The correct way to use and choose pliers that you don’t really know! Are you using it correctly?

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We will introduce in detail how to use and select pliers correctly. What is the difference between pliers and pliers in the first place? When do you use pliers? I use it normally, but when I think about it, I don’t really understand … Let’s organize the knowledge of the pliers together.


What kind of tool is pliers?

There are so many types of pliers!

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Uses of pliers

Pliers are a general term for so-called “sandwiches” or “grabbers” tools, and their shapes and uses are diverse. It is very useful for work and repair because it powerfully performs all the movements you want to do with your fingertips, such as pinching, grasping, cutting, and bending.


Features of pliers


Many people think of pliers as “combination pliers” as shown in the image above.


The biggest feature of the combination pliers is that the joint part in the center slides and the size of the jaw that grips the object can be adjusted. It is a highly versatile tool that can firmly pinch from fine objects to materials with a certain thickness and thickness.


Difference between pliers

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Difference in calling

In Japan, many people may think of “pliers” when they think of “something to pinch and grab” when working, but in fact, pliers are also a type of pliers. If you translate the pliers into English, it will be “pliers”, so you can see that the range of tools that the name pliers refers to is ambiguous.


Difference in usage

Speaking of pliers, it is a general term for “sandwiches”, but in the case of the most orthodox pliers, its use is a tool specialized for pinching and grasping work. It is possible to cut it by using the intersection in the back, but it is not the main function.

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With pliers, you can “cut” more powerfully than with pliers. In addition, many of them have a flat tip, and can be used for “tapping” work by firmly fitting them together.


Difference between pliers and wrench

Difference in calling

When I call it a wrench, I think most people usually think of a “monkey wrench.” The official name of the monkey wrench is “adjustable wrench”, but unlike pliers, it does not have a structure like scissors with left and right handles, and a jaw that can be moved by a screw on one side at the tip of one handle is It is attached.

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Difference in usage

One of the major differences between a wrench and pliers is whether they are pinched or hooked. Both seem to be usable for adjusting the width and tightening and loosening the nut, but the wrench fits the fixed jaw to the nut and turns it according to the principle of leverage.


It has the disadvantage that it is easy to scratch the corners, so it is not easy to use, but if you are working on a part that you do not want to scratch too much, it is also recommended to use a wrench.


On the other hand, pliers grab the target by pinching it firmly, and the bolts etc. will be turned with force. It is easy to get scratches, but because of the wide range of jaws, the pliers will be better off in terms of versatility.


Also, the pliers do not have to worry about the direction of turning, but the difference is that the wrench is basically moved only to one side so as not to put a burden on the movable jaw.


Let’s organize the types and usage of pliers


There are three main uses for pliers: “grab”, “pinch”, and “cut”. What kind of movement you are good at depends on the type of pliers? There are so many types of pliers that I can’t cover them all here, but let’s organize the basic tools side by side.


Types of pliers and how to use them ①: Combination pliers

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Speaking of the most orthodox pliers, this combination pliers. Great for maintenance of automobiles and bicycles, assembling small items, etc. It is a basic tool that can be used in a wide range of situations, from light work at home to full-scale work.



Hold it at the tip and hold it at the part that draws the central arc. Furthermore, it is possible to cut wires, etc. at the intersection of the upper and lower jaws in the back. It has a feature that it is easy to rattle because the range of motion of the jaw is large.


Types of pliers and how to use them (2): Water pump pliers

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It is a plier that can open the jaw very wide and can firmly pinch thick pipes. As it is a water pump, it is a convenient tool for repairing and inspecting water pipes. Since it is used for gas and water piping, boiler inspection, etc., it is not a necessary item for ordinary households, but rather a minor tool.



The range of motion of the jaw is large and the ability to pinch is very good, but unlike the combination pliers, there are many things that cannot be expected to have the ability to cut.


Types of pliers and how to use them ③: Vise pliers

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It is a plier that locks by firmly grasping the handle while sandwiching the object. It can be used in a wide variety of ways, such as turning bolts and nuts like ordinary pliers, or using it like a handle in a fixed state.



Since the object is fixed while being sandwiched, no grip strength is required for subsequent work. You don’t have to grab it one by one, and you can handle it like a handle to tighten bolts and remove parts, which makes your work easier. As a feature of appearance, there are many large-sized ones with a lock function.


Types of pliers and how to use them ④: Split ring pliers

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Pliers used when handling double-wound ring-shaped metal fittings (split rings). Since it is a plier that is mainly used by lure fishing, it may not be a plier that everyone has.


Split rings are also used for key chains, but you can easily open split rings that are smaller and difficult to open with your fingertips, such as when using a lure.



There are two types, “for holes” that open the tip when you hold the handle, and “for the shaft” that opens and closes in conjunction with the handle.


