Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here.

Recommended brands and manufacturers of fire starters


Knifemaker recommended for entry set

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

A Chinese knife maker. Multi-tools that can be used as various blades and folding knives for folding are on sale. Items are surprisingly familiar, such as using Japanese steel materials and collaborating with domestic manufacturers. We have a very good entry set with a fire starter.



Reasonable and easy to handle

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

As a comprehensive brand of outdoor products, we have stores in various locations including the Internet. Reasonable and collectible, all the tools will be available only by Captain Stag. The fire starter features a large striker. Anyone can handle it without hesitation.



Choose a multifunctional bracelet

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

Belmont is an outdoor manufacturer located in Tsubamesanjo, Niigata. Tsubamesanjo is Japan’s world-class craftsman’s town, and Belmont also handles very high-quality metal products. A fire starter is also one of the metal products. Performance is reliable. We recommend the small fire starter attached to the outdoor bracelet.


Bush Craft

A fashionable fire starter set is recommended

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

The mark of Bushcraft is the logo mark of firewood. It’s a little unfamiliar name, but we also have transactions with the Ground Self-Defense Force and the Fire and Disaster Management Agency. Train outdoor professionals such as instructors. We are familiar with the technology that coexists with nature. The fire starter has a rich set, and one of its attractions is its stylish design.


Recommended & popular fire starter ranking

Recommended fire starter as a set

Shieldon Reverse Tanto Point D2 Blade Black 3Cr14 + Carbon Fiber Handle 9042S1-G

8 kinds of set contents suitable for entry

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

A set bearing the name of Barraskewda, a well-known adventurer whose programs are broadcast on cable TV. Eight items are well organized, and it is very attractive as an emergency auxiliary set. With a durable waterproof pouch, you can reduce the chance of losing your fire starter.


In addition to the fire starter, it comes with ignition cotton and a waterproof match that are convenient for the type of fire. You can easily start a fire in any situation. The included folding knife is also highly recommended for its lightweight and sturdy model. It is one of Shieldon’s popular series, Paraframe.


Belmont-Fire Starter Bracelet

The bracelet is one set

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

A paracord woven bracelet used for original accessories and outdoor gear. Most of the bracelets are strings used for parachutes. The feature is that it becomes a long rope. If you loosen it and take out the twisted thread inside, it will become a fire or sewing thread.


The buckle has a fire starter rod in the center of the male side. A striker is placed in the center of the female side. It’s compact, but you can rub it to make a fire. In addition, gears such as compass and horn that are useful for outdoor activities are included. The set is easy to wear and can be carried to various places.


Bushcraft-Chimney BC Starting Set

Full set contents that can be recommended for gifts etc.

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

A set packed with items that can be fired right away. We also pay attention to the packaging using cardboard, so it is recommended as a gift to prepare for Father’s Day. We pay attention not only to the appearance but also to the lineup of contents.


In addition to the magnesium fire starter, a fire candy is included. It is a scented ignition agent that also protects against insects when burned. In addition, the cushioning wood packing laid on the cardboard can also be used as a fire source. The set includes instructions that make you want to start a fire right away.


Scandinavia-First Aid Kit

Set with easy-to-grip fire starter

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

A set of M size adhesive plaster, emergency bag, and magnesium fire starter. Folding knives with safety devices and fire-breathing rods that extend up to 60 cm are also useful in starting a fire. Items that will be useful later if you have them are included in the set, and it will be a nice point to have a reasonable price range.


The fire starter and folding knife have wooden grips to ensure ease of grip. The length of the rod is 7 cm. The striker is the same size and is a ruler. Even beginners will work hard to disperse the sparks.


Recommended fire starter made of magnesium

Shieldon Barraskewda D2 Blade 3Cr14 + Carbon Fiber Handle 9042S1-B

A model that is easy to ignite even for beginners

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

It is a simple fire starter. It is pearl metal that makes the metal parts of the captain stag. A well-known manufacturer based in Yangjiang, a sacred place for craftsmen, and the brand owner of Captain Stag. The quality of the magnesium alloy of the rod and the chrome-plated striker will be reliable.


The rod is 100 mm and is longer than the standard. It has a width that allows the striker to be easily gripped and a length of 70 mm, which is a guideline. It is a model that can handle sparks without fear. It’s easy to control, so it’s a fire starter that’s easy for beginners.


