Part 1 – Project Overview

Lead time

The duration of the project was four months, which included three months for item preparation and one month for packing.

The client has its own shipping agency, thus we only sent FOB to the customer’s designated port.

As this purchase order included seven different sorts of things, it required some effort to separate and thoroughly clean each one.

Despite the fact that the outside equipment he bought was not of a customized design, he also required our brand engraving service, which was not an issue for us.

The only item he purchased that was of a customized design was the bike repair tool.


How the project came:

The client works for a trade firm that has been selling a variety of things in his country for many years, including outdoor equipment, culinary tools, homewares, tablewares, and clothing.

The consumer selected several goods from our most recent catalog. They asked us a lot of questions before they chose to buy since they wanted to locate a reliable and long-term provider.

They wanted to know whether we could do logo engraving, color changes, packing, and international delivery. Shieldon has been in the international trade sector for over 20 years, so we have the expertise to solve the issue and make the client happy.

Finally, they purchased two folding knives, a multi-plier, a bike repair kit, two portable EDC tools, and a golf fork from us.

We treat all consumers with the same respect.


Products purchased

Item No.1: JLD-001

Segmentation: Folding knives

Quantity: 200

Customization: Logo


Item No.2: MC-KA-62

Segmentation: Multi-pliers

Quantity: 250

Customization: Logo


Item No.3: JQ-0314

Segmentation: Bike repair tools

Quantity: 600

Customization: Logo & package


Item No.4: JLD-324

Segmentation: Golf forks

Quantity: 180

Customization: Logo

Item No.5: JLD-003

Segmentation: Folding knives

Quantity: 200

Customization: Logo

Item No.6: JQ-0308

Segmentation: Portable EDC

Quantity: 240

Customization: Logo & package

Item No.7: JQ-0305

Segmentation: Portable EDC

Quantity: 150

Customization: Logo


Part 2 – Reasons why customers chose us:

  • Quality comparison:

One of the main reasons the customer switched to Shieldon as his supplier was because the bike repair tool from his previous supplier was of unsatisfactory quality.

The client told us about some problems with the last thing he bought from the other company.

The surface had a lot of small spots and flaws. The pin did not have enough points. The logo engraving wasn’t very strong, and it could sometimes be rubbed off.

Some parts didn’t have flat ends, which made people notice and sometimes even complain.

After hearing the appeal, we knew how to help the customer better, and we had to pay attention to how the tools for fixing bikes were made.


  • Package Prototyping:

The buyer provided the drawing, and he envisioned that his items might be put in a nylon bag.

Every year, we produced thousands of nylon bags, therefore this is not a key concern in our line of business.

Based on his sketch, we can construct a comparable nylon bag prototype. After some polishing and adjusting of the sample, we created a magnificent nylon bag that the buyer liked.

Because the nylon includes the customer’s confidential information, it is not permitted to be made public.


  • Packaging and Shipment

The client requested a box made of Kraft paper with a black foam tray inside for the folding knives.

Individually, we all endeavored to fulfill each and every one of the customer’s specific requests. Before moving on to the next step, we often take images and videos and submit them to the client for confirmation.

This is why we highly emphasize that communication is vital in meeting both expectations.

Shieldon has years of production and sales expertise and strong material sources to back it up.

Every time we capture the customer’s point, we can immediately determine what they require. To summarize, choosing Shieldon as your knife and tool manufacturer is a smart move.