Types and usage of pliers ⑤: Electric pliers (cutting pliers)

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I think it is this “electrician pliers” that comes to mind when you think of pliers. You can cut with combination pliers, but for slightly thicker wires and hard materials, lineman’s pliers are recommended. The tip is flat and thick. Since it has a high pinching ability and is easy to transmit force, it can also screw and pull out hard rusted nails.



I wrote it as cutting pliers as a supplement, but like this, pliers are also a part of pliers. In addition to the function of pinching pliers, it is a “pinching tool” tool that has a part that can be cut. The thick tip makes it unsuitable for tasks that require access to small areas.


Types of pliers and how to use them ⑥: Needle-nose pliers

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Since the tip is thinner and longer than ordinary pliers, it is a convenient tool for finer work and work with fine copper wires and wires. Unlike electric pliers, it is one of the indispensable tools for home work and customization because it can powerfully pinch and move small parts freely.



Since it is a slender tool, it is not suitable for thick wires or hard materials, but it is recommended for delicate work. There are many types such as those with a very thin tip, those with a long tip, and those with a small size as a whole.


Types and usage of pliers ⑦: Round pliers

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Pliers that come in handy when making handicrafts and crafts. Round pliers usually do not have the “cut” function that pliers have, and are a recommended tool for working with delicate materials that are worrisome of scratches and marks.



The big feature is that the sandwiched part is conical like chopsticks. When handling wires for making accessories, you can draw a beautiful circle by wrapping them along the pliers.


Types of pliers and how to use them ⑧: Monkey wrench

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Turn the screw in the center to adjust the width of the jaw. Rather than applying force from the left and right to pinch it, it is used to fit the shape of the nut or bolt exactly, so it is necessary to custom small adjustments so that it does not loosen.



Although it depends on the type, orthodox ones have rattling and often lose nuts. However, since it is not pinched strongly, it is also characterized by being less likely to be scratched.


Types of pliers and how to use them ⑨: Box wrench

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There are holes of a fixed size on both ends. It can completely surround bolts and nuts and turn them efficiently.



It cannot be resized and can only be used with bolts of a size that fits snugly, but it is a tool that is not easily scratched because force is applied to all sides of the bolt. It is useful for avoiding scratches on the parts used such as cars and bicycles.


Types of pliers and how to use them ⑩: Pliers wrench

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Although it has the shape of pliers, it is used only as a wrench.



It is a Knipex product that compensates for the weaknesses of monkey wrenches with the characteristics of pliers. Since it can be adjusted by sandwiching it, it is firmly adjusted to the bolt and there is less rattling. In addition, since the target is turned by the principle of leverage like a monkey wrench, it is hard to be scratched.


By use! How to choose pliers

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There are many types of pliers, each with different shapes and uses. By imagining the scene where you need the most pliers, you can see what shape you should have. Here, we will introduce popular products and highly evaluated recommended products for each application. I hope it will be helpful for beginners who are worried about how to choose tools!


How to choose pliers ① One for the time being

Speaking of pliers that come in handy at any time, it is still the most orthodox combination pliers. When you are in trouble because the bolts and metal fittings are a little stiff, or when you want to fix something that has become loose.


Even those who have no connection with repairs and crafts will come to such a scene unexpectedly. In such a case, there is no doubt that it will be convenient to have a combination pliers.


KENOH Red G Combination Pliers

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A combination plier with an orthodox design. Above all, the price is reasonable, and it is especially recommended for those who want to have a convenient one.


“Although it is cheap, the grip is good and the cost performance is good, so it is also recommended for customization. ^^ It can be used for a little repair.”


Katacy Combination Pliers PJ-150-S

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It’s a little pricey, but it’s a plier recommended for those who want to be a little particular about functionality.


“There are many cheap pliers, and you can use them sloppily, so there is an idea that anything is fine, but this KTC pliers is not cheap, but the smoothness of movement and meshing are outstandingly good and easy to use.”


How to choose pliers ② for minor repairs and customization of small items

Electrician pliers are recommended for repairs and customization

If you’re looking for minor repairs inside or outside your house, you’ll want to have an electric pliers. When it comes to repairs and modifications, it takes a considerable amount of force to handle the wire, bend and fix the material, so it is convenient and recommended to have a strong plier like electric pliers. Since the tip of the electric pliers is a surface, it can also be used for “tapping” work in case of emergency.


TTC (Tsunoda) Pliers JIS 150mm CP-150

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This is a small size of 150mm. There is also 175mm for those who seem to be a little unsatisfactory.


“It can be cut quickly and easily. It’s a great value, but it’s amazing. I am very satisfied. It’s a little small, so it’s easy for me as a woman.”


Engineer Nejizaurus RX PZ-59

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It is a plier that has a reputation for being able to easily grasp and pull out crushed screws. The name Nejizaurus is also attractive.


“I was surprised at how easy it was to remove the screws that had been left unattended due to the crushed screw holes. You don’t have to use a lot of force to turn it, and the grip firmly grips the head of the screw, so you can turn the screw without worrying about slipping. I am very satisfied with my purchase.”


