For cheese lovers! Opinel’s cheese-only knife and fork set is now available

Cheese Only Knife 01, Shieldon

Introducing the new product “Cheese Set” from the long-established French knife maker “Opinel”. What is the appeal of this item, which is a set of a knife and fork that specializes in cutting cheese? Let’s check the details.


Opinel “Cheese Set” New Release

Cheese Only Knife 02, Shieldon

From the popular EDC knife “Opinel”, the “Cheese Set”, which is a set of a cheese knife and a fork, is now on sale. This is a must-see item for those who enjoy wine at camping and cheese lovers!


Made of stainless steel for easy maintenance

Cheese Only Knife 03, Shieldon

French knife brand “Opinel” boasts a history of over 120 years. Maybe many people are already using Opinel knives.


Among the many products, rust-resistant and durable stainless steel knives are favored by many campers.


The cheese set knife released this time also uses stainless steel, and its maintenance is easy with origami!


With a fork for cheese

In addition, this new product is “for cheese only”. It also comes with a fork that is convenient for carving. Actually, this fork is excellent. Let’s check how it can be used!


A versatile fork that can also be used as a knife stand

The fork of the set can be used as a fork for cutting and as a convenient knife stand when not in use. You don’t have to worry about storing knives anymore. The handle made of beech wood is also warm and looks good.


If you can’t cut the cheese as you want with a knife or kitchen knife that is common in camping, and you feel uncomfortable, why not introduce it?


[Cheese set]

Size: Blade / approx. 125mm, Handle / approx. 120mm, Fork / approx. 170 × 20 × 20mm

Weight: Approximately 105g

Material: Blade / Stainless Steel, Handle / Beech

Price: \ 5,400 (excluding tax)

The release date is scheduled for the end of November. (* Please note that it is subject to change without notice.)



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