Recommended 4 popular pocket knife of scabbard type

Today, I would like to recommend a few scabbard pocket knives that I think are worth playing with.

Marvel The Knife LE-325

Pocket Knife Of Scabbard Type 01, Shieldon

Safe to carry and work with automatic lock function.

It is convenient to quickly remove the knife by simply pressing the button on the sheath while wearing it on your waist. When placed in the scabbard, it automatically locks and the knife can be firmly fixed. The loosely curved rubber grip has high anti-slip properties and is extremely easy to use. It will be easy to grip even with gloves.

Type: Grip material with sheath Rubber

Blade material: Blade steel

Size: (blade length / total length) 80mm / 234mm

VVF line secant / peeling: 〇 (peeling)

Use as a chisel: –

Insulation type: –

Weight: 250g (including sheath), 150g (knife only)

“This is probably the electric knife. It seems that most of the people who work in the field use this product. It’s obvious when you look it up, but you can get Amazon cheaper than a certain specialty store.”


Mirai Industry (MIRAI) Denko Mac DM11

Pocket Knife Of Scabbard Type 02, Shieldon

Compact type for smooth loading and unloading.

An electric knife that combines a rubber grip and a fixed blade. Since the case is hooked on the belt, it is perfect for those who always carry it on site. It should be noted that the specifications are easy to split and peel.

It is also recommended for those who often handle VVF cables. There is also a type of plastic grip with excellent impact resistance.

Type: Grip material with sheath Rubber

Blade material: Special steel

Size: (blade length / total length) 88mm / 240mm

VVF wire secant line / peeling: 〇 (secant line / peeling)

Use as a chisel: –

Insulation type: –

Weight: –

“It’s a classic. Easy to use. There is no doubt. After touching this.”

“You don’t rely on stationery cutters.”


Mirai Industry (MIRAI) New Dencomac DM-1S

Pocket Knife Of Scabbard Type 03, Shieldon

Denko Mac that is even easier to use because it comes with a holder.

Newden Comac is recommended for those who frequently use electric knives for work. Since the sheath and holder for storing the knife are integrated, you can just hang it on a belt etc. and hang it on your waist to carry it.

The case is made of impact-resistant plastic, and the grip is made of anti-slip rubber, making it easy to use. The blade is made of special steel, and the sharpness is perfect. It will be easier to take out than the foldable type, which will improve work efficiency.

Type: Grip material with sheath Rubber

Blade material: Special steel

Size: (blade length / total length) 70mm / 205mm

VVF wire secant / peeling: –

Use as a chisel: –

Insulation type: –

“Because it is compact, it is a knife that is very easy to use even in narrow places ♪”


Tajima Tack knife DK-TN80

Pocket Knife Of Scabbard Type 04, Shieldon

Elastomer grip that is hard to slip allows you to work crisply.

It is a tuck knife that has convenient functions during electrical work and can perform three roles with one. Since the blade penetrates to the rear, the rear part of the grip can be hit with a hammer. The cutting edge has a shape that can be used like a chisel and can be used conveniently.


The blade also has a groove for deburring. You can also finish the cut part smoothly with this knife. The blade is a hollow grind type with concave recesses on both sides, and it can also be peeled. It is recommended for full-scale electrical work.


Type: Grip material with sheath Elastomer resin

Blade material: Steel

Size: (blade length / total length) 89mm / 234mm

VVF wire secant line: peelable (secant line)

Use as a chisel: 〇

Insulation type: –

“Not only can you strip the cable, but you can also use it for a short time because the knife’s butt can be hit. I felt that it was superior to other knives in terms of design.”


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