Part 3 – Story of the manufacturing process

  1. The blade was made of 3Cr, and the handle was made of stainless steel with color printing. Each knife also has a ring. So we think of it as a cabin as well. The point of this thing is that you can put it on your backpack or belt and take it with you when you go outside. The blade is not big enough for wood cutting or food preparation, but it is enough for basic cutting and can open in the great outdoors.
  2. That’s the second set of folding knives the buyer opted for. It has a blade of 3Cr and an aluminum handle that has been anodized in a variety of colors. Because of the half saw on the blade edge, this knife may be used to effortlessly cut through rope and branches without exerting too much force. The jimping runs down the spine of the blade. You can tell it’s a good fit for your thumb to rest on, making it easy to use for regular cutting jobs.
  3. The buyer specifically requested this compact EDC set. This multi-tool opens cans and bottles and also has a canabin and a hidden blade. If you go camping or trekking, this equipment is a must-have since it handles the majority of your responsibilities. These days, when individuals go outside, they often bring along a multi-tool. If you’re accustomed to carrying about a multi-tool, you’ll appreciate how this stylish and lightweight EDC tool can take care of most of your needs in the great outdoors.
  4. We took images and reassured the client that they showed how hard we were working on his bike repair equipment by showing him which individual parts we had selected from the large manufacturing batch. In fact, this tool is made with mold sets, so hundreds can be made every day. However, since 0.01mm variation or color difference is allowed in the metal sector, we all have a very small bit of its difference. The difference is unavoidable, so we must select the finest finish for the buyer while also raising the unit price.
  5. From the thousands available, we choose only the highest quality and most reliable parts.
  6. The customer also bought a coin knife, which is another type of multi-tool. This item is popular on the market right now, and it was also one of Amazon’s best sellers. It is one of the greatest items in our 2022 production due to its portable size, helpful functionalities, and appeal. So far, we’ve made almost 30,000 pieces of this EDC tool. The order for this tool comes once a month, and each order has between 500 and 1000 pieces. It looks like this multi-tool will continue to be popular in 2023.
  7. All of the customer-requested JQ-0314 parts were completed within a month. After carefully placing it on the tray, we moved on to the next stage of the process. The inner workings of the 2Cr/3Cr components included plastics and screwdrivers.
  8. The anodized hue of the JQ-0314’s aluminum body is one of its distinguishing features. While this isn’t technically advanced, individual parts may be tricky to assemble correctly. This component may be distorted or discolored if the equipment or setting is not properly managed. In reality, assembling all of the product’s certified components is all it takes to make it.
  9. We did a quick visual inspection of the component sizes. During production, there must be a difference of 0.1 mm or less between the finished parts, which is fine for the industry. Nonetheless, we must check randomly to ensure the difference is inside the range. If one part is very different from the others, like by 0.2 mm, it should be discarded because it can’t be put together with the other parts. Even with modern manufacturing processes, the verification procedure is crucial.
  10. After the components were completed, we tested the size of additional components at random. Our plan was to assemble everything once we knew there were no major issues with any of the parts.
  11. Prior to being packed, all final items were thoroughly inspected. We put the products together one by one and made sure that all of the parts fit well. There are a number of things that need our focus, and we have meticulously compiled a list of all of them for quality assurance. The preparedness document work is tedious, but it did provide a direction for the QA team to deliberately inspect the final product. We must secure the client information shown on the goods by mosaicking the image.
  12. The multipliers are also ready for shipment following careful packaging. In the history of Shieldon, the Multipliers product was also a popular ODM item. The monthly sales volume is around 3000 units. The complimentary nylon bag is included with the multipliers.
  13. The buyer individualized the nylon pouch for the bicycle repair tool. The size is ideal for the tool. Both qualities are suitable for outdoor transport and activities.
  14. The items, together with the red-circled printing supplies, are well-packed and prepared to be sent to the customer’s shipping agency and port. As the client has his own agent, we must securely put the items and supplies in a Kraft box and ship them to a specified location.


Part 4 – Shipment and Summary

  • Before packing, all final items were thoroughly inspected. We assembled the items one by one to ensure that all components fit properly.

There are certain details we need to pay attention to, and we meticulously noted down all of the points for quality assurance.

The preparation document labor is a bit tedious and a waste of time, but it does provide a guideline for the QA team to verify the completed items on purpose.

We mosaiced the picture to protect the consumer information shown on the goods.


  • The multipliers have also been packed and are ready to be sent out. In Shieldon’s history, multi-pliers have also been popular ODM goods.

There are around 3,000 monthly sales. A complimentary nylon carrying case is included with the multi-tool.


  • The client designed the nylon carrying case for the tool used to fix the bicycle. The size is perfect for the tool. Both are suitable for taking outdoors and use in outdoor settings.

  • The items, including the printing supplies marked in red, are nicely prepared and ready to be sent to the customer’s shipping agency and port. Because the client has his own agent, all we need to do is pack the items and supplies carefully in the Kraft box and ship them to a certain location.

If you are interested to know more, contact Shieldon today! Our professionals are ready and available to assist you with your inquiry!

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