Necessities! Introducing the charm of EDC knives, how to choose them, and recommended products!

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One of the essential items for EDC activities is the “EDC knife“. You also need a knife to cook, chop wood and fish, and to handle the fish you catch. Introducing a classic knife that is active in such EDC activities. What is the appeal of the EDC and how to choose a knife for beginners?


What is an EDC knife?

A knife is a work of art, a work of art, and a tool. It can also be a weapon that can kill others if used incorrectly. There is also a knife called “This is a work of art” as shown in the picture, and there are many collectors. This time, we will introduce how to choose a standard EDC knife in an easy-to-understand manner even for beginners.

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Judging the fish caught in the river during camping is a standard way to use knives outdoors. Using a knife like this can be difficult for beginners. The EDC life is to cook and eat what you catch locally on the spot. Learn how to choose a knife for the EDC scene.


There are so many types of EDC knives

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There are various types of knives, even if they are called EDC knives. Sheath knives that are useful for chopping wood, and folding knives that are compact and compact for cooking. And tool knives attached to various tools. These are distinguished by shape and intended use. Let’s teach you how to choose a knife for EDC beginners.


Before learning how to use an EDC knife?

Is the EDC knife a violation of the Firearms and Swords Act? Violation of the misdemeanor law?

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According to Japanese law, possession of a knife of a certain length is a violation of firearms and swords. The fixed length is that the blade length is 6 cm or more, and even if the length is 6 cm or less, there is a risk of violating the Minor Crimes Act. Beginners will suddenly be arrested for violating the possession of the Firearm and Sword Law unless they are careful! 』It could be that.


Japanese knives are customed for cooking purposes, so it is not illegal to carry them at home. However, if you do not carry them in a carrying case, it will be considered a violation.


Is the EDC knife used for chopping wood a violation of the “Firearm and Sword Law”?

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“Prohibition of carrying blades with a blade length exceeding 6 cm [Edit] Article 22 states, “A blade measured according to the Cabinet Office Ordinance, except for business or other justifiable reasons. Do not carry blades with a length of more than 6 cm. However, other than scissors or folding knives with a blade length of 8 cm or less measured by Cabinet Office Ordinance, or these blades. This does not apply to blades of the type or shape specified by Cabinet Office Ordinance.”


It is important to understand that possession of a knife may violate not only the Firearms and Swords Act but also the Minor Crimes Act. Knives are a staple of EDC life. There is no doubt that it is necessary when chopping wood or cooking.


“A person who has hidden and carried a knife, iron rod, or other device that could be used to harm a person’s life or cause serious harm to a person’s body without a justifiable reason. A sword with a blade length of 15 cm or more (Japanese sword) Swords (pointing to double-edged blades) are prohibited by Article 3 of the Gun Sword Law, and blades with a blade length of more than 6 cm (cutter knives, scissors, etc.) are carried by Article 22 of the same law. As a general rule, this issue applies to blades with a length of 6 cm or less (such as razors with short blade lengths and army knives).”


This is an excerpt from Article 1, Paragraph 2 of the Minor Crimes Act.


How to choose a knife that is easy for beginners to understand?

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Outed knives are used differently in various camping scenes. There are many ways to use it, such as chopping wood to burn a fire, shaving wood, handling caught fish, cutting meat, and opening cans. Next, let’s explain how to choose a knife in each scene so that even beginners can understand.


There are three types of EDC knives for different purposes!

How to use a sheath knife outdoors

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Sheath knives are not customed to fold like folding knives. The blade of the knife is fixed and is customed to withstand cutting wood and chopping wood. The knife itself is customed robust, so it is a standard EDC knife that is hard to use as a selection method.

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Sheath knives have a bare blade, so you need a carrying case to carry them. Especially when beginners choose knives, some knives have a blade length of 6 cm or more, which is suitable for chopping wood. However, beginners should be careful about how to use it.


What is the standard folding knife for EDC activities?