Rothko-AURORA Fire Starter

Pen-shaped fire starter with a tough blade

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

It is a Rothco fire starter that can be said to be a representative pen type. The magnesium rod is inside the aluminum case. When using it, the first thing to do is to open the case and pull out the rod. Rub the rod against the blade at the tip of the case to remove the aluminum powder.


The blade material is 440C stainless steel, an alloy used for hard knives. Magnesium can be scraped off reliably, so you don’t have to worry if the blade is small. Rothko is an excellent manufacturer that supplies gear to the armed forces of each country and is also very famous for outdoor bags. It is highly collectible, and it is recommended to have a pouch or paraquat to prevent loss.


Rothco-Fire Starter 672

A lump of magnesium that can be used semi-permanently

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

It is a key chain-shaped fire starter. The letters are dug in a lump of magnesium, and at first glance, it does not look like a fire starter. However, it can be scraped with a survival knife, etc., and sparks can be scattered at the jagged parts.


Magnesium is abundant because it is a thick metal block, not a rod. Also, since only magnesium is used, there is no need to worry about deterioration over time. If you are a normal user, it will last a lifetime unless you lose it. It is a fire starter that you can spend a long time with.


Simpler-Magnesium Fire Starter

Very long rods have been used more than 30,000 times

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

It is a fire starter of a magnesium rod that connects with Park. A striker that can also be used as a bottle opener and a storage bag are included in the set. The striker and rod are not tied, and it is recommended to connect them with a paracord or a linen string that can be used for ignition. You can prevent the striker from being lost.


The length of the rod is very long 150 mm. The part that normally becomes a grip is also made of magnesium. It has been used more than 30,000 times. For the average user, it’s a lifelong fire starter. It’s so long that you can grab it without fear of sparks without a grip.


Recommended fire starter made of ferrocerium

Shieldon Drop Point D2 Blade Black G10 Handle 9049G1-G

A 200 mm model that you can hold firmly and put your strength into

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

It is a fire starter with a simple design that seems to be made of ferrocerium. The striker is multifunctional and can be used as a substitute for a flint that hits a flintstone to scatter sparks or a cut hook that cuts strings. Since the surface reflects light, it can also be used as a signal mirror in an emergency.


The length of the rod is 200 mm and the thickness is 13 mm. With just this, even if you don’t have a grip, you can hold it firmly and put your strength into it. Ferrocerium is durable and long enough to be used semi-permanently. The strap is a paracord with an ignition agent. If you solve it and use it, it will become a fire.


Outdoor Element-Fire Binner

Carabiner-like and low loss rate

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

Outdoor Element is a brand that specializes in multifunctional multi-carabiner. It is also available at outdoor shops in Japan, and we are developing items. The carabiner is a ring-shaped metal fitting with opening and closing parts. Used to fix outdoor gear and ropes. Fire Navi is a carabiner companion with a fire starter function.


Since the carabiner can be hung on pants, it can be used as an accessory. You will be able to reduce the loss rate. The frame is equipped with a replaceable ferrocerium, which can be ignited by turning the wheel in the same way as a lighter.


Friendly Swed-Fire Starter + Bottle Opener

For those who want a ferrocerium with a design

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

Friendly Swede is an outdoor gear manufacturer with attractive items that are conscious of Scandinavian design. It has the characteristic of being functionally usable, and the fire starter is no exception. The striker is a ruler and has a bottle opener on its back.


The paracord connects the wooden grip and the striker. It is a tough nylon fiber used for parachutes, etc., and can be used instead of rope. The length of the rod is 70 mm. Since it is a ferrocerium, it is sturdy enough to withstand 10,000 uses. The rugged model with bare metal stands out for ferrocerium. A design with warmth and texture is valuable.



I recommend a fire starter that is easy for you to handle

Outdoor fire starter. All the good ones are here., Shieldon

It is important to try Fire Starter anyway. Even if it looks difficult, anyone can handle it once they get used to it. It is a good idea to choose a model that can be used for a long time and is easy for you to handle without worrying about cost performance. If you’re worried about control, use a rod with a grip or a large striker. If you have all the relevant gear, such as knives and fire-breathing rods, it’s a good idea to choose only rods.


In addition, we will also teach you how to choose the right fire starter for your own.


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