Warm goods useful in the winter field! Stick-type body warmers that can also be used as lights and spare batteries

It’s a waste to stop outdoor activities because it’s cold. Therefore, I would like to introduce “warm tools” worth using because they are in the winter field.

E Kairo, Shieldon

e-Kairo /stick


I thought it was a flashlight. However, It’s a USB rechargeable body warmer. I like the intelligent design that can be slipped into your jacket or pants pocket. Moreover, it is a Suguremono that can also be used as a battery charger and light.

Knit Case And Carabiner, Shieldon

Comes with a knit case and carabiner. When not in use, you can hang it on your bag or waist.

The basic information:

  • Size = diameter 22.5 x length 115 mm
  • Weight = approx. 80g ● Charging time = approx. 5 hours (when using the USB port of a PC)
  • Usage time = Approximately 4 to 5 hours (when using Cairo / may vary depending on the usage environment)
  • Rechargeable times = about 500 times
  • Rechargeable battery capacity = 2,200mA
  • Set contents = charging cable, body cover, carabiner, strap, instruction manual


For more information, contact Shieldon(pocket knife manufacturer) at https://www.shieldon.net/.

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