OEM Folding Pocket Knife 3Cr13 Blade Anodized aluminum Handle XW-1024

Item NO.: XW-1024

Item segment: Folding knives

Blade material: 3Cr13

Handle material: Anodized aluminum

Blade HRC: 50-52

Blade thickness: 2mm/0.079”

Blade length: 75mm/2.95”

Handle thickness: 13mm/0.512”

Total length: 166mm/6.54”

Weight: 76.5g/2.7 oz

Handle color: Grey

Pocket clip: Tip-up

Lock mechanism: Liner lock

Open way: Thumb stud

Blade grind: Flat

ODM Regular MOQ: 1200


Item NO.: XW-1024

Item segment: Folding knives

Blade material: 3Cr13

Handle material: Anodized aluminum

Blade HRC: 50-52

Blade thickness: 2mm/0.079”

Blade length: 75mm/2.95”

Handle thickness: 13mm/0.512”

Total length: 166mm/6.54”

Weight: 76.5g/2.7 oz

Handle color: Grey

Pocket clip: Tip-up

Lock mechanism: Liner lock

Open way: Thumb stud

Blade grind: Flat

ODM Regular MOQ: 1200



3Cr13: It is martensitic stainless steel with good machining performance. After heat treatment (quenching and tempering), it has excellent corrosion resistance, polishing performance, high strength and wear resistance, and is suitable for manufacturing to withstand high loads, high wear resistance and Plastic molds under the action of corrosive media. After quenching and tempering, the 3Cr13 material with a hardness below HRC30 has better workability and is easy to achieve better surface quality.

Aluminum: A low-density metal, aluminum adds a layer of durability to the knife while giving a comfortable grip that makes long-term use hassle-free.

– Superior tensile strength

– Anti-magnetic

– Can be anodized for color variation

The price is low and it is a folding knife, so it is a knife for camping beginners that can be safely carried. The handle is made of wood and has a shape that is easy to hold, and it is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean. It is mainly used for cooking and cooking such as cutting fish and vegetables, but it is a popular knife with very high cost performance.

Excellent sharpness with carbon steel! The handle is also made of rubber, making it easy to hold, and even if it gets dirty, you can wash it with detergent and water. However, since the blade is carbon, it is more vulnerable to rust than stainless steel, so proper care is required. This is also mainly used for cooking, such as cutting and peeling ingredients for cooking.

XW-1020 is the original EDC knife that incorporates a locking mechanism into the folding knife for the first time. The camper is the most popular and recommended knife because it has a strong brand power so that it is better to think about the following using a BUCK knife first.

It is worth relying on a knife that is small but has a profound feeling. Also, since each item is handmade, it is one of the pleasures that there are individual differences.

XW-1020 is a flat grind knife, which has a flat blade and is sturdy, so it can withstand a little unreasonable usage. Since there is no handle, the weight will be reduced by that amount, but it is tricky to hold. You can wrap a rope to create your own grip.

Grow with care and custom

With some effort before use and proper care, EDC knives will grow into sharp, long-lasting knives. Customize your blades and handles to grow your own EDC.

(Note) Careless customization of the knife may impair safety, so please be careful.


Care / Custom ➀ Black rust processing of carbon blade

Carbon knives are prone to rust and can reduce sharpness. By covering the blade with black rust processing in advance, it is effective in suppressing red rust. (Note) Black rust processing is effective only for carbon blades. There are various methods for black rust processing, but it is relatively easy to obtain. (Representative material) ● Silicon off spray ● Water resistant paper ● Tea (tea bag) ● Vinegar


Here, empty cans are used to generate rust with tea bags of vinegar, lemon juice, and black tea. ● Fixes rust with the black tea ingredient “tannin”. The time for soaking in the liquid varies, but it is important to clean the blade first and foremost in order to process it evenly. Make sure to remove any dirt or oil before starting work.

In this video, the blade is removed and rusted. Please try to reference. Also, when working with the blade removed, be very careful, such as ● wearing gloves and ● storing his parts properly.

Care / Custom ➁ Handle oil processing

The material used for the handle of a general EDC knife is beech. Natural lumber absorbs moisture and causes swelling and distortion. This makes it difficult to put in and take out the blade, so it is recommended to perform “oil processing” in advance as a waterproof treatment that makes it difficult to absorb moisture.

It is common to put dry oil such as flaxseed oil, sesame oil, and walnut oil and EDC in a sealable bag, soak it for 24 hours, and then dry it for 24 hours and polish it.

Care / Custom ➂ Blade sharpening

The recommended angle for sharpening the blade of EDC is 20 degrees. Try customizing the blade angle according to the purpose of use. Carbon knives are easy to sharpen and are perfect for growing. In addition, a well-maintained knife may have less scratches in the unlikely event of an accident. Be very careful when sharpening the blade!



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