Gerber Strongarm Vs Buck Knives 119 Special

Gerber Strongarm Vs Buck Knives 119 Special, Shieldon

Hunting knives are mostly used to hunt wild boars, wild boars in the US and Canada have significantly grown in population in the recent past. In states like Texas, it is difficult to move a few miles in the wild without encountering one. That is the reason that a number of states in the US have allowed hunting of hogs throughout the year.


This article looks at the most suitable types of hunting knives for hunting boars, in particular, it compares two types of fixed blade knives. We will look at the Gerber strongarm and the Buck knife 119 special, specialized hunting knives and compare their features to enable you to make the best pick the next time you decide to go out hunting.


Buck Knife 119 Special

Gerber Strongarm Vs Buck Knives 119 Special, Shieldon

The buck knife 119 special is one of the most renowned types of hunting knives in the world. The Buck 119 Special blade is just about 3/16 inches thick, which makes it even more interesting. Personally, I am comfortable with 1/8th inch thick blades or thinner when it comes to Moras, but this is a more heavy-duty knife.


The Buck 119 Special is not a chopper, and it is also not a slicer, but rather, something in between. By any chance, I get stuck with only the Buck 119 Special in the wilderness, For sure I wouldn’t complain.


This knife has been unchanged for decades and it is best known for its adaptability when it comes to performing different tasks as it can handle dispatch, skinning, field dressing, quartering, including filleting a fish. The Buck 119 Special is a knife almost every hunter has used at one point.


This knife is lighter and balanced well, making it quick and easy to use any moment you are in the field. Although its weight is not like a survival knife, it will still function as such if needed. It is able to go through logs that are wrist-thick with little effort applied, also making feather sticks. It has the following features:


  • Buck knife 119 special blades are made from 420HC Stainless Steel and have a polished finish. It has a clip point and an averagely shallow belly, making it easy to smoothly enter smaller areas for finer work. Sharpening the edge on this knife is easy and doesn’t require a lot of effort.


  • The handle on Buck knife 119 special comes in either wood or resin. Not even these materials provide the user with the best grip when the handle gets wet. Despite all that, the shape of the handle should prevent any unfortunate incidents caused when the knife slips off your hands, even when wet.


  • The Buck knife 119 special has a well-fitted sheath made from leather, which holds the knife safely and is made up of good quality leather. This sheath provides the user with safe and secure transportation on your belt, protecting both the user and the blade’s edge.


Gerber Strongarm

Gerber Strongarm Vs Buck Knives 119 Special, Shieldon

Gerber Strongarm is yet another hunting knife that you will spot in every hunter around. When describing a Gerber StrongArm’s blade words that will come first in your mind will be strong and sharp. Its blade is capable, nice and thick, and very easy when it comes to sharpening it. The Gerber StrongArm’s blade itself is made from 420HC steel. This makes the knife serve you for long and allows it to sharpen with ease. The steel also helps to keep the rust away from the knife’s blade.


Gerber Strongarm Blade

Gerber Strongarm Vs Buck Knives 119 Special, Shieldon


The blade measures 4.8 inches while the general length of the knife stands at 9.8 inches. The Gerber StrongArm has a full tang blade that starts from the knife tip and goes all along till the end of its handle. The handle is quite strong and firm. Another advantage is that the handle has a firm grip making it difficult to slip from your hand.


Gerber StrongArm Sheath

Gerber Strongarm Vs Buck Knives 119 Special, Shieldon

The sheath is incredibly customizable and easy to carry. You can strap it to your belt, backpack, or plate carrier depending on what you are comfortable with. Its ease of carrying is helped by its weight of 7.2 ounces. You will find almost every hunter with this kind of knife.


The sheath is extremely well made of a line of thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride materials. It uses a passive retention mechanism and when carried on the belt has a thumb-snap retention device. In addition, it involves two panels that allow the holder to pull the weapon out of the sheath when it is carried horizontally.


Gerber StrongArm Grip

Gerber Strongarm Vs Buck Knives 119 Special, Shieldon


The grip of the Gerber StrongArm is soft and made of rubber that fills the hand perfectly. This helps the user in preventing fatigue when performing heavy and frequent duties. The grip offers maximum support when performing different tasks as a hunter.


The Gerber StrongArm grip is also textured with rubber diamonds to ensure that there is no failure. It is quite convenient and makes it easy to do hard tasks with the knife over a long time when working. Its strength makes it ideal for hunting and skinning that is why every hunter would go for it.




Having gone through both Gerber Strongarm and Buck Knives 119 Special we now all have a rough idea about them and their common features. For those who love hunting it is important to consider such Shieldon knives since they are durable and strong. We have other different types of hunting knives that come in different shapes and perform different purposes visit to pick from.


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