OEM Product 12 In 1 Multi Plier YX-9180A-H

Item NO.: YX-9180A-H

Item segment: Multi-pliers

Main body material: 2Cr13

Handle material: Anodized aluminum

Closed length: 103mm/4.06”

Opened length: 162mm/6.38”

Total thickness: 20mm/0.79”

Blade length: 75mm/2.95”

Weight: 215g/7.58 oz

Handle color: Black + grey

Main body finish: Blackening treatment

Handle finish: Anodized aluminum

Locking blade: Yes

Sheath: Nylon

ODM Regular MOQ: 2000

Functions: 12 in 1
– Needle nose pliers
– Regular pliers
– Wire cutter
– Knife cutter
– Can opener
– Seat belt cutter
– Bottle opener
– Large flat screwdriver
– Wood saw
– Phillips screwdriver
– Carabiner
– Peeler

5 popular recommended rankings for multi-tools


MOSSY OAK Multi-tool

Camouflage pliers tool for outdoor activities.

A stylish pliers tool with a camouflage design and a black dyeing tool. It’s solid weight and easy to hold, and 13 features will support your outdoor life. With a case and lock function, you don’t have to worry about getting injured and you can rest assured even in active scenes.


Types: pliers tools

Main tools: Pliers, needle-nose pliers, pliers, Phillips screwdriver, flat-blade screwdriver, large screwdriver, bottle opener, piercing, can opener, wire cutter, sawtooth, file

Weight: about 390g

Size: about 20 × 10 × 3.8cm

Function: With pouch, lock function

“It can be used as a product so much that I really think that the price is wrong. Even if you don’t use it right away, it will definitely be useful if you throw it in the tool box or take it to camping or touring.”


Eyport 10 in 1 key tool

Compatibility with other multi-tools ◎.

A thin card-shaped multi-tool packed with 10 functions such as a hex screwdriver and a bottle opener. Not only can it be attached to a key chain, but it can also be sandwiched between other multi-tools to add functionality. It will come in handy if you have one.


Type: Card type

Main tools: Bottle opener, screwdriver, cable cutter, box opener, scoring tool, 1/4 inch hexagonal bit driver, wrench, ruler, etc.

Weight: 6.9 x 0.3 x 1.5 cm

Size: 14.2 g

Function: key chain

“It is very useful when cutting the string that binds products at work. It’s small and doesn’t get in the way when you put it in your pocket, and it’s well made.”


Geekey Keyed multi-tool

Compact key type!

It is a keyed multi-tool that is more compact and easier to carry than the card type. Despite its light weight of 23g, it is packed with useful functions such as a hexagon wrench, screwdriver, bottle opener, and wire cutter. It is a fashionable item that can be used not only for everyday use but also for camping.


Type: Card type

Main tools: Driver, hex wrench, box cutter, bottle opener, wire cutter, file, ruler, etc.

Weight: 23g

Size: 70 x 29 x 5mm

Function: key size

“It was very easy to use!”

“I think it’s an epoch-making product.”


NEDFOSS 13-IN-1 Multi-function tool knife

Active in fishing and survival!

A multi-tool that mainly uses stainless steel knives. The easy-to-grip grip shape makes it easy to handle not only knives but also other tools. It comes with a carabiner that is easy to carry around with a belt, so it will be useful for fishing and survival where you want to free both hands.


Type: Swiss Army knife

Main tools: Large blade, saw, tension remover, bottle opener, scissors, can opener, bottle opener, flat-blade screwdriver, carabina, Phillips screwdriver, nail clipper, string thread, cork bottle opener.

Weight: 305g

Size: Overall length: 160mm

Function: carabiner

“It’s a little over 1000 yen. Putting in and out of each tool was also a nice operation.”


MOSSY OAK 21-in-1 multifunction pliers

With a belt loop pouch that is convenient to carry!

In addition to standard functions such as pliers and pliers, it comes with a double-headed screwdriver bit. It can be stored compactly in the attached belt loop pouch and is convenient to carry. It can be widely used from outdoor survival to disaster prevention.


Types: pliers tools

Main tools: Pliers, pliers, wire cutters, straight blades, wave blades, saws, screwdrivers, measures, can openers, bottle openers.

Weight: 340g

Size: 10.5x4x2cm (folded) / 15x5x2cm (unfolded)

Function: lock function

“What I like the most is the sharpness of the knife”

“There is a sense of security because all the other functions are useful in case of emergency.”





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