents if I change my mood.

Based on this equipment list, I would like everyone to select their items. Check Shieldon Knives and Tools to get your full outdoor gear!



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