Needle-nose pliers are recommended for small items

Fine wire pliers that are not enough to use electric pliers and fine needle-nose pliers are useful for fine work. Even if you call it a needle-nose pliers, there are differences in the length of the sandwiched part and the thinness of the tip, so try to find the one that suits you.


Eye Help | Universal Radio Pliers 150mm IH-62

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It is also recommended to divide it into consumables and try using affordable ones first.


“It’s customed fairly well for the price. I think it’s enough for daily use.”


Fujiya | Radio pliers JIS standard 150mm 350-150

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It is an orthodox radio pliers of Fujiya’s tool, which is generally highly evaluated.


“The feeling of having it is very good. I hope to meet you sooner. I’m clumsy, but I can handle it well.”


How to choose pliers ③ For making accessories and decorating your vegetable garden

Small needle-nose pliers, thin needle-nose pliers

If you are working on accessories or plastic models, you may want to choose smaller or thinner needle-nose pliers. Some of them are palm-sized needle-nose pliers and products with a very long tip, so they are recommended for precision work.


Fujiya | Micro Radio Pliers Tapered specifications (with spring) ideal for fine work 150mm MP6-150

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When performing detailed work or work that concentrates on the hands, it is recommended to use a highly accurate tool to reduce fatigue and stress.


“As the phrase says, it’s very easy to use for detailed work. Since it has a long length, it has a strong gripping force based on the principle of leverage.”


Keiba | Professional Hobby Round Pliers Tapered Type HRC-D14

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“Indispensable for making accessories. You can custom a pretty round pin with fine details! recommendation!”


Nippers are also essential for detailed work

It’s a little different from pliers, but if you also have a tool that specializes in cutting work such as nippers, the cut will be beautiful and you will be able to perform more polite and delicate work.


Tamiya Craft Tool Series No.35 Thin Blade Nipper

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It is a reasonable product with a reputation for its smooth sharpness.


“A nipper that is perfect for making EDC by cutting small parts. The price is also easy and recommended. That was a good purchase.”


Hozan | Miniature Nipper Equipped with a fatigue-reducing coil spring for cutting thin copper wires

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It is a small nipper recommended for work that handles thin wiring rather than work.


“It is used for electronic work of small parts main. It is useful for cutting protruding wiring, but be careful as it will hurt in one shot if you accidentally cut a hard object such as an iron wire.”


How to choose pliers ④ For outdoor fishing and camping

For outdoor pliers such as fishing and camping, it is recommended to use multifunctional and highly specialized items. The coat color is a little different from the pliers I have introduced so far, but if you want to take it outdoors, please check it out.


Zitrades | Fishing Pliers Fishing Gear Tool Stainless Steel Multifunctional Special Case and Safety Rope Camouflage Pattern (Green)

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Fishing pliers with a large number of highly rated comments. The price is reasonable, so if you get lost, this is it.


“It has all the necessary performance as a fishing pliers. In order to pass a round can with a small number, I think it is better to prepare a special small one. However, I can use this one for now.”


Leatherman multi-tool SIDEKICK

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It is a multi-tool that tickles the man’s heart. The role as a plier is not as good as a full-fledged one, but there is no doubt that having it will make the EDC fun.


“I like it because it is solidly customed. There is no problem with the engagement of the pliers. The sharpness of the knife is not good for flattery, but I sharpen it myself and use it. I think it’s good for the price.”


How to choose the pliers that suit you

Criteria for choosing pliers ① If possible, actually touch it

Of course, it is recommended to change the selection method of pliers according to the scene, but most importantly, it is important to select according to the size and strength of each hand. It is good to wholesale popular products online, but it is recommended that you go to a mass retailer near you and check what kind of grip width and what kind of grip is easy to use.


Criteria for choosing pliers ② Is there a cheap one?

I think that there are many cases where you can’t actually touch it even at mass retailers, so it is a recommended choice to buy a cheap one in anticipation of failure. You may be dissatisfied with the durability and usability, but the same is true for expensive ones. First of all, let’s start with the ones that can fail and check “If this is the case …”.


Criteria for choosing pliers ③ Find your commitment

There are many types of pliers, and there are very small differences in size, weight, function, and usability. Gradually, you will be able to see the shape of the tool you need, so try to find an item that fits your particular needs.


Criteria for choosing pliers ④ Buy by factory

It is good to choose pliers for ease of use and attention to functions, but I think it is also good to choose with an emphasis on the sense of unity of tools. If you find a fan factory, it’s fun to buy tools with the motivation to collect those products.



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There are many types of pliers, they can be used for a wide variety of purposes, and the prices range from pins to drills! There are various types of pliers, each with its own appropriate usage. If you want to custom something like this, or want to do something like this, think about what pliers are most suitable for it.


It is a common theory of tools that if you choose too many versatile tools, you will only be able to play a half-hearted role in any situation. It is recommended that you first determine what kind of tool you need, and even if it is cheap at first, choose the most suitable tool.


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