OEM Product Fishing Knife 3Cr13 Blade ABS Handle ZY-FK49A

Item NO.: ZY-FK49A

Item segment: Fishing knives

Blade material: 3Cr13

Handle material: ABS

Blade HRC: 50-52

Blade thickness: 2mm/0.079”

Blade length: 230mm/9.06”

Handle thickness: 20.6mm/0.811”

Total length: 350mm/13.78”

Weight: 65g/2.29 oz

Blade style: Trailing Point

Handle color: Grey + Blue

Sheath: Nylon bag

Blade grind: Flat

How to choose a bushcraft knife

There are many kinds of bushcraft knives, and finding the right that suits you is hard. Therefore, we will introduce in detail how to select the correct bushcraft knife.


Choose by blade shape

Bushcraft knives come in three main blade shapes: hollow grind, convex grind, and scandi grind. Focusing on the shape of the blade, we will introduce in detail how to choose a bushcraft knife.


“Hollow grind” is recommended for light work

A hollow grind is a shape in which the inner cross-section of the blade is curved. Hollow grind has a thin tip, so it is suitable for detailed work. Since the tip is thin, it is not suitable for hard work, and it is a bushcraft knife recommended for light work such as cooking.


If you work hard, “Convex Grind” is recommended

Convex grind is the shape of a blade with a thick cross-section and a rounded thickness on the outside. Convex grind is also called a hamaguri blade. Due to the thickness of the blade, it is a bushcraft knife that is durable and suitable for hard work. Suitable for hard work such as chopping wood.


If you are particular about the longevity of the blade, “Scanji Grind” is recommended

Scandinavian grinds are characterized by their straight blades. The straight blade makes it easy to sharpen. Scanji grind has the best blade holding among bushcraft knives, it can do hard work and does not require much maintenance, so it is easy to handle and recommended.


Choose by blade length

Bushcraft knives are divided into two types, short blade type, and long blade type, depending on the product. We will introduce each feature and merit in detail.


Bushcraft knives with “short blades” are recommended for hunting and fire starters

Bushcraft knives with short blades are compact and convenient to carry. Therefore, it is recommended for people who carry a lot and who cannot secure much storage space. Bushcraft knives with short blades are also suitable for light work.


Bushcraft knives with “long blades” are recommended for chopping wood and hard work

Bushcraft knives with long blades are heavy and suitable for hard work. This bushcraft knife is recommended for those who camp in earnest or when chopping wood. Make sure to choose one with a blade length of 10 cm or more.


Choose by grip material

Bushcraft knives come in a variety of grip materials. We will introduce in detail the three materials of wood, resin, and fiber.


If you want to experience nature more, “wooden” is recommended

Bushcraft knives with wooden grips are recommended as they allow you to experience more nature. The bushcraft knife with a wooden grip is also attractive because you can feel the warmth of the wood. The point is that the more you use it, the more it tastes.


“Resin” is recommended if you are particular about grip

Bushcraft knives with a resin grip are recommended because they are not slippery even when gripped with wet hands and fit well in the hands. It is a recommended material for beginners as it is easy to grip and has a high grip. It is also convenient because it does not require much maintenance.


“Rubber” is recommended if you are particular about ease of maintenance

Bushcraft knives with rubber grips are made of rubber, so they are resistant to dirt. In addition, it has high blip power and is easy to handle. This material is also recommended for people who work hard due to its high grip.



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