Longing for Berk River’s knife. 10 popular works including the representative series “Bravo”

Berk Rivers Knife 01, Shieldon

10 recommended knives from Berk River! Introducing Berk River knives and compounds, centered on the popular series “Bravo”. We also thoroughly investigate the reviews of usability that you are interested in! If you’re wondering about the Berk River model, why not take this opportunity to choose your partner, the Berk River Knife?


What kind of brand is “Bark River”?

Berk Rivers Knife 02, Shieldon

Berk River knives are made for the highest performance in the world with a convex grind with a beautiful sharpness and curved cutting edge. It’s also a sign of confidence that all knives come with lifetime compensation.


Camping, hunting, and everyday work should be a little different.


What are your favorite reviews about Berk River knives?

I also squeezed my bones by removing the back loin and the hip joint of the hind legs, but when I came back without touching up and tried cutting the copy paper, it cuts smoothly, so this is a big deal. is. It’s a good tool to wholesale for EDC.


Compared to my stainless steel knife at home, this knife made me feel good at Spa just by pulling it once.

The technology was so poor that I was in trouble because it was too cut (laughs)


The thick blade thickness has a different sense of reliability. The sharpness is good and the balance is also good. The shape of the knife blade is also nice. I am very satisfied with this quality product at this price.


You can see that Berk River knives are sophisticated as blades, such as excellent durability, abundant types, and ease of handling. Once you get this, you’ll be fascinated by its charm.


Berk River’s representative knife Ganny

Berk Rivers Knife 03, Shieldon

Bark River’s signature knife, Ganny! A small version of the Bravo model, developed by the Berk River Knife at the request of the US Navy. Because it is small, it is easy to carry, and it is said to be the best size for Asian people who are smaller than Westerners.


Berk River’s representative knife Bravo

Berk Rivers Knife 04, Shieldon

A super popular series that has already sold over 12,000 units since the start of production. It is one size larger and heavier than the Ganny I introduced earlier. It is made into a series, and each model has its own characteristics, so let’s take a look.


[Bark River Bravo 1 A2]

The blade of this model is made of A-2 steel and has a well-balanced finish such as sharpness and blade holding. The blade is a little thin, but the sharpness is sharp.

Berk Rivers Knife 05, Shieldon

  • Overall length: 230mm
  • Blade length: 107mm
  • Blade thickness: 5.5mm
  • Weight: 209g
  • Handle: Black Campus Micarta


[Berke River Bravo 1 Elmax LT]

The blade is made of Elmax stainless steel and has good sharpness and longevity, making it one of the excellent materials. This knife is a popular series that has sold over 12,000 knives so far.

Berk Rivers Knife 06, Shieldon

Overall length: 230mm

Blade length: 107mm

Blade thickness: 4.0 mm

Weight: 181g

Handle: black canvas


[Bark River Bravo 2 S35VN]

Bravo 2 is a longer and larger type of knife than Bravo 1. It’s larger than 1, but it’s not awkward to handle, and it’s an exquisite size that’s kept to a minimum size for easy portability. The blade uses S35VN stainless steel.

Berk Rivers Knife 07, Shieldon

  • Overall length: 311mm
  • Blade length: 177mm
  • Blade thickness: 5.5mm
  • Weight: 382g
  • Handle: Black Campus Micarta


6 recommended knives for Berk River!

Berk Rivers Knife 08, Shieldon

Easy-to-use shape with American atmosphere and versatility. The blade can be selected according to the application, such as sharpness A2, sturdy CPM-3V, and high hardness Elmax. Find the Berk River that suits you!


[Bark River Outdoor Knife Aurora]

A knife designed with the cooperation of many EDC fans. The blade uses CPM-3V, which is resistant to rust. Active in various EDC scenes.

Berk Rivers Knife 09, Shieldon

  • Overall length: 240mm
  • Blade length: 120mm
  • Blade thickness: 3mm
  • Weight: 167g
  • Handle: Micarta


[Bark River Outdoor Knife STS8]

Berk Rivers Knife 10, Shieldon

154CM is used for the blade. It has a structure that can be firmly gripped by customizing it with a handle material. A large knife with a blade thickness of 7 mm.

  • Overall length: 354mm
  • Blade length: 217mm
  • Blade thickness: 7mm
  • Weight: 240g
  • Handle: Green Micarta


[Bark River Fox River 3V]

Berk Rivers Knife 11, Shieldon

A masterpiece of knives that is also called the “royal road of hunting knives”. CPM3V is used for the blade, and the sharpness that is said to be the royal road is not dated, and the blade has a long-lasting finish.

  • Overall length: 209mm
  • Blade length: 107mm
  • Blade thickness: 4,3 mm
  • Weight: 163g
  • Handle: Green Campus Micarta


[Bark River Hunting Knife Karahari]

Berk Rivers Knife 12, Shieldon

Uses sharp A2 steel. The robust fluttering structure that sandwiches the blade with the handle is adopted. It also features a loose finger group that can be firmly grasped.

  • Overall length: 197mm
  • Blade length: 95mm
  • Blade thickness: 3mm
  • Weight: 106g
  • Handle: Black Campus


[Bark River Hunting Knife Karahari II]

It is a large knife that uses A2 steel for the blade. A thick handle that matches a large knife and a loose finger group fit your hand firmly.

Berk Rivers Knife 13, Shieldon

  • Overall length: 310mm
  • Blade length: 175mm
  • Blade thickness: 5mm
  • Weight: 343g
  • Handle: Green Micarta


[Bark River Outdoor Knife Canadian Special]

A2 steel is used for the blade. The making is considered for hunting and EDC use. A thick blade suitable for cutting and peeling operations.

Berk Rivers Knife 14, Shieldon

  • Overall length: 218mm
  • Blade length: 114mm
  • Blade thickness: 4mm
  • Weight: 175g
  • Handle: Micarta


Sharpen your knife with Berk River compound!

The polishing method is stropping, which is a method of rubbing an abrasive against a leather strop to sharpen the cutting edge. The fineness of the rough black is # 3000 and the finish of white is # 12000, but it is said to be about # 8000 with the whetstone used by Mr. Itamae to grind the Yanagi knife. From this, you can see how the white of this finish is fine and sharp.


Berk River Leather Grinding / Abrasive / White / Black Compound Set

Berk Rivers Knife 15, Shieldon

  • Body dimensions: Approximately 430 mm x 50 mm x 30 mm
  • Abrasive surface: 50 mm x 310 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 280g
  • DLT genuine: XL size
  • Made by Park River: Compound 5.6oz Approx. 160g / piece
  • Made by Park River: Compound Black # 3000 White # 12000


Berk River Leather Abrasive / Abrasive / Strop Compound

Berk Rivers Knife 16, Shieldon

  • 5.6oz about 160g
  • For finishing # 12000


Berk River Leather Abrasive / Abrasive / Strop Compound

Berk Rivers Knife 17, Shieldon

  • 5.6oz about 160g
  • For rough finishing # 3000


If you use it outdoors or camping, don’t hesitate to use it!

Berk Rivers Knife 18, Shieldon

A bark river knife made for both EDC and survival. It will be useful if you choose the type that suits you considering the purpose of use, steel material, how to insert the blade, etc.


If you get one of your favorites, be sure to read the instructions and use it safely. Be careful not to get injured!



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