Folding Vs. Fixed: A Comparison of Hunting Knives

Hunting Knife

Hunting and camping knives are among the most popular tools out there for those that love the wild and the adventure of coming outside. They come in different styles, sizes, and shapes, but they can all fall into two main categories; Fixed and Folding knives.

We will be looking at the differences between these two, the best situation where you will need each, and the things you need to keep in mind when selecting a hunting and camping knife. If you are a customized knife collector, then the information is exactly what you need.

Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed Knife and Sheath

A fixed knife is one whose blade cannot be retracted back into a sheath; it is permanently fixed in one position. The only way to cover the knife is to use an external sheath. They are the strongest hunting knives because of how solid their construction is. The lack of foldable parts also means that every time someone sues them, there’s no risk of the knife breaking or collapsing back into the hand when excessive force is applied. This feature is the reason why many people go for a fixed knife when they are going out to hunt or when they are just looking for a self-defense tool.

Advantages of Fixed Knives

Fixed knives have the following notable advantages

  • Strong and big: Fixed blades have no limitations when it comes to size; you can have them as big as you want depending on your tastes and the activity you want them for. They can be as tiny as a pen knife or almost as big as a human arm. This makes them more of a weapon than a tool, and this is why they are preferred for outdoor activities when out in the wild.
  • They are durable: You will have to be extra rough with a fixed blade to break it. Most are made using high-quality stainless and carbon steel, which are among the hardest materials around. Unless you are in the habit of stabbing rocks and walls, you are guaranteed to stay with that knife for as long as you are alive.
  • Easy maintenance: Maintaining a fixed knife is a walk in the park. Everything is straight, and due to the lack of foldable joints, it’s hard for dirt to find places of hiding. You just need to blow the dirt off, clean it well and oil it up really good and it will last you for ages.
  • They are longer: Fixed blades are much longer compared to the other types. The lack of a foldable blade gives it the freedom to be as long as the user needs it to. This increases its capacity to perform, and it can be used for a variety of things at the same time.
  • Superior tactical use: As far as reactionary times are concerned, bringing out a fixed knife into play takes less time compared to the folded knives that have to be opened again. If you are in a life and death situation, your odds of having the upper hand increases significantly when you have a fixed blade on you.
  • Versatile: You can use a fixed blade for almost anything you can think of without having to worry about long-term damage. It can be used for cutting all manners of things, digging, splitting firewood, hunting, food preparation, and prying nails from wood. Sometimes when you are out comparing, you will quickly realize that the fixed knife is everything you really need. You’ll barely touch anything else.

Disadvantages of Fixed Knives

Every good thing must have some limitations, and fixed knives, with all their awesomeness, do have some undesirable qualities about them. The most notable ones include the following.

  • They are heavy: Carrying around a fixed knife can be very cumbersome, especially if it is the large type. Since they are not foldable, you cannot throw them into the pocket without them sticking out. This can be a cause of discomfort if you are also carrying other loads with you.
  • They are costlier: On top of having some high prices, you also have to factor in the cost of a sheath into the equation since you cannot walk around with an unsheathed fixed knife. Although their quality is high, that sometimes does come at a price.
  • Needs training: If you think you can just buy a fixed blade today and be adept at singing it the next day, you will be surprised. Depending on the length and the weight, you may have to spare some time for yourself outside your schedule to train and familiarise yourself with the knife until you get used to having it in your hands.

Folding Knives

Pocket Knife

Better known as pocket knives, a folding knife is a smaller and more portable type of utility cutting tool that can be tucked back into the knife handle, eliminating the need for an external sheath. Folding knives are the most diverse of the two types, and there are thousands of variations depending on the culture, geographical locations, and uses. Most pocket knives are kept as trophies as they have a stunning appearance, but that doesn’t mean they are not reliable. They can be used for hunting and can hold their ground even in a fight if they are in the right hands.

Advantages of Folding Knives

Folding knives may not be as popular among hardcore hunters, but they are still dependable and loved by many people. The following are some of the advantages that have made a darling knife for a good number of enthusiasts around the world.

  • They are small: They are called pocket knives for a reason, they are foldable enough to fit inside the pocket next to the keys, and you will hardly notice they are there. Their small size makes them very convenient to carry with you even in public without arousing suspicion as it is illegal in some parts to carry a weapon of that nature.
  • They are stylish: The handles found in pocket knives double up as their sheaths, and this has inspired some of the most stylish knives handles you will ever come across. The aesthetics of having beautiful patterns carved on the handles of most folding knives is part of the reason why they are loved so much.
  • High-Strength: Do not let appearances fool you. Despite their diminutive sizes, in the right hands, folding knives are formidable tools. The blades may be short, but they still inflict the same damage. The blade materials used usually range from stainless steel to carbon steel, and this places them on the same level as fixed knives when it comes to durability.
  • Versatile: Pocket knives can be used for anything both indoors and outdoors. When outside for camping, they can be used to make fire kindling, gut an animal, cut ropes for the tent, whittling, fishing, and a list of other roles. The more adept you are with it, the more the things that you can do with the knife.
  • Good choice range: The sheer number of folding knife types that exist will overwhelm anyone, even the most hardcore of knife collectors. Every region and culture in the world has some history with folding knives, and this has spurned a good number of different knives that come in all sizes, shapes, and designs. This increases the choice pool for anyone who is looking for the right pocket knife.

Disadvantages of Folding Knives

Despite their good rapport, folding knives do have their own drawbacks, and the most notable ones include the following.

  • Too small: pocket knives are way too small for most hunters and campers to the point where a lot of people only get them for their collection and not actual use. When it comes to harder tasks in the wild, fixed knives are more dependable.
  • High maintenance: Due to the many movable parts, folding knives require extra attention and care, or they will succumb to wear and tear as well as rust. You have to clean them regularly and oil them properly if they are to stay for long, and this can be time-consuming and tedious.


In terms of functionalities, there’s very little that separates fixed and folding knives. They both can handle the same kind of tasks without any issue. The differences start popping up when it comes to efficiency, size, and pricing. Making a choice to go for either should be influenced by what you need the knife for. For more information on knives, visit our website and go through a long catalog of impressive pocket knives, and you’ll probably come across that knife you have been searching for.

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