A Credence Built Gradually Contributed to a Trade Business from Two Continents

Part 1 – Project Overview

Lead time

The project ran for 7 months, including 2 months for item discussion, 3 months for manufacture, 1 month for the package, and 1 month for shipment. The client requested that we evaluate the relative importance of shipment through sea and rail.


As a trader, he was aware of the costs associated with acquiring and shipping.


But we did give him a few options from which to choose. We simply offered him the pricing as a point of reference, thus the actual shipping costs may have varied.


The easiest approach to catch up with the lowest shipping price was to produce swiftly and ship on time.


The client was delighted with our manufacturing and service.

How the project came

The buyer was a wholesaler that assists domestic retailers in sourcing items from all around the globe.


Upon initially meeting Shieldon, he inquired as to where he might get various types of knives, as well as other outdoor equipment.v


Based on his requirements, our experts suggested certain stock products and provided a blank slate for his requirements.


It took a while to earn his trust for the premise job, but once he did, he chose four categories of goods and sent a buy order to Shieldon.

Products purchased

Item No.1: ZY-FKS26-07

Segmentation: Fishing knives set

Quantity: 1200

Customization: Logo, accessory & package

Item No.1: YR-MT618B

Segmentation: Multi-knives

Quantity: 400

Customization: Logo & package

Item No.1: YX-9160S

Segmentation: Multi-pliers

Quantity: 600

Customization: Logo & package

Item No.1: JQ-0308

Segmentation: Portable EDC

Quantity: 50

Customization: Logo

Part 2 – Reasons why the customer chose us


Some of the items in a fishing tool set were not manufactured by our firm, such as cotton and alcohol cloth. As a result, we acquired other materials from outside sources. We’re happy to assist shoppers in finding individual components to complete their orders.

Since Shieldon specializes in metal outdoor gear, we are upfront with our customers about the fact that we source some components of our sets from third parties.

These components may include but are not limited to, cotton, alcohol, band-aids, compasses, rappels, harnesses, thermoses, chalk bags, matches, climbing ropes, lighters, first-aid medications, dry batteries, and so on.

Our one-stop-shop impressed the consumer.


The double blister card is a common kind of packaging that we create.

The hanging hole at the top of the blister card allows the packaging to be displayed in a supermarket.

This bundle does not seem to be exquisite, but it is reasonably priced. This bundle is an excellent option if you’re looking for some top-selling items that won’t let you down in terms of quality.

Printed on the interior of the card is a customer-supplied image.

Packaging and transportation

Based on our years of expertise in international commerce, we know that it is common for the carton surface to be destroyed during transit, which in turn often causes the product boxes to be damaged.

A double-layer carton consists of two layers: an inner carton and an outer carton. The inner carton is used to segregate and protect individual goods.

We need to consider how to keep our items safe when they are being transported across international borders since we have no clue how the shipping employees will handle them.

The consumer was satisfied with our suggestions.

Part 3 – Story of Manufacturing Process

The buyer requested a quote for this example but did not purchase it since the blade was too long and illegal in his country. It was an outdoor survival knife. The large blade makes wood cutting and wild animal hunting simple. He was eager to get the knife, but he had to forgo it because of respect for domestic law.

This was another example that the buyer requested a quote for but did not acquire since the functionalities did not satisfy the majority of people in his nation.

This multipurpose camping equipment has a bottle opener, can opener, bottle corkscrew, key ring, and seven more uses. But the client thought that it was too small to properly prepare meals outdoors.

He wanted a larger and more durable one, which is required for customization. Unfortunately, the client lacked the resources to acquire a unique design.

When it comes to fishing knives, the buyer picked a shorter one rather than the long one seen in the picture as a fishing knife set. This long fishing knife may be used for ocean travel.

The large, razor-sharp blade is ideal for tough chores such as cleaning wild animals, erecting shelters, splitting firewood, and general cutting.

Even in damp conditions, a red rubber coating with a textured design provides a secure grip. It also comes with an ABS sheath with a belt clip to keep the knife secure while not in use.

We had numerous lengths available for choosing, and the buyer chose the correct size.

The buyer still required a unique component for the fishing knife set, which is a knife sharpener.

The knife sharpener must fit the blades of fishing knives and be simple to store in a plastic box for use outdoors.

Shieldon has expertise in making smaller components to meet the specific needs of diverse clients, therefore this modest assignment was a breeze.

However, we should not take minor production lightly. We approach all productions with the same mindset.

Utility cutter models often have 5 interchangeable blades, allowing consumers to replace the blades on their own during everyday usage.

The replaceable blades are typically shaped as seen in the illustration.

However, the buyer required a little adjustment to the blade. He planned to include a seat belt cutter onto the blade, giving it dual use. In reality, this is a new item, not a modification of an old one.

The reason for this is that any alteration in the present thing may ruin the look or material of the item, causing it to be broken and discarded in a short period of time.

People always think that making a small change to an existing item won’t cost too much, so we have to explain this comprehensively.

Once again, any small changes to an existing item should be assigned to a distinct new item.

We were planning to construct a new cutter blade after explaining the technology to the buyer.

The new blade resembles the picture. Our manufacturing and service were satisfactory to the client.


Part 4 – Shipment and Summary

This is one of the multipliers purchased by customers from our assortment of multi-tools.

The client described the primary features he desired, and we suggested several models.

He ultimately picked this one. The 12-in-1 function consists of needle nose pliers, ordinary pliers, a wire cutter, a knife cutter, a can opener, a bottle opener, a big flat screwdriver, a wood saw, a Phillips screwdriver, a carabiner, a seat belt cutter, and a peeler. It is extremely handy to use wherever outside, not only camping.

In 2021, the portable EDC tool JQ-0308 is very popular for purchase. Based on our past purchase patterns, the annual output of this product is sixty thousand units. This seven-in-one feature consists of 3.3mm/3.4mm bicycle spokes, 5.5mm/6mm/7mm/8mm/9mm/10mm/11mm/12mm/14mm/15mm/16mm/17mm hex wrench, flat screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, 4mm/5mm/6mm hex key, bottle opener, ruler

As previously said, we are concerned about the carton packaging since we do not know how the shipping staff would handle our items.


The parcels were tightly packaged to ensure that the contents were adequately protected.

The weight of each carton is needed by various international logistics from country to country, and we will be fined if we do not follow the legislation of the destination.

As a result of our professional expertise in international commerce, we wrote down all vital facts about international trade and ensured that the weight and size did not exceed the maximum limit.

In conclusion, working with Shieldon professionals guarantees our clients with proper packaging and shipment.

If you are looking for a professional who can take care of your versatile needs, Shieldon experts have years of experience providing proper packaging, shipment, and customized solutions to meet the demands of clients from all over the world. Contact us today for more information!

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