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Folding knives are a staple when cooking at camps. It is not suitable for chopping wood like a sheath knife, but it is an indispensable knife for cooking scenes such as outdoors because the blade can be folded and held. If you choose a knife for such a scene, it is a folding knife.

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The biggest feature of folding knives is that the blade can be folded, so it is safe to carry, and there is no need for a carrying sheath case like a sheath knife. Therefore, even beginners can easily carry it. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for chopping wood.


How to use a standard tool knife in EDC life?

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Tool knives are many functional knives that can withstand EDC use. In EDC activities such as camping, it is useful not only for cooking, but also for making feather sticks for bonfires, chopping charcoal and wood, cutting ropes and opening cans.


There are various types of tool knives. For example, a knife with a disgorger and scale removal function that is convenient for fishing, and a knife that specializes in repairing pitch marks and depots at golf courses. We have a large number of versatile types with many functions such as corkscrew, scissors, pliers, nail files, and toothpicks.


Tool knives as an adjunct to the main knife

Tool knives have many functions, but you can’t hope to use them like sheath knives or folding knives. Therefore, when choosing for camping etc., it is a better choice to have it as an aid to a sheath knife or folding knife, that is, as a second knife, and it is a standard usage.

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How to choose an EDC knife depending on the material

EDC knives can be broadly divided according to the material, and can be divided according to the material of the blade and grip. Depending on the intended use of the knife, you need to consider which type to choose. For example, it depends on whether you use it for cooking purposes like Japanese knives or for hobbies.


The difference between the blades

Knife blades can be divided into the following two types depending on the material. 1, Carbon steel 2, Stainless steel Below are the characteristics of each and the degree of popularity.

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Carbon steel knife popular with camping lovers

Generally speaking, when you hear “carbon”, you tend to think of carbon fiber, but it’s completely different. It is a knife that uses carbon steel like a so-called Japanese knife. Therefore, it is a characteristic of this knife that it will rust if care is not taken.

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The biggest attraction is being able to care for the knife

The biggest attraction of choosing a carbon knife is that you can “care for the knife”. The rusty knife is well maintained and sharpened with a whetstone, which is an irresistible attraction for EDC enthusiasts.

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5 popular carbon steel knives

5-1. Opinel carbon knife

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  • Weight: 60g ● Blade 90mm ● Materials: Carbon steel (blade) / natural wood (handle), made in France Carbon knives are actually fun to maintain, and the more you sharpen them, the more you will become attached to them.


We do not sell knives and cutlery to minors. It is forbidden by law to carry a blade with a blade length of 5.5 cm or more without a justifiable reason.


5-2. Mora Knife MG Companion (carbon)

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Blade material: Carbon steel Handle material: Rubber Blade length: Approximately 104 mm Overall length: Approximately 218 mm Blade thickness: Approximately 2.0 mm Weight: Approximately 77 g (weight of knife only) Accessories: Plastic sheath Country of origin: Sweden


The back side of the blade is slightly rough.


5-3. OPINEL Folding Knife No12 Carbon Steel

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Folding knife No12 from OPINEL, a French knife factory. It is a mechanism that locks when you turn the ring between the blade and the handle (the base part), so you can use it safely. Carbon steel with excellent sharpness is used for the blade. The wood handle made of beech wood has a rounded shape, which makes it easy to grip and fits tightly in the hand. A knife with a warm wood design.


5-4. Recon Scout SK-5 Extra ThicK-5 Knife 39LRS

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Cold Steel Knife, Recon Scout. The blade, which boasts a steel thickness of 7.5 mm, can be used for cutting thick ropes and for chopping wood instead of hatchets in the field. The FX-FK012 high carbon steel used for the blade is a carbon tool steel that will be used in place of the discontinued carbon steel. Suitable for steel materials. In the United States, the name has earned tremendous trust from professional hunters and hunting guides.


5-5. Mora knife Companion Heavy Duty Orange 01603 Outdoor

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Blade material: Carbon steel Handle material: Rubber Blade length: Approximately 104 mm Overall length: Approximately 224 mm Blade thickness: Approximately 3.2 mm Weight: Approximately 101 g (weight of knife only) Accessories: Plastic sheath.


FX-FK012 is a high-quality knife that has been publicly acclaimed by the fishing royal family. It’s nice that the very characteristic grip seems to be very easy to use.


Stainless steel does not require maintenance and is suitable for beginners

Compared to sharp carbon knives, it is a little less sharp, but it has the advantage of not rusting and being easy to maintain. Therefore, even beginners in the outdoors can easily pick it up and use it for cooking, so it can be said that it is a convenient knife.

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While carbon steel has an image similar to Japanese knives, stainless steel can be said to have an image of Western knives. And the feature is that unlike carbon steel, there is no need to worry about rusting.


Stainless steel material often found in EDC knives

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Most of the knives used in ordinary households are Western knives. Similarly, many EDC knives used in camping etc. are made of stainless steel. Even if it is made of stainless steel, there are many that are as sharp as carbon knives, and they are useful in cooking situations.


5 popular stainless steel knives

5-1. Opinel Stainless # 9 41439

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  • Materials: Blade / Stainless Steel, Handle / Beech ● Blade: 90mm ● Weight: Approx. 65g (CS: 6)

The most popular Opinel knife, this is a stainless steel folding type.


5-2. OPINEL Stainless

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  • Weight: 34g ● Blade 73mm ● Materials: Stainless steel / natural wood (handle), made in France


It weighs only 34g and is a very lightweight and easy-to-use knife.


5-3. OPINEL Stainless Steel # 8 with leather strap 41432

The Charm Of EDC Knives 25, Shieldon

Country of origin: France Blade: 85mm Material: Blade / Stainless steel, Handle / Beech

This is also Opinel’s stainless steel knife! It comes with a leather strap and seems to be convenient to carry.


5-4. Shimano Slide Knife Black CT-031I

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Size / Blade storage: 110 x 30 x 10 mm (Blade length: 7 cm) Material / Blade: Stainless steel, Grip: ABS Color: Black


This is a Shimano fishing knife. It’s convenient to carry around for fishing.


5-5. Nikatto Folding Knife Folding Knife

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[Steel material] 3Cr13MoV [Weight] Approx. 230 g (* Caution: If you are not good at heavy knives, please choose another small folding knife.) [Size] Overall length approx. 21 cm, blade length approx. 8.5 cm, blade thickness: approx. 1 mm -2.5mm (Please note that the size may vary depending on how people measure it.) [Lock mechanism] The lock mechanism is highly safe and can be used without anxiety.


This folding knife seems to have a solid locking function, and it looks good.


Knife selection depends on the camping scene

There are two types of knives used outdoors such as camping, carbon steel and stainless steel, but the selling price and characteristics of knives differ depending on the knife manufacturing method, heat treatment method, and content of knife components. When choosing a knife, it is important to consider how to use the knife.

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If you want to chop wood or use it to custom feather sticks, choose carbon steel, and if you think about cooking or cooking with a knife, use a stainless steel knife.


Types of EDC knife grips

There are four types of EDC knife grips, which are essential items for camping, as listed below. There are wood, metal, resin, animal, etc., each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s list these features.


Is it a wooden grip that fits comfortably in your hand?

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Wood is often used as a grip for EDC knives. The biggest feature is that it is easy to process, and most of the wood used is beech, birch, rosewood, olive, etc. Because it is a natural material, you can have your own unique grip. The more you use it, the more it fits in your hand, and the more you use it, the more beautiful changes you can enjoy.


What are the drawbacks of wooden grips?

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The disadvantage of wooden grips is that they become dry and cracked depending on how they are used over the years. If you use it normally, it will not crack, so it is important to take good care of it. Also, many Japanese knives are customed using wooden grips.


What are the characteristics of metal knife grips?

The biggest feature of the metal grip is that it is tough because it is made of metal. However, if you hold it with wet hands, it will slip and it is very dangerous. In fact, this is a major drawback, and for that reason, it is often embossed or combined with resin.


How good is the resin grip?

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Even though it is a resin grip, the contents are rubber, plastic, carbon fiber, glass fiber, etc. However, because of its durability, robustness, and non-reflection of light, the knives used by the world’s military often use resin grips. It is chosen because it is easy to repair and replace.


Which knife is suitable for various scenes?

Used for mountain climbing and rock climbing

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There are scenes where knives also appear when climbing mountains, rocks, and rock climbing. You don’t need a knife to chop wood or chop wood, and the knife only appears when cutting ropes and sails. Other times, it may be necessary to unseal or open canned food, or to repair equipment.

The Charm Of EDC Knives 33, Shieldon

The wave blade shown in the photo is effective for rescue scenes of victims in mountain climbing and rock climbing.


Used to cut the sail when climbing or rock climbing to rescue a victim.

The Charm Of EDC Knives 34, Shieldon

For the hunting scene!

The Charm Of EDC Knives 35, Shieldon

Hunting in Japan is only done by some people who have a hunting license. However, if you should hunt, you need to carefully select your knives. Hunting uses different knives for dismantling prey, peeling, and cutting bones. Also, if hunting is prolonged, you will need a knife for camping.



The Charm Of EDC Knives 36, Shieldon

You also need a knife for a day hike. We cut the bags of lunch boxes and snacks, and cut the twigs to custom the “bags” used when eating lunch boxes. Of course, a small knife will suffice. Even hiking can change the fun of your activity with or without a knife.


Mora knife Bushcraft Black Survival

The Charm Of EDC Knives 37, Shieldon

Blade material: CARBON STEEL Handle material: RUBBER Blade length: Approx. 109 mm Total length: Approx. 232 mm Blade thickness: Approx. 3.2 mm Weight: Approx. 123 g (Knife only weight) Accessories: Plastic sheath, Fire starter Country of origin: Sweden


FX-FK012 high-performance knives that are affordable and reasonably priced. Above all, this knife is the most suitable for camping. The thickness of the blade is 3.2 mm, and you can do batonning of chopping wood without any problem. However, the steel material is only up to two-thirds of the handle part, so please avoid using it to hit the rear part.


If you choose a folding type knife

If you don’t have to chop wood, you only need one folding knife to cut things. When choosing a folding knife, choose one that is easy to open and close and that can lock the blade firmly.


Full size in the fold, one that is as good as a sheath knife! Buck knife BUCK 279BKS alpha hunter (folder) handle: 12.5 cm

The Charm Of EDC Knives 38, Shieldon

Handle: 12.5cm


Among the folding knives, it is a large, heavy and heavy knife. The blade can be opened and closed smoothly, and with a thumb stud, it can be handled with either left or right hand, and it can be easily opened and closed with one thumb. Since the blade lock is a liner type, if you have a large hand, you can also store the blade with one hand.


Lightweight and compact! EDC (back knife) BUCK KNIVES # 345 Vantage Select

The Charm Of EDC Knives 39, Shieldon

BUCKKNIVES # 345 Vintage Select Size / Blade Length 83mm Weight / 105.3g


It is a thumb-open type that allows the blade to open easily with one thumb. The blade lock is a liner type, it is really solid, it is sharp, and it is a knife enough to handle fish.


Knives that are useful for mountaineering

Multi-tool for mountain climbing

The Charm Of EDC Knives 40, Shieldon

When you go mountain climbing, you need a wide variety of tools. For example, you will need various tools such as a drawer bar, a can opener, scissors, a file, and pliers to repair the equipment. Multi-tools meet these demands. Today, the easier-to-use multi-tools are gaining support from climbers.



I hope you understand that there are various types of EDC knives and their uses are diverse. Also, although knives have beautiful shapes like works of art, they are inherently dangerous weapons. Let’s understand this well and use it so as not to conflict with the gun sword law.


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