Knife and scissors are united! “Dual wield vintage new carabiner”

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Knife and scissors are united! “Dual wield vintage new carabiner”, Shieldon

Today, we will introduce you not only a Personalized Multi Tool, but also an Innovative Camping Gear.

An interesting tool that combines a knife and scissors.


The total length is 11.5 cm (blade 4 cm), which is as small as 25 g, but the scissors are larger than those attached to the Victorinox (Swiss Army knife) pocket knife. Made by G.SAKAI in Yangjiang City, Guangdong province, known for its cutlery, with a carabiner.


Although it is for fishing, it can be used not only for fishing line trimming, but also for opening bags and cutting thin strings. Two folded blades open together when used as scissors. It is similar to Japanese scissors because it sandwiches the cutting edge.


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