Let’s buy a hatchet that is very active in the forestry industry

Hatchet For Forestry Industry 01, Shieldon

A hatchet that is useful not only for outdoor activities such as camping and mountain climbing but also for gardening at home. You can get great outdoor gear at home improvement stores, but you can compare various masterpieces on the Internet. This time, we will introduce how to select hatchets and recommended products in a ranking format.

Hatchet For Forestry Industry 02, Shieldon

There are various types of hatchets that are useful for camping, bonfires, mountain climbing, etc., including blade length, size, and usage. Therefore, it is important to make a selection after grasping exactly what kind of scene you will use the hatchet.


Some may use it for forestry and horticulture. In fact, there are even hatchets that can be used like survival knives, such as those that are ideal for hunting. Which one to choose depends on each person. However, please be careful not to violate the Firearms and Swords Law, and keep it securely after use.



Therefore, this time, we will introduce how to select hatchets and recommended products in a ranking format. The ranking was created based on type, functionality, ease of use, etc. If you are unsure about purchasing, please refer to it.


What is the difference between hatchet, ax, hatchet, and hatchet?

In the sense of breaking the firewood and removing the branches, the “machete”, “axe”, “hatchet”, and “machete” feel similar. So what’s the difference between these four?


A hatchet that is also convenient for rowing bushes

Hatchet For Forestry Industry 03, Shieldon

The “machete” introduced this time is a tool mainly used for debranching and chopping. The most common shape is called “waist hatchet”, the one with a blade edge like a sword is called “sword hatchet”, and the one with a stone bump at the tip of the blade is called “shrimp hatchet”. The sword hatchet is also very useful when rowing bushes.


Not only these types, but also the ease of use depends on the blade length, sharpness, size, weight, etc. Some of them are useful for outdoor cooking such as camping and barbecue, so please compare various products!


A large ax that smashes logs

Hatchet For Forestry Industry 04, Shieldon

A tool with a wedge-shaped iron blade at the tip of the handle is called an “axe”. It depends on the size, but the usage is mainly split. Often confused with a hatchet, many axes are larger than a hatchet and are swung down with both hands. The feature is that you can smash a tree about the size of a log if you get the hang of it.


A hatchet that you can easily buy at a home improvement store

Hatchet For Forestry Industry 05, Shieldon

The shape of the “hatchet” is not so different from that of an ax. It is also recommended for beginners as it can be easily handled with just one hand, as opposed to a large type ax that must be swung down with both hands. This is enough for chopping. The compact size that you can buy at home improvement stores is also convenient to carry.


Masakari with a wide cutting edge

Hatchet For Forestry Industry 06, Shieldon

Often confused with an ax is “Masakari,” which is also included as part of the lyrics of a famous song. However, although they are similar, the difference in shape is obvious. In contrast to an ax with a wedge-shaped blade, the hook has a wider blade edge. It is used for chopping and logging small trees.


Great success in camping! Which is more convenient, an ax or a hatchet?

Hatchet For Forestry Industry 07, Shieldon

If you are a beginner in the outdoors, you tend to feel that the hatchet and the ax are similar in the sense of “breaking the firewood” and “pruning the branches”. However, since the types are different, there should be the most suitable usage for each. Which is actually more convenient?


Since the ax is swung down with both hands, it has much more power than the hatchet. Therefore, it is ideal for efficient chopping. On the other hand, the hatchet that can be handled with one hand is perfect for those who are not confident in their strength or for a little chopping. Each has its own merits, so be sure to choose the one that suits you best.


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