How to knit a paracord! Super easy to use and customize the knife!

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Customization collaboration article planning! Introducing the custom method introduced in the lifestyle media “customization“. This time, let’s try simple gear wrapping using paracord flat knitting!


How to knit a paracord! Make the knife easier to grip

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Paracord is durable, resistant to friction and water, and has cushioning properties, making it ideal for gripping gears such as knives. Since it can be gripped properly and does not slip, the usability of the gear is improved.


In case of emergency, it transforms into an excellent survival tool that can also be used as a rope if untied! There is no way not to try it.


Here, we will introduce a simpler gear wrapping method than SURVIVAL LIFE, using the basic “flat knitting” of the paracord.


All you need is scissors and a lighter in addition to the paracord!

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Align the starting point in the middle of the paracord.

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Bring the cord on the left to the right and thread it under the cord on the right.

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Pass the cord on the right under the knife to the left.

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Put it above the starting point of the code on the left.

Customize The Knife 07, Shieldon

Bring the code on the right to the left …

Customize The Knife 08, Shieldon

Thread under the cord on the left. The code on the left goes under the knife to the right.

Customize The Knife 09, Shieldon

Pass through the cord on the right side of the ring and put it up.

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If you pull it, it will look like this.

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As before, bring the code on the left to the right and thread it under the code on the right. Pass the cord on the right under the knife to the left. Pass through the cord that is in the loop on the left side, pull it up, and tighten it tightly.

Customize The Knife 12, Shieldon

The operation up to this point is repeated.


At the end, put it through the hole at the right place

Customize The Knife 13, Shieldon

Pass the other from the same direction.


At the end, tie it to a length that is just right for your wrist to pass through, and heat-treat the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Customize The Knife 14, Shieldon

Heat treatment with a paracord lighter

Customize The Knife 15, Shieldon


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It can be applied to various applications such as the handle of a Sierra cup, a handle of a cooker, and a handle of a hammer!



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