Pocket Knife Manufacturers: Who Makes the Best Pocket Knives?

Pocket Knife Manufacturers: Who Makes the Best Pocket Knives?, Shieldon

The number of pocket knife brands that are available in the market is overwhelming and anyone looking to get their first pocket knife may have a hard time making a decision. Each manufacturer has its own unique style, and although they all make the same categories of knives, they are not entirely the same. They vary in terms of design and shape.

The important question now is this; who makes the best pocket knives in the market right now? We are going to quickly look at some of the best pocket knife makers around to help you know where to begin your search if you are looking to buy one soon.


Pocket Knife Manufacturers: Who Makes the Best Pocket Knives?, Shieldon

Shieldon has been making all kinds of pocket knives for over 20 years now and has amassed an impressive 3000 plus loyal customers who keep coming back to buy their products. The company is located in China, and despite being around for a shorter period than most of the established brands, it has been able to capture the minds of knife enthusiasts with an expansive knife catalog that features sets of highly unique pocket knives. The company has an annual production capacity of over 120,000 knives.

Buck Knives

Pocket Knife Manufacturers: Who Makes the Best Pocket Knives?, Shieldon

The Buck Knives brand is one of the oldest knife makers in the world that dates back to 1902 where it was established in Kansas by a young blacksmith called Hoyt Buck. His dalliance with knives led him to develop a unique process of enhancing the edge retention in knives, an attribute that has remained with the brand over the years. Pocket knives made by Buck Knives are used for a wide range of activities that include fishing, hunting, camping, tactical knives,knife-making, and even cutlery at times.

Kershaw Knives

Pocket Knife Manufacturers: Who Makes the Best Pocket Knives?, Shieldon

Kershaw is another well-known brand in the knife world that has been in the knife-making business for a very long time. Based in Oregon, the company makes some of the most in-demand pocket knives that are loved by knife enthusiasts worldwide, all thanks to their sharpness, great design, and variety in terms of shape and functionality. One thing that makes Kershaw knives unique is their use of high-quality materials that are sourced from all over the world. They also make pocket knives that have a very smooth opening and closing mechanism.

Emerson Knives

Pocket Knife Manufacturers: Who Makes the Best Pocket Knives?, Shieldon

When it comes to making tactical knives, then Emerson is the brand you need to be looking at. Established in 1979 by Ernest Emerson in his garage, the company has grown over the years to become a leading force in the revolution that saw the emergence of highly reliable tactical and defensive pocket knives that have even been adopted by the main tactical armies of some major nations, including the USA and the UK. The company has wide-ranging options of pocket knives that anyone looking for a reliable defensive knife should check out to see if they can find something that fits their needs.

Benchmade Knives

Pocket Knife Manufacturers: Who Makes the Best Pocket Knives?, Shieldon

Benchmade was founded in 1979 by Les De Asis who was a knife hobbyist who loved creating beautiful knife designs. He finally decided to launch his own company, and that has grown over the years to become Benchmade, one of the most recognized knife brands in the world. The popularity of the knife grew outside the US, spreading to other parts of the world, where other knife designers joined the company, further improving the catalog. The only issue that a new knife owner may have with this brand is their price tag. They are not cheap at all, with most of them priced on the higher end.


Pocket Knife Manufacturers: Who Makes the Best Pocket Knives?, Shieldon

The list would not be complete without mentioning Spyderco. The brand has made a name for itself as being home to some of the most stylish pocket knives you will ever come across. Established in 1976 by Sal and Gail Gleseer, the company has grown from its humble origins in Colorado to become a global brand that is sought by all people who are into pocket knives. One thing that has made the brand take the world by a storm is the fact that it is one of the few knife manufacturers that makes ambidextrous blades. Meaning, left-handed people are able to find pocket knives that fit their handling without exposing them to harm.

Gerber Gear

Pocket Knife Manufacturers: Who Makes the Best Pocket Knives?, Shieldon

Gerber Gear is another well-known brand that has been around since 1939, evolving over the years and keeping up with the ever-growing competition to become one of the most corvette pocket knives around. Most of their pocket knives come equipped with an aluminum handle and a retracting blade that can be operated by a simple push of a button. They are multipurpose types of pocket knives that can be used for just about anything, both indoors and outdoors. Gerber Gear is also known for being one of the few knife makers that have been contracted by the government to produce knives for the military, a role they have been fulfilling for a very long time now.


There are countless other brands of pocket knives that are just as capable as those that have been listed above. Each of them comes with a unique feature that makes them suitable for certain tasks. Always do proper research and ask as many questions as you can before committing your money to purchase. For more information on pocket knives and how they are made, make sure you check out our website (Shieldon – pocket knife manufacturer) and have all your questions and concerns addressed by our team of knife experts.


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