OEM 9 In 1 Army Knife Aluminum Handle HF-GH-A08AL

Item NO.: HF-GH-A08AL

Item segment: Army knives

Main body material: 2Cr13

Handle material: Aluminum

Closed length: 97mm/3.82”

Total thickness: 20mm/0.79”

Blade length: 70mm/2.76”

Weight: 149g/5.26 oz

Handle color: Black

Handle finish: Anodized aluminum

ODM Regular MOQ: 2000

Functions: 9 in 1
– Knife blade
– Scissor
– Bottle opener
– Can opener
– Flat screwdriver
– Phillips screwdriver
– Wood saw
– Corkscrew
– Carabiner

How to choose an army knife

Nowadays, a great number of models of army knives are found according to many usage scenarios, so how to use it? how many functions are needed, and the specialty of popular makers are suppressed. The recommended option is to choose the most suitable army knife for us.


Choose by the number of installed tools

Swiss army knives increase in weight and size in proportion to their functionality, making them less portable and more expensive. Also, as the number of functions increases, if you are not accustomed to handling the swiss army knife, you may find it difficult to put in and take out the tools and the operation feeling becomes difficult, so it is not good if there are many, and it is recommended to select the appropriate number of tools.


A model with “10 or less” tools recommended for beginners with the minimum functions

For light users who start using Swiss Army knives for daily use or with an emphasis on portability, and who do not have such a clear purpose for camping, outdoor activities, DIY tools, etc., the minimum number of tools is 10 or less. We recommend a reasonable model that has the functions of.


There are compact size products that have the minimum functions that you want to use when you happen to use small knives, scissors, nail care, etc., and do not get in the way of carrying them in your wallet or on a daily basis like a key chain. , Highly recommended for light users.


A model with “10 to 20” tools with a wide range of functions that can be used outdoors

For those who are looking for a group of useful tools for camping and outdoor activities, and an army knife that covers the minimum necessary functions for living even in the event of a disaster, an army knife with about 10-20 tools However, it is highly portable and has a good balance of functions, so it is recommended.


In addition to the basic functions of general knives and scissors, many models are equipped with unique tools according to the intended use, such as saws and LEDs that illuminate the darkness. If you are not satisfied with the tools of this model, please consider this.


Models with “20 or more” tools that require familiarity with specialized equipment

The Swiss Army knife, which has more than 20 functions, requires specialized equipment such as DIY work, maintenance tools for precision equipment such as PCs, or outdoor use with strong survival elements that want to handle various situations. Ideal for those who are.


It tends to be poorly portable due to its weight and size, and it tends to be expensive in terms of cost, but it has a depth of pocket that can handle various situations unique to multifunction, and it is well applied because it is accustomed to using the swiss army knife. It will be a very encouraging tool for those who can handle it while using it.


Choose from recommended popular manufacturers

Swiss Army knives are sold by other overseas manufacturers and Japanese manufacturers in addition to the authentic Swiss manufacturer. Each manufacturer has its own characteristics, so let’s check the characteristics of the three most popular and recommended manufacturers.


The original army knife maker with a wide variety of “VICTORINOX”

Victorinox, the original swiss army knife maker, which was adopted as official equipment in the Swiss army and spread the army knife to the world, is the most famous brand of swiss army knives, and there is a wide variety for various purposes. It is fulfilling in the top class.


In addition, Victorinox has a solid manufacturing technology cultivated over its long history, and is also popular as a durable and high quality Swiss Army knife. It is possible to continue using the Swiss Army knife semi-permanently with proper usage and daily care.


“LEATHERMAN” which is a medium size and has a full range of tool functions

LEATHERMAN, which sells medium-sized army knives specializing in multi-tool functions while traveling, has highly specialized models such as multi-tools with full tool functions and outdoor models specializing in survival.


It features a strong plier tool that is also a signboard function of Leatherman and an army knife with a long-term warranty of 25 years, so in the unlikely event of a breakdown or the sharpness of the blade is reduced, the manufacturer can rest assured. You can get support from.


“Nakabayashi Seisakusho (VERTEX)” which is reasonably priced and sells sharpness of knives

The VERTEX series of Nakabayashi Seisakusho, which is made in Japan and has a good reputation for sharpness of knives, is very popular for its reasonably priced and multifunctional army knives. Durability is not suitable for long-term or full-scale use, but it is a recommended maker for those who want to try and purchase an army knife at a reasonable price